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  • Financial products and tricks in them - Revealing the mystery of the financial world - Phuc Finance

    Financial products and tricks in them - Revealing the mystery of the financial world - Phuc Finance

    Playing into finance is you are facing a blade. And if you are not careful, without understanding, it will cut your wallet. Financial products that you look like are a bunch of young green vegetables in the market that you can spend money on, buy and keep and die. Together with Phuc Finance, we reveal the mystery of the financial world, by dissecting financial products and tricks in it.

    It can be said that the financial world is extremely playful. They are all smart, cunning, thinking of things that others cannot understand, thinking of games that others cannot understand rules, to easily spread the fire and lead others. And of course everyone is the same, there is always this, yes, there is this person, there is another, there is a good person, there are bad people, some scammers, some people do not. Be careful before these two tricks to avoid hitting the dirty financial world, dirty investment deals.

    Game # 1: Always create trust to help others make money
    Making money or not is your effort, but the dirty financial world tells them to make money for them and your job is to just sit there waiting for the interest they bring. And it communicates so many falsehoods, obscuring the truth. Honestly, for relatives, parents can not even earn money for them, whoever grows up must also make their own money, adapt to the times to make money, but why do we make money here. But now, because so many wrongs are being conveyed so rampant, in the end many people default to the ideology, just go to find some business, to put money in and sit for profit. Extremely wrong. Broken a whole generation. Money has been burned to the ass, but thought of it as standing on the giant's shoulder.

    It is miserable. Think about it, if you are a person who starts up a project, after life is bruised by life, the more money you have swept, the more money you will be able to accept, the more you can afford to let someone else sit on your head. is not. Or you will take advantage of other people's money to enrich yourself. That you will have the answer yourself. Projects keep calling for investment or in that: because this is an investment. It is normal to invest and lose money, investors who lose money cannot complain or sue, because this is a game of investment. Play is about losing everything. That is a lot of responsibility for your money.

    People give you confidence that you will make money, this investment will bring you money only. It's not like you sit there waiting for interest. Somehow, the more the world develops, but the human mind is going down. The mouth calls for trends, to be rich, to cover the lazy, dependent thinking. Make money but just put money in, it will interest, if there is money, then it will be damaged. To make a coin out there, whatever the profession has to say is the podium. Even like me, despite building this small moneycoach.vn system, I also wrote the website out loud for everyone to read here. Nothing is easy. But why a part of people keep thinking, relying on other people, based on other companies, based on a certain character, based on his trend, and think that there will be food, waiting for money to come home. Must say refuses to understand.

    How many companies die every year. The projects everyone advocates are also not out of the game. There are even projects where people even purposely declare bankruptcy, and hold the investors' money to run is enough to eat. And you have implemented where you know whether the company is really bankrupt or not. You agree with this. Only a few innocent sheep would believe it. Life has taught me not to trust anyone, not even myself. Only money can tell the truth.

    For example: When I went to work, there was a new boss who came in and talked to me extremely sweetly. Terribly sweet. One sentence I want is good for you, the two sentences you do here are very good. If you go out to start a business, you will fail. However, my bounty is just cropping up. And of course I don't listen, I don't believe it, I just watch how much money is. From the money that they infer whether they really value themselves or not. So that's how commuting, investing, is a game of numbers. But do not have feelings, beliefs, hope anything here.

    They say this deal is trendy, they say you are going to be rich, ... check the numbers and see: When will you get your capital back? When will it be profitable? How many times to receive interest? Do you own any% of that investment? How much power do you put in that money? It should be as real. If you like to say love, then invite the bench, talk like that, do not mention work or investment here. Once mentioned work, to invest is must money.

    Game # 2: Make your own products, push prices up yourself
    Recently, some people kept saying that you did not know this electronic currency (virtual money) was originally just this money, now it has increased to tens of thousands of dollars. Well, to be honest, it's a trick of the financial world, guys. The products they produce, the growers can, they set their own prices like that, they increase the price to attract more people into it. Just watch, the price of gold or the land price is operating in the same way. They set their own prices, make such games, it's the playground they create, they can't do anything.

    However, some doctors just saw that it increased in price, they jumped in and played, initially dipped a toe, saw interest and continued to dip the whole foot, and then plunged into it. When I was hugging many rows to expect a profit, one received a drop. So go all the property. Playing those things, any man who still can control his greed will pull out his leg soon enough to escape. If the man who initially played 1 interest 2, was to bring the whole family, bring all his savings, and run out of his wallet to play, there would be a day when he went bankrupt. Remember for Phuc Finance a little bit, the price is because people grow, it deliberately pushes the price up to attract people to come in. Attracting people who are blinded by greed, thinking that they will increase prices, increase prices forever, embrace debt one day.

    Imagine this, like a phone factory. And today they value 5 million, and tomorrow they raise the price to 6 million, then 7 million, then 10 million, then 100 million. So many doctors rushed in. See oh vl the trend, buy this and you'll get rich, because that's the trend. It is this price increase technique that attracts countless lambs to rush in, believing that prices will rise forever. By the time he was always greedy, he also took a bunch of phones home. The group of people behind making the phone is already sick of money. Feeling that the buyers have reached the top, they are suddenly given a discount. And the player poured all the money into keeping a pile of phones that other people could mass produce. Cryptocurrencies work exactly the same way. It's the same trick of the financial world, it's just that instead of the securities, because the securities have cooled down, they have just sprouted electronic money. Whatever the product is, it's still a trick. Where can we go?

    Many people also say, don't you know, having virtual currencies is the limit. Honestly, a lot of you sit in a corner of Vietnam, how do you know all the nooks and crannies of their operating systems, their playgrounds, how can people tell the engine behind you. Right. The day before, there was a comment on a financial group that said: Do you know why your post likes are decreasing? I mean, the tone of voice is that you like you little, but what you show. However, he didn't know that what he looked at was just an elephant's tail. He did not know that, for this moneycoach.vn alone, there were at least 6 main facebook pages, not to mention that nearly a dozen of nicknames were scanned by the fb, not to mention many people who work online, they have hundreds. nick. And more importantly, I don't focus on facebook, I focus more on the web, not depending on facebook. So if you're not in someone else's system, you don't really know what it's like.

    You will be only good in your playground, and in the playground of others, forever you will be a fool. Never see someone else scrape off the rising numbers and have jumped into the air. You never know that the company you trust is a death machine that swallows your money. Be careful.

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