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  • Giving to get more back: A great way to conquer the eternal market of business people

    Giving to get more back: A great way to conquer the eternal market of business people

    Become the biggest giver in your market. Always devote your brain and energy to helping your clients. Generate with the market, the customer and you will get it in return

    Money giving - Give
    One action that is extremely positive for you: donate money to others. Where your ego is represented. Nurturing your ego is important for you to move forward, giving you the confidence to negotiate and engage. Not an arrogant ego that nurtures an ego that loves, helps and is proud of myself.

    This donation fund is extremely important. You know how to give. Your life will be full of positive energy and the time comes you will receive wonderful gifts. This makes your life not dry with making money, but always happy day by day.

    Form a fund to give away
    Donation funds account for 5% of monthly income. Put it all together and give it at the right time to create the most value in your life.

    What is the donation fund used for?

    First: Family courtesy

    If you do not need to support your parents, just give them away, then the donation is in this fund. If you support Mom and Dad, the money to support Mom and Dad is in the necessary consumption fund above.

    In addition, there are gifts to Mr. and Mrs. The lucky money, the type of visiting the sick, the birth is all in this fund!

    Second: Lending

    Do not give away. Please know to set aside a room for someone else to borrow. Because this is a donation fund, should you lend the borrower comfortably, not be affected mentally, why haven't paid yet, or will it pay? Even determined to give loans. If not, it's okay. Because often the borrowers are in need, many people promise and cannot pay, or forgetting is always common.

    However, this is part of your donation fund, so you will be comfortable. But if you have a loan that is in an investment fund or money for your family's food, it is gay. That's why this is why there is a fund for this.

    The most important in this part. Is not letting your respect overwhelm you. You absolutely cannot lend your child's school money, or family's medical expenses. You are only allowed to lend the money in this donation fund.

    If there is enough, the loan is enough
    If not, then refuse to lend
    If there is a little, then take it to them as well. Suppose they borrow 10 million, but the donation fund you see can deduct 2 million then give 2 million generous too. Of course it depends on the relationship too.

    Absolutely not also try to lend, then take money from another fund to lend it a lot. Not to mention that I do not know about you, but I have heard many cases of borrowing money. In the end, the one who borrows it runs so naturally nothing is left and the debt falls on his head. Vietnamese people especially respect this loan story. Financial management must follow numbers, not feelings. The answer lies in the number, not at all.

    I also know a younger brother who wants to build a 2-storey house, so I borrowed. I asked why do I borrow? - Because there is no money? - So if you don't have money, build one floor. When you have money, build 2, why should you try to borrow?

    Remember: Give someone else a fishing rod, never a fish. You give them the fish, they ask for the next one. The habit of Vietnamese people, having no money and claiming to enjoy it first, is extremely bad. No money, but keep asking for monumental first. Then want to use other people's money. Extremely unreasonable and greedy. Claiming a house, then a car, ... their lives will forever be in debt.

    Third: Support others
    Use this Giving Money to become a supportive tool for your career. It is okay to tell the staff if they are in an accident. A penny of you then becomes very valuable. It is called attained human mind.

    I have an employee brother, she is in difficulty. I intend to borrow from a bank of 20 million, but calculated that when the interest is paid to 27 million, it is too high. So I lent her. And now I have a dedicated employee. Those 20 million create a lot of value not only effective work but also emotional.

    Many business owners want their employees to work wholeheartedly. But are you really devoted to them? You watch a little bit, they also know you little by little. Wanting employees wholeheartedly, it is a process of gaining humanity. And don't go with words, the action will be more valuable. And this donation fund completely helps you with that.

    Because this donation fund includes the above three items. So be balanced to balance all of the relationships in your life. As for money, personal finance, no one has the right to arrest anyone. It is all about your heart and your desire to give away. A benevolent person will always have blessings.
    Of course, there are people who do good for them, help them, but they eat porridge. Well then that's okay, there will always be good things coming from elsewhere to make up for it. Your job, the business person 's job, is just do it, just give it away. When you become the most valuable giver. The market will belong to you!

    Until we sow good seeds, we can see understanding of this statement. The world is divided into 2 groups of people: groups give jobs, opportunities to others, and help others' lives become better and better. The other group is to earn, get a job, make money. And always use the amount of money as the benchmark for choice. I used to not understand. Until today give the job to my younger brother. Very young age 2000. Give her the opportunity to learn, practice, stumble with life and guide her ... from how to send email.
    In the past, if we wanted to win, we needed to raise troops, loyal people, ready to die for the general's owner. Today, it is to give nurturing opportunities to brothers. Going together, long distance, need Team. By the time, the younger siblings, encourage me, do your best, I believe you can do it: D Want to start a business or a business, it doesn't just stop at hiring people, having money is done. . But it needs brothers to stand by, nurture, sow seeds, sow seeds.

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