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  • [Financial education] Promoting value for money

    [Financial education] Promoting value for money

    Welcome to moneycoach.vn and Phuc Finance is pleased to accompany you to conquer financial education knowledge. Did you know that: A lot of people do not know how to use money, do not know how to bring its value to really effective places to help themselves earn more money, and have quality life experiences. than. Join Phuc Finance to learn how to promote the value of money in the following article.

    Method # 1: Give money to turn around many investment cycles

    Nothing promotes the power of a strong currency by giving away many rounds of investment. Remember to turn many investment cycles, that is, that money, then invest and then after a while, about 6 months, create a living asset, then recover the capital, and then bring this capital back. a new round. Not a lot of money to put away in a place for 15, 20 years and then look forward to the future of wealth.

    With a sum of 20 million we can turn around many times, creating many assets. Phuc Finance takes an example: You have 100,000. You bring 100,000 days to hire someone to design a sales banner for you. After having this banner, you put it up on your website, helping you to sell goods. Thanks to this bannner, the first day you sell a profit of 100,000. Then you get your initial capital back to 100,000. Not only that, the more important thing is that you have a banner, which just hangs there, is selling goods to you daily, or in other words, a self-living asset. For every 100,000 of these cycles around many times, you own a lot of sales photos, bringing you money every day. Same with all other assets.

    That is the continuous capital turnover. Each completed cycle will generate self-sustaining assets, generate money every day and you get old capital back, and a new cycle of capital. Money goes, money comes back and brings property again. Perhaps when you read here you will see, how dangerous the people who listen to the traders and brokers of the investment packages. Just give them money to make, then eventually countless assets they keep, even if they pay both principal and interest 20 years later, it will not be equal to inflation. Money is for circulation, not for lying down. What is not working also loses its value and becomes worthless.

    Method # 2: Exchange money for experiences

    I have had a lot of time to save and accumulate. This is the period when you first graduate, go through the days when you always run out of money. When it comes time to save, the more you save, the more you want to save. To the point that I was too deep into it. Initially cut to 3 million, then 4 million. Then I work 12, 13 million and just cut 8 million, 9 million send home to my mother to keep, and so on. During those months, my mother was very happy. As for me, I feel more and more unsettled. At that time, my body was quite a prisoner, while I was 24, 25 years old and beautiful. I realize, it takes accumulation to avoid short days as before. However, the time has come for me to use my money to develop myself and enjoy the youth I deserve.

    So I join even with friends, join meals, go everywhere with friends to enjoy the flavors of Vietnam. Every place you go is a different experience. Look at the unsteady buildings on Tam Dao and enjoy the taste of the mountains, with tears on the floating pools halfway up the sky. Enjoy the cool taste of Ba Vi mountain and the temple where Uncle Ho worshiped on the towering top of the mountain overlooking the mountain. Then enjoy the pots at a rocky cliff overlooking the Hai Phong sea, wandering on the cool streets, ... Use money in exchange for experience. That makes me more interested in making money. And my soul feels more generous. Not the type of sitting in a corner, lying in one place and then taking the phone out to commnet malicious lines on other people's facebook but a part of the online community. It is true that the price is expensive in the way of spending. Just one message: Phuc, a few hours later, at the courtyard, three doctors fly into Danang to enjoy the delicious things in heaven. Then one day, when the business systems are stable and the Covid translation is over, I will travel to other countries around the world. Every one of my trips grew up. To always feel small with a pure and immense soul. Each trip like that helps me earn more money and enjoy life, enjoy the joy of every money I make.

    Method number 3: Exchange money for knowledge

    Exchange money for knowledge is something that quite a lot of people pay little attention when graduating from school. Perhaps a Vietnamese educational trait makes people passively, less willing to self-study knowledge, like sitting there, there are instructors to learn. School knowledge is only one part, and most of it doesn't teach us how to start a business. Or that teacher is also an employee, so he doesn't understand the employer's world. So, when I meet those who work in education who have the spirit of entrepreneurship and personal branding, I am dedicated to imparting knowledge and supporting them. Because through them, a whole next generation is also inherited.

    How good would it be if there were startups volume 1, entrepreneurship volume 2, ... in school. However, we do not have, so we must learn and learn from the beginning. You are looking for knowledge in the book. I think the book is the best. I myself am a person who is always searching in books. I'm not a fan of the course. The course is too short, and everyone has a different way of doing it successfully, and most of you cannot do it like 100% of that teacher. So it's more appropriate to read books that are both cheaper.

    Books and people working closely above. When I work for a hired job, I often choose the boss as the deputy director. There is a company, at first I worked with a boss Nam. The boss is quite gentle, teaches me from exel, tables, and I am quite good, always joking, there is something to discuss with the boss feel happy. There was a time when I was angry when I treated it unfairly, I hit the table in a row, stood up and went home, said: I'm off, boss even texted sorry. Just like that for 2.5 years, from stressful time to contract about many brothers out drinking. However, that time, because in order to liquidate and create the get-rich-quick-get-rich-quick line of the above boss, that boss removed this boss, not managing the Marketing department anymore. Then he brought in a sister and announced that this was the replacement boss.

    Then these two people, one punch, one rub, kept forcing me to advance 450 million of advertising money, while I only proposed that 150 million month advance. It is very gentle when luring me to advance. When I refused, I immediately feared exposing myself all day long, unsatisfied. The female boss even blamed me for being the one who took the company's data and carried it elsewhere. At that time, I just saw, stopped working, working with this bitch broke my mother. Don't like to climb on top of my head asking to be the boss?

    You know, for someone who has worked for 2.5 years like me and more importantly brought back an impressive record and was praised by the company back then, they want to keep it after all. do for them. When I said to leave, the other woman said: Phuc did he threaten to quit? I keep what? Why do you think such a good scenario? They did not know at that time that I had accumulated a lot of money, it was fine if I quit playing for 2 years, let alone? And I am a child by number, not according to love. If I let this woman be my boss, it will spoil my body. So when they realized that I was really off, she stopped: quit before leaving, and my sisters started over again, because at first they didn't understand each other. And I'm like: ignore is ignore? Not to be missed. Of course I think. On the surface, and other colleagues, I still talk softly. Sometimes I feel disgusting like a real woman, wanting to break into each other, but still talk gently to each other. I just shook my head, saying: You are not qualified enough to be your boss. My life never let you hold the wrong neck. Goodbye sister.

    The boss above you is the one who deeply influences you. Because everything has become familiar for a long time, and we humans cannot deny the impact of the environment on the individual. Should choose people to work carefully. Books must be filtered, teachers must choose. Choose for yourself good books, good teachers. Spend money, time, and effort for worthy things.

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