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  • How do investors and businesses determine which assets are

    How do investors and businesses determine which assets are

    Hi everyone, I'm Phuc Finance here. In my part I shared about money, gold, land, types such as Bitcoin, forex, securities. And all of these are not properties. As promised, in this part 2, I will analyze more clearly the property.

    Before sharing, I want to express the point that what I share is from my own experiences, stumbles, and especially the osmosis when studying books and courses. the elders handed down. Since each person's experience is different, the inclusion and penetration are different. Surely Uncle also agree with that, right? Therefore, when expressing my opinion, first of all, I hope to communicate, not to say who is wrong, right or wrong, depending on each person's perspective and absorption. Therefore, I hope to communicate in a civilized and polite way and I also hope to receive your share and conclusion. Debate based on mutual respect can we go up. So let's get started.


    The first is money. In part 1, many people argue that money is called trash, and then printing money is bluff. Then we go back to the main points as follows:

    Money appeared at first because people needed a common means of exchange. It is not possible to carry cows in exchange for paddy, or to carry half of a goose in exchange for two pairs of banh chung. At that time, money was in many forms such as skin, shells, animal bones,…. Each region will have a different generic avatar.

    - After many years of development, the elders everywhere realized that gold and silver are the two best things, easy to split, easy to transport, beautiful, not lost, difficult to exploit and forge, …. So gold and silver became popular means of exchange. You keep watching the movie Tung Cua, just gold bars, bars you go to bribe officials

    - After that, the powerful groups were still eager to take the right to manage this money, but gold and silver were limited, but exploitation was difficult and difficult to break. Anyone who wants to hear from me can inbox, because I have an older brother who works in this profession. That's why this powerful group came up with the game of producing paper money. But this banknote represents the amount of gold you have. This means that this money is guaranteed with gold. However, because they are restrained by gold, they cannot be produced indiscriminately, as much gold as they have, only so much money can be printed. But the note is not different from paper. Real value is not available. The spinach is even more valuable. However, at that time the money is still guaranteed by the back-backed gold. This is called the metal standard regime: the silver standard, the gold standard. You understand that such as silver cards, gold cards, symbols are banknotes.

    - However, by the time this group of forces was able to destroy it, in America, it would have attempted to assassinate the President. You can enjoy it in the Monetary War book. In 1933, the metal system was abolished in America. Like a tiger escaping after so many days in chains. Like a golden chain that had been held back for a long time being released. Money was then printed out indiscriminately because there was no gold holding back. Money is then converted into currency. That is merely a means of payment, with no real value. And the money now, just like a product of a production organization only. Money becomes a tool to rummage the assets of that printing organization. You hold the note in your hand, you believe it has value, and there is no real value. You hold money, you are enriching others. Think of money only as a means of payment. Have enough cash. Left you have to use money in exchange for property. So is gold. Gold is essentially a means of payment. It is something that cannot be worn out, as a store of value. Land is something that cannot be produced nor lost. It is important to the human race. Left need to know in exchange for property, building up property. Money is controlled by others. Holding something that is printed, released, and controlled by other people must also feel risky. You have to take something that you create and control before you can be assured.

    Why, holding money to enrich others. Simply understand this: Because money is the product of another organization issuing that is not you. When you buy a phone, you enrich the person who makes the phone. When you use your efforts and efforts to exchange for any other people's products, you are enriching others.

    Securities, Forex, Bitcoin, ... all created by others, are the products of others. You can think of it as a seasonal trade, but if you soak shrimp for a long time, it will spoil immediately. Especially want to play well with these things, things that other people create, there are rules of play that other people create. You want to win you have to have knowledge.

    There are many of you arguing: This child is lying. Open your eyes and look at Mr. Warren Buffet. He is a stock billionaire. You know what to say.

    Then Phuc said: please ask the fog, who are Warren's parents? How was he trained? What is his network like? A whole family, guys. Maybe he plays the stock market, it's the company of his friends, the company of his acquaintances, even the company he contributes capital to ... the company's main can not read. What's important, is the understanding of the number. Mr. Warren, he has a lot of confidential information from this huge network of relationships. If you don't work at that company, it's hard, really hard to know all about the company's financial numbers. Even the employees of that company, apart from the chief accountant, the chief financial officer and the high-ranking leaders, the poor staff at the bottom did not know how profitable the company was. Referring to the financial numbers, always goes hand in hand with top secret. Not in the core, hard to know.

    Playing these types of games requires knowledge, and especially persistence in learning and analyzing data. If not, immediately. Knowledge is an important asset. Where is your trust, the money you put there. Wrong beliefs, misunderstandings, wrong knowledge take money easily.

    So in short, what is property?

    Your assets must be the products you create. If you are in business, or even if you set up a company and sell someone else's products, you will only be working for others. If you are selling clothes. Maybe you initially import someone else's goods for sale, but then create your own, branded your own.

    The person I admire the most is Mr. Pham Nhat Vuong, who sells Vinfast cars, but does not import cars from other brands to sell. And even the former Vinmart supermarket, also produced from dishwashing liquid, handkerchiefs, ... of Vinmart.

    I'm just the funniest multi-level salesman, who are clearly selling to other people, and keep cheering for financial freedom. It is not financially free for every sale of others, but to help the people who create the product be financially free. It is still a job.

    Of course, to create assets, it is a process. But most important is our initial orientation. Create your own product. People build businesses, sell the products they create, the rental system they create, ... Whatever the form, it must be the product you create, it will give you a new financial stability. But when I found the food, I gradually spent it all. After a few years, I still had nothing to do with my hand, so to tell the truth was very hard, very tired. Towards building better sustainable assets.

    Assets are not something that shows up, and then someone brags it is an opportunity, or a trend. It is extremely reclusive and depends on the way you go. No matter how rich Warren Buffet is from stocks, Bill Gates still goes in the software field, and the owner of Facebook has his own way. Each person will have their own way to build their own property.

    If you do not have your own product created by you. Then your assets could be: your capabilities, your customer systems, your relationships, your partnerships. If you are a business owner, the asset is the sales system, the salespeople are willing to follow your dream of conquering, business know-how to beat that market, ...

    Do not act the same as the rich. Follow the rich you die right away. Each person has a situation, each person has an experience and amount of money, flexibly applied in life. And find a direction for yourself. The direction deviation is a failure of the whole road.

    I myself have also participated in many forms of making money, from working as hired labor to marketing, each selling goods, building systems, setting up a company, ... also quite a lot and a lot of eyesight. As a hired worker, a lot of my young brothers were dismissed by the company before Tet, and I once worked as a marketing worker because I did not give the director 300 million, but was eliminated from the 2.5-year game. blood with the company. When I was a student, when I was a student, I used to sell books. It was a book written by other people, extremely tiring, but the profit was not worth much, my own business sense but it was no different from working for others.

    In fact, many doctors invest in many dishes of soaking shrimp for a long time, do nothing and hope to get rich, from a certain deal. Wealth is never born out of grabbing, greedy, lazy thinking. It is a construction process. Must create everything people need, help each person's life in some way. Property is what produces money. But do not understand the nature that the asset must produce a cyclical cash flow (cycle means the repetition of a certain time milestone such as: 1 day, 1 month, 6 months, 1 year, ...) Many people listen to others say, invest in assets and then incubate for 10 years, 20 years without any cash flow, capital is not held in hand but asserted as assets. Asking permission, I must say that there is a lack and lack of financial knowledge, but every step to get rich will only make a fortune. Where rich, can not see, all bring accumulated hard money to worship people.

    If you like, please share this article, if enough 1000 people are interested, I will continue to write about part 3: Invest! Pleased to share.

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