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  • [Financial education] Take ownership of risks to dig gold from existing opportunities

    [Financial education] Take ownership of risks to dig gold from existing opportunities

    There is one truth that thrills you: These days working as a hire is a lot more risky than ownership. Because when you are hired, you cannot manage the risk, you cannot know when you will be laid off, even if the company is about to dissolve, you do not know the situation to run away first. Whatever you do, what you invest, but you cannot control the risks, do not control the situation, do not know the numbers, it is a dangerous country. Together with Phuc Finance, analyze the topic of financial education: "Take ownership of risks to dig gold from existing opportunities" right here.

    Work tip: Take the risk to work
    You've probably heard my story, and for two and a half years I've been trying to build up a marketing department of a company. I still remember my little figure sitting in a corner of the company back then. You know, it's so tiring to start up companies lol. There are many things, I do all the work, I wait to hire people, it is boring, partly because of the budget, partly because the salary is not high, and a company without a brand is very difficult to hire. Yet 2.5 years to the date of giving fruit, just because he did not stand up to give the boss a black sum of 300 million, he threw one out. Take all power and damn you at all. Honestly, it's spicy, guys. Spicy because of the effort to spend a part, spicy for his job, being a guy who is also a hired man for that company, not satisfied with it, he cannot take advantage of what is thrown out by him.

    At that time, I realized that, to have a position, to advance, my ability was not considered anything, but to obey and please the guy above, I found that being extremely risky. , when my efforts are not taken as a basis but depends on the boss's feelings above. But I am a polite person, not a flattering person, or listen to other people who blindly advance money. I can't put energy into something I don't have the right to decide, do 10, and depend on someone else's decision when I receive it, it's really spicy.

    So from then on, I only do what I can control the risks and decide my own destiny. I am the owner, starting with the ownership of my own work. Then more and more I discovered, the owner likes more than you guys, you do 10, you get 10, not only you get the money, but you also get a business system that will be yours, give you cash flows in the future as well.

    With the new era with Interntet support to find and attract customers as easily as today, the way to do yourself is more open than ever. I do not hate or look down on my employees, working as a hired person is also a time for me to accumulate capital, accumulate experience, accumulate my way of life and most importantly, slap my dreams, and do hire you to have a place, an organization, go to meals, go to events like Teambuilding Summer or the Year End Party is quite good, talk with colleagues jubilantly, ... However, if there is any job that I cannot decide Your fate is best not to do, if you have accumulated enough quality and quality. Like me, it took 2.5 years for choosing the wrong boss, in the end it was a huge waste of 2.5 years. If I choose the right boss, then I still have a position that benefits from the founding of the country. Very sorry.

    So, one is to be in control, to master all your risks, only you have the right to kill, the right to fire you. Second, if you cannot do it yourself, you must find a boss who lives ok. Because there are still a lot of kind people out there, first and foremost. Because even if you are good, get promoted, fall into the get-rich-quick-money line of other people's companies, but you do not stand out as a living creature, sign for them, you will still be disqualified.

    Investment tips: New investment risks can be mastered
    Just like the above, you see, something that cannot master the risks, does not belong to you, does not have the right to kill, is dangerous. Therefore, before putting effort, shock, pouring money, living enthusiastically, there must be careful consideration. Don't be like me, waste 2.5 years and then die bitterly. Investment is the same, if you can not master the risk, then next, do not be fascinated by the magnificence such as: trend, good investment, high interest, ... all of which will be nothing. if it is not yours, and you cannot control the risk. Without controlling the risk, there are days, money, effort, time to pour into the river into the pool. As for investment, work is not an emotional playground, but words like trust, and gratitude here, sounds a shame. Only benefits, Only who has control, who can control the risks.

    I wouldn't be foolish to put money into something that even my inner truth wouldn't know. Only a few other numbers announced, people talk to themselves, I cannot manage what others say, can not know right or wrong, say or just to attract me to put money in. stop it. I don't own it, don't know the inner truth, can't control the risk, if it happens then just sit there and wait. Then I don't play, don't pay any attention to it, let alone money or time, effort.

    It is said: Choice over effort. Which jobs, investments that you cannot master the risks, you can try hard as much as salt to break, and then lose them. Do not fall into the beauty, choose for yourself playgrounds, create playgrounds, in which you take control of risks. Risk happens you know how to control it, and reverse makes it better every day, not just accept and lose money, lose your job in pity.

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