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  • Four things to know in order to move away from poverty

    Four things to know in order to move away from poverty

    Do not ask why you are not rich. Ask why I'm always poor

    1. The time has come when each of us must admit that being hired is extremely risky. They let you quit your job at any time. You have to suffer for playing in someone else's rules. No matter what you do, you are a pawn in someone else's board. They can kick you at any time. Certainly each of us must have our own business system, our own products. Absolutely do not teach children: Study well and find a stable job. That time is long gone. Nowadays that formula certainly loses to sml.

    2. Don't just race after successful people to learn. To succeed you must survive. Therefore, you must learn the lessons of the millions of losers out there, the hundreds of thousands of failed business owners out there. No matter what you are good at, you will fail with just one death.

    3. You have countless reasons to succeed. But surely the only reason why you keep getting caught up in life reeling with money, chasing money, daily writhing with money, job lost, money not available, business system failure,. .. That is not understanding money. No knowledge of financial management. Take this issue seriously. Your life will be full if you do not have knowledge of money. And don't worry if you don't know where to start. The good news for you is that in the near future, I will spend some time making videos and books on this topic of financial education. Provide enough for you to take control of your life.

    4. A lot of people are thinking that sparkling is gold. Magnificent conferences, some travel photos, some groups of people shouting they're rich. And keep seeing the golden sparkle. Seeing them shouting to where to put money is to put money in without thinking, just let money decisions, investment decisions drift with their emotions. Real financial education is what you have to make decisions based on your own knowledge and talents, what you can do, how much skills you have. Rather than just use the subconscious and unconsciously spend money. All wrong. Remember, gold is hard to dig. Try digging for gold on the mountains. Know who you are and be extremely alert.

    Please share and spread these lines to awaken people who are lost. Being rich is very difficult, it is the process of every day of effort, non-stop work, not easy.

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