Financial management husband and wife

    The topic of husband and wife, the 3rd person - tuesday (called toet here for fun), then divorce, divorce, and scandal abound on the internet. Today we will discuss this issue from a financial point of view, from both sides. How to ensure the interests of both. As well as sharing a new perspective with you - a perspective from Phuc Finance. This seemingly fresh topic was stretched enough for lively discussion. Come on, let's get started!

    Life is multifaceted, husband and wife unanimously is okay, but no matter how smooth on the outside it is, there are ripples inside. We'll go from the small waves first!

    Husband and wife need to be a financial owner

    In this perspective, each person is born with its own responsibility. Her husband's finances are not only about his wife or children, but also his family, who have raised and supported him to have self-control. When he became self-controlled and got married, his wife could not take everything about herself.

    So, from my point of view, husband and wife are one, but everyone needs to be financially independent, avoiding total dependence on one person. For example, maybe husband adopts wife, ok, that's ok. But the wife must also understand one thing. The husband can support me, but I cannot support all my family. The wife has to work by herself in order to have money to donate to Dad and to give to her mother. If we donate with money, we also make it confident.

    If the family economy is strong, having a lot of money, then don't say anything, everything is small and ignored, but if the economy goes down a little, a hundred things will happen. Of course, women still take care of their children and give birth to weaker children than men. But this making money, sometimes it's not about getting naked, using the strength to carry bricks, but also using the mind, so every woman needs financial autonomy is the best way. Everyone wants to take care of their family, but only taking the husband's money for his family, maybe the husband is ok, but the husband's family is hard to swallow, when they also go to save every dollar.

    So many people think that the husband and wife family is one, but integrating, not dissolving. Everyone must cultivate their own career and strive. That's the only way to reduce complexity. Because the couple's finances are also sinusoidal, sometimes they earn a lot, sometimes they come back very little. Earning money is all sweaty hard work, all should join hands. Normally, it's okay, but when the money is low, the mind of many thoughts cracks the whole small family, big family.

    When a conflict arises or when a third person appears

    When a third person showed up, a war of money broke out. Most of the wives have 2 spicy ones, the spicy one about husband loving others and the spicy one is that the husband brings money to others. Here, I do not consider the emotional point of view, for each family's story. I just look from a financial point of view.

    At this time, the wife will use all means to block her husband's money, some even expect her husband to fail to have big money, many husbands who want to have money to invest now do not have. Therefore, even though I get married, get married, my conception is that everyone must have property for themselves. Money can be given to the other half, but property must be in the hands of his management. Whether husband or wife.

    I take an example like this: Normally people go to make money, then have money poured into gold, into the ground, and then give it to his wife to keep. When she needs money the wife will keep all sources of money. Or vice versa, the wife, too, goes to work with how much money the husband and wife hold and nothing else in addition to the money. That is a wrong move.

    For my personal opinion, perhaps I am influenced by the financial industry, that is just about any situation can happen. Not the type of dreaming, love is getting married, getting married is forever together. Divorce is happening more and more. And conflicts in the family are rife. So, when that happens, the fact that we still have financial autonomy will always relieve a lot of the burden. I also know wives who want to divorce their husbands so much that their mouths still have to fake gold sentences for living because of their survival. But in fact, if divorced, it is impossible to live and raise children because of economic inability. I also witnessed that the husband was busy going to work, the house, the soil and the sand of his wife getting clean and going in stages. Everything in life. So there must be an economic backup for the worst scenario to happen. When love ceases, the two parties are no longer husband and wife, but exactly enemies.

    In foreign countries, getting married, many people ask the other party to sign a marriage commitment. If divorced, only 5%, 10% of total assets will be received and then married. But in Vietnam, this is not common.

    So, financially, husband and wife, money is common money, common gold, common land, but property must be separate property. Wealth is a machine that makes money. By the time your wife holds all the money, the assets will still generate money for you. My financial and marketing service systems, for example, are my assets. Even now, when the money generated, sometimes I give it all to my mother to hold for her, this property system continues to generate my money.

    These are your own assets and pre-marriage. So anyone who has not entered marriage must still be aware of building their own property. It doesn't just stop at making money.

    What about the assets created in a marriage?

    Remember: each person's investment fund = 10% of monthly income.

    This 10% amount, you must separate out to invest yourself

    Investment wife of husband, husband's investment.

    The remaining 90% will be collected if the couple invests, then 10% will deduct from here to invest together.

    Everyone needs to have their own career, if you are clear about this point of view and understand this point of view, it is extremely good, because they also encourage each other to invest in creating their own career system. As my husband encourages me to create my own property systems, I'm happy. So that's the point of view. 10% of the couple invests in building up their own wealth, both of them get better on their own, not if the wife listens to her husband or depends on her husband, or the husband listens to his wife and makes the wrong direction, ... Who, that person proactively and fully decide on the amount of this 10% investment. This investment in creating assets, creating money-generating machines, if successful, the money generated will also pour into the family. But in case, family breaks, it's something that helps you take control of your life. Because you must understand, betrayal is not about people, but in the times. One day the person you love, tomorrow in a different circumstance becomes your enemy completely. So you have to have your own assets so that no one can stop the money from stopping anyone.

    Even in the business case, before I did it, what I looked at was not just the future way of making a lot of money, but what I looked at was: if the deal failed, Then I have anything in hand, do I have any property in hand?

    As before, a guy told me to deploy a service without web design, I will undertake the promotion and sales. At first, the direction was to run the brand he founded. But I don't do it that way. If things go wrong I will have nothing but% of deals sold. What I need here is the property, the thing that keeps making money, the brand of this web service. So I branded my Vending Web myself, and considered him a partner, to order web engineering.

    Money will help you prosper, but only possessions will protect you from the storms and tribulations. Whether husband or wife, always be conscious of building your own property and motivate each other to build your own. Regardless of gender, an independent and self-controlled person is always proud and attractive. Never depend on your husband financially to find a personal voice is also difficult, nor let the time when your wife tightens all sources of money becomes a pinch in the middle of life.

    Just like business finance, when we work together as brothers and sisters, we don't say anything, when the time is like a tiger growling at each other. So is marriage finance, don't just aim for the good, always have to consider the risk plan, to still protect your finances. So both in business finance and marriage finance, always pay attention to building your own property, building your own money-generating machine. With harmony, all the money goes to cultivate the company, and cultivate the family. And when they do, they still have assets to protect their own personal finances.

    Wish family members always happy!

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