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  • [Financial education] Right investment decision

    [Financial education] Right investment decision

    Anyone can invest money, but only a small part of which can make the right investment decisions. And most of them lose money and let go of the sentence: fuck scammers. After all, people cheat, but if you are cheated, you must review yourself. And here are 3 correct investment decisions that Phuc Finance shares with you for you to consider every time you plan to invest money. Come on, get started now.

    Right Decision # 1: Invest in assets
    It is must be direction out of money to create a document. Investment is not a free to get the current, which target to create an hostel generates money every day. So, before spending money on anything, ask yourself two questions:

    Question 1 is: If you invest in this, it has your ownership. There is chi, does not chi. You put money into something that doesn't belong to you, you blatantly pay money, give money to others.

    - Question 2 is: Spending money on this investment will create a constant long-term cash flow. If so, what, if not, no. Assets are to generate cash flow on a monthly basis, can forbid the baby to start, about 5,6 cash flow in, when growing up, 30 months full 30 days to have cash inflow. And if it doesn't generate any money for you, it's a production, two things you invest in, it belongs to someone else, it generates money on a daily basis for others.

    Satisfying the above two questions is yes, it is investing in your assets. It will be something that you put in your work, effort, money today and will give you cash flow today and long.

    Investment decision right number 2: Only spread 30% in advance for the first 6 months
    Those who are lured into investing, putting all of their money into the business are completely wrong. There is no foolishness like this foolishness. When you do not know whether it will work or not, you have bet on it. Even think it would win. As for investment and business, there is no guarantee of winning. You can see that in the new year of 2020, a lot of people are excited to expand their company, open a new facility, finally snap, covid translation falls from the sky, many bosses collapsed, paid 3 years debt for several months.

    Investment is a slow playing field, must be carefully studied, reevaluated, not at all a rushed playground, for people who are caught up in burning emotions, shouting and dreaming. think about the trend. In investing in asset building, when you do not know what works, pouring a ton of money in is also lost.

    For example, when I invest money to build this moneycoach.vn system. I have to spend 6 months - 1 year finding the topics and articles that will attract readers. Then filter out the hottest and most attractive topics to give away your ad. From 400 articles, only about 10 strong articles are filtered out to advertise. If you spend money and spread 400 ads, do not know which one is effective or not, it would be like throwing money out the window, giving it all away to facebook and google. However, once the most effective articles are filtered out, focusing money on advertising these articles will be extremely effective. That is an example of investment disbursement.

    Please spread the budget 30% first. Considering how effective, continue to allocate money. There is no company, but staff proposed to invest 3 hundred million and give 300 million. So let the staff squirm. They will only export 30% first. See where the contract is, how the sales are, how much money is invested to make a contract. If the effect is new, continue to spray the next 30%. After that, they force the employee to submit a report on how to do business, then deduct the last 30%. That's the process.

    They won't care how big their employees are in their business plan. They also do not care what employees say or say well and promise. They criticize 30%, let them work, then see the actual implementation plan, evaluate and then decide whether to continue investing or not. However, some of you went to listen to the investment brokers, it's very good, the trend is very, not investing is stupid, they do not seize the opportunity that the Stone Age people, so they put all their wallets to invest. Having land for sale, having a savings book is all about investing. It is a shame for unfounded get-rich-quick schemes.

    Right investment decision number 3: After the first 3 months of disbursement, consider what has created the cash flow.
    Besides checking whether the investment money is profitable or not, it is equally important to consider whether the investment money, whether it generates a daily cash flow or not. But the type of investment out, once you get a profit, it will be off. Must check, well there is interest, however, that interest will come back many times, in the future 5 years, 10 years from now or not.

    Real life example: You hire a team to write ads and advertise for you. Yes, the ad was sketchy, however, because you put a lot of money on the ad, get on the front page, you still have customers who come in, still get sales. However, if there is no advertisement, the article will not be seen by anyone immediately. It proves that investing in advertising money only generates profit once, if you run out of advertising money, you also run out of contracts, there is no daily cash flow.

    As for a valuable article, knowing proper SEO, even if you do not pump advertising money, there are still many people looking to read, still closing the contract. And so it creates a steady, lasting cash inflow. So pay close attention to this correct financial decision number 3: Every dollar you invest, will generate cash flow in the long run or not. If not, then you will definitely work as a hired worker or donate all the money to build assets, build money printing machines for others. If you need a full Coaching and Phuc Finance to directly exchange each aspect to avoid losing money, sign up for the Coach 101 package that you need to know about this money.

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