Guide to review investments

    Sticking to careless investment is a fortune! Financial investment, virtual money investment, real estate investment, forex investment, ... or something to invest for sure ??? Investment funds account for 10% of monthly income. And you must consider investing carefully, if not pouring into the river all the way!

    Not because of greed but exhausted money to invest
    Please note that this hedge fund has how much you invest with it. Not because of greed but to invest more. That's big. Not just investing a lot is more profitable. Which interest or not investment depends on who you are. If you are at a low level, billions of dollars will be spent. Investment funds have any diplomas, spend that. We have to know where we are. Considering this investment promises to bring in billions, our people are qualified enough to be able to make billions. If you find yourself not, stop. Sometimes, smart investing is not investing. And the best timing is not the outside trend, or the coming opportunity to know to grasp, but the best moment is who you are, smart enough, quick enough, knowledgeable enough, experienced enough, enough knowledge, ...
    There is a very good saying, it must become already. That means to have an income of hundreds of millions, you must become a human being able to create a hundred million. But it doesn't have to be.
    So many people are lazy to think, lazy to study, lazy to work, ... go to invest in the way of listening to this person or that person, and then follow the rich to justify the stabbing into their own risks. Following the rich is inevitable, because they are on a different level, their resources are on a different level, their everything is on a different level. How can you follow. Must know who you are.
    And the money in this investment fund will determine who you are. Every month, deduct 10% of the investment fund, to accumulate, how much investment is equal to that. That's all.


    Know who you are, don't let others control your money
    You want more money to invest, or increase your income. Earnings per month 10 million, only 1 million investments, but increased income 20 million per month already has 2 million investments. Every time you push your income up like that, you grow up.
    If you want to invest, you have to really patiently wait for the right time for yourself to be strong. Not just try to invest in learning experience. Never accept to lose money easily, just think that you will lose it. There is absolutely no need for you to have any experience of jumping into failure.
    Like myself, from the time I graduated, I had to apply for a job, I wanted to jump out to work on my own, did not want to be an employee, other people acted unreasonably but had to abstain, didn't want to work for others If we want to go to work every 8am, then we can go home at 5:00 pm But it was not until 3 years later, when I had enough feathers, enough money to accumulate if the construction was broken, and until my daily income from working alone was 3 times higher than that from working, did I quit. And accumulated a decent investment fund for the upcoming journey. You have to prepare all of those. Especially you are just starting a business. It's like buying a car, then you can put money to buy it. However, the most important thing is to feed him, gas money, car parking, parking fee, toll collection, not to mention anyone who is funny, he jumps a mirror of tens of millions. Investment, business, start-up is the same, building systems, companies, more importantly operating it, feeding it. You must calculate enough money to support yourself and the business for 6 months when the sales are not back: facilities, operating infrastructure, staff salaries, system construction fees, stationery costs, ... It has to be experienced enough to see every single cost money flow.
    As you can see, the type of Vietnamese building a house is full of spills, the money is always more than the original cost. Cash flow control like that dies.

    And you think, your own money is sometimes so messy, then someone else will be responsible for the money you invest? Not to mention that the person is also lacking financial knowledge. So each person has a choice, but with this time, I'm more inclined to invest by myself, to build a business by myself. Give the money to you guys know how that time. To invest successfully, it must be hard work. But even giving money to others, then sitting around and waiting for money to come back, it is difficult to have that spring. I infer it myself.

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