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  • Four ways to think about earning you billions

    Four ways to think about earning you billions

    Welcome back to moneycoac.vn to continue searching for valuable lessons to gradually achieve sustainable success. And today Phuc Tai will continue to reveal to you ways to think about earning you the next billion. Please listen right now!

    Thinking number one: Think big

    When people think big, they know how to be great. It is not necessary to know whether to achieve it or not, but surely the way of life of the person who sets the goal of earning 100 million / month is definitely different from the person who sets the goal of earning 5 million / month. Do you agree with Phuc Finance this right?

    If you think, think big. You never lose anything. But you will know how to map out a larger method from which your way of living every day will certainly be more qualitative. According to research, people make a little or a lot of money because of their way of life. Surely you will be surprised, most people are poor due to lazy work and only do the easy jobs. The rich are always busy with a tight schedule and always ready to do the difficult things.

    When you set bigger goals. You have to work harder and smarter to make it bigger. If the sales person wants to aim for a double salary increase, you have to sell twice as many products as you are selling. You have to find a smarter way to get to know and meet more customers, your sales skills must increase. It is these things that help you get better every day.

    Or if you want to make more money by finding an extra-high-paying overtime job. You must go to exchanges, expand relationships to find partners willing to pay you a good salary. You need to be better, know how to promote yourself better.

    Thinking big and doing things seriously will only help you get better every day. Thinking big will help you live a better, better life. So don't be afraid to think big. There are people who just because small thoughts, snapping thoughts have lost countless opportunities, their minds too small to be able to see great opportunities.

    There are many employees working as hired labor, but only for the immediate benefit of cutting a little money from the boss. They thought they would get it over, but everyone was smart in life. Their talents would be appreciated, their diligence would increase, but it was their dignity and limited thinking that deprived the brilliant future that was right before them.

    Thinking number two: If you want to make a lot of money, you must take risks

    Heaven and earth everywhere have talents, you just dare to act or not. Money is always attractive, but in order to make money, you must act bravely.

    There is no free meal, and no dumplings will suddenly fall on your head. If you don't act, you won't make money. Dare to think, you have to dare to do it, if you do not dare to take risks, you only make a small amount of money.

    I do, I have. Look at the talented heroes in the world, aren't they all courageous, knowledgeable and motivated to fulfill their desires. Recalling the old days when Bill Gates gave up studying at Harvard's top university, creating Microsoft software one-handed, wasn't that too risky?

    America's youngest billionaire, Mike Dell, in college, assembled computers to sell and eventually founded a famous computer corporation. Is he worth looking at and admiring?

    Right now there are a lot of people talking about getting rich, but talking about getting rich, doing less.

    You need to know that: "Speaking is only a servant to do, but to do is a master to speak". When you say you want to do something, you have to work hard to achieve it, there are things that seem very difficult but when you start doing something, there is a way to go. If you find it difficult to throw the burden on your head, you will never be able to do anything, only use your head to speculate and boldly go on to make a successful breakthrough.

    The German actionist philosopher once said: "To act, to act, that is our ultimate goal". If you want to get rich, you must act quickly, fear will get in your way. Remember, "the returns and the risks are always proportional to each other". So, if you want to make money, you must take risks.

    Thinking number three: Valuing practical knowledge over qualifications

    The rich know that school knowledge is never enough. And a degree does not determine success. Because of that, they are always learning non-stop. Learn from failure, learn from your own experiences, learn from the experiences of others. They constantly read books, take courses from other successful people.

    Just think that you always need to learn more. Surely more and more money will come to you. There are 30-year-olds, but still the experience of the 25-year-old, even though time passes, their knowledge and skills are still young, clumsy with life. The highest proof is that there are people who learn a foreign language for 10 years, 20 years still cannot.

    It's time to acknowledge the fact that a beautiful degree is never the key to success. Knowledge in school is just a very basic foundation, it cannot decide your wealth. So we have to learn every day from lessons in real life, work.

    Practice the habit of observing the way people around you work, learn bloody lessons from your failures, and know how to listen to everyone's words, including people younger than you.

    Thinking number four: Use your mind to make money

    Everyone wants to make money and find ways to make a profit. In an age of wealth, you definitely have to use your head to make money. Have you seen anyone using limbs to make money?

    Some athletes make a lot of money, but according to Michael Jordan: "I don't use my limbs to hit the ball but I use my head to play football". Using your limbs without using your mind is just the tools of others, slaves of people with brains and people who can't make money.

    If you use your limbs to make money, you only make a little money, but you can only use your mind to make money.

    All the rich people in the world use their brains to make money, you just see them as empty eggs and they quickly become rich, because they know how to use their heads.

    Billionaire Rockefeller once said: "If you take all my wealth and throw me in the desert, as long as a camel passes by, I will get rich again very quickly." Just look at them, just use your head to talk, failure will be successful, making money back is not a big deal at all.

    I respectfully inform everyone: "If you want to make money, you must think, think carefully, then act, to ensure that you will have a good fortune". Open your knowledge door, use your mind to make money.

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