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  • How do successful business people manage their assets efficiently?

    How do successful business people manage their assets efficiently?

    Many people are extremely busy, but can't see any money. But also fell into bankruptcy. So what do you need to do with your time, how to manage it, how to use it smartest. Please discuss with Phuc Finance right below!

    Secret # 1: You choose where to spend your time, who you spend it with determines your future

    For business people and business owners. What is more important than money, is time. Because, you determine what to spend time building, what your business focuses on, it determines the survival and long-term development of the business.

    You also do not want to spend time doing useless or low-value things, right? I also believe so. Looking back on my young years, wasting 2 or 3 years at a snatch company, doing worthless things, wasting time with illustrious, pointless people has made me regret a lot. . If only I could see through it, I wouldn't have lost my value like that, wasting my time. Had I let go early to build better things, now I have a lot more things.

    Of course, the time spent with valuable people and doing valuable things is always available. It is true that three years of being with a fool is not equal to a minute of being with a wise person. I have nearly a year with a rich man, I have learned a lot. Literally exactly on the edge. Both 8 hours during the day and 3.4 hours in the evening. Back then, the youth was so enthusiastic, they did like crazy. Until now, the business systems I built are exactly what that person does.

    Secret # 2: The more your time-consuming jobs, the less money you will generate.

    There are very paradoxical stories I share for you to know. The more time you take, the less money you generate. But the main things that are a lot of money take a little time. Tell your brain not to hurriedly object to what I just said, I told you about this, please comment!

    I used to work as a Marketing Manager for an overseas company based in the US. Monthly salary is 19 million. Will continue to negotiate salary after the probationary period ends. Calculated salary in the probation process accounted for 85% of the main salary is about more than 16 million a month, calculated as 500, 600 thousand a day. Because you know that if you are a manager, there will be work arising at the weekend, not to mention that this is the headquarters in the US, so it is normal to meet regularly from time zone, sometimes from 9 pm to 12, 12:30 pm. often.

    Earn 500, 600 thousand a day, but on the board of shareholders there are quite a few people, 5 people, one person also wants to ask, the other wants information, this person meets and exchanges, it consumes a lot of time a day of I. As you know, Vietnamese and especially women, meeting is very rambling. And I value time a lot. I want to focus on the problem, give a quick solution, but cram my feelings into work and lose her father!

    Working as a hired worker is still recommended because you stumble around to help large businesses, you will be bigger!

    Be extremely careful though, it will not consume you a lot of time!

    You must self-consciously protect your time.

    Secret # 3: Make sure you make time for yourself

    I rarely give anyone my personal phone number. I work mainly through Facebook, Zalo, Skype, ... network channels. Because when I work on what channel, I turn on and check the job. Any job has its Hotline number. Few people know my personal phone number. I will set the working time, not like to call me when to call. Because, when you focus on doing something, the thought circuit, the value circuit, the focusing circuit. As long as someone breaks it, it will take you 30 minutes to reach such high level of enthusiasm and concentration.

    Just the day before, I had an appointment with a sister that, the next morning, I would hand over the work items she needed. She agreed and the sisters agreed on such a time. And the next morning when she opened the job to check to hand over to her, she said: Why did I not listen to the handover machine last afternoon, and even said a sentence: please answer the phone. I find it odd with the way these overly emotional people work. I just told me again: I made an appointment to hand over this morning, but last night I was busy with my work, I would not listen to the device. In fact, I also did not pay attention to that real phone. But the way she said "please answer" sounds like a disaster. Because she herself did not comply with the handover time, she took emotions in and then judged that other people were not cooperating.

    There will be a lot of such people out there. They don't care about your personal time, just barge into your private space like that. You have to have a regulation to protect it, otherwise you won't be able to do anything else, and you will be swept up in their lives.

    When I was young, I worked as a hired laborer. There is a boss like this. Also are employees. He has a mistress. And then discovered by his wife did not leave her. But the relationship between husband and wife is not likely to be dear. So there was a time when we didn't text us at all during the day. But every evening at 7, 8, 9 or even 11 o'clock at night, I started texting the staff. Texting asking me and the kids in my room. They are afraid the boss will answer, but I do not. Because I kept on answering a question that sometimes I lost my father 1 or 2 hours in the evening. Sometimes I get pissed off I say: Don't take my wife out tonight but fuck me, what are you texting! Rough but realistic, right? I just got back and my wife was not ok, so I took out my phone to pretend to settle the work, but texted a few sentences to the staff. Ask my spirit miscellaneous does not have high value! Waste of other people's time. Not stopping there, when I did not answer, I got my tall ego and planned me in front of the children: Why did I text you not to answer at night. I am also green: At night I also have my personal work and private time, I hope you will settle your work during office hours. But this is not urgent, texting is all about killing time. As for the urgent event, I don't mind at all.

    If you are not careful, you will be swept up in other people's lives and die right away! You will never have private time to study and then build your business system.

    Secret # 4: You decide who you spend your time with

    Spend time with key customers

    This I am very sharp. And can't pass my eyes. I've always known who my time is for. As you read this website, you also know that, among other things, I am financial sharing and provide financial books and consulting services, video call exchange. Every day, there are many inboxes for me to consult, and many people ask to buy books. If I'm not careful, just sitting and answering inbox and consulting books takes up all of my day. You know, many people ask for fun, not even intend to buy. Or they want to trade but don't want to lose money. They want to take other people's time space. They just want to steal other people's time. I have to avoid all these cases to save my time. Because even if I help these people, they cannot absorb the knowledge I bring.

    You will meet countless people texting you, lots of people but not making purchases. Most of the people who ask a lot, talk a lot, feel enthusiastic about buying, but in the end, they do not buy. Great! You must acknowledge these people with extreme caution. They are the ones hiding under the beautiful shell but crushing every block of your precious time. How much life people live, spending time with these people will lose all their youth. So people take time, you also lose time. A transaction that cannot be created proves that value is not created. Sometimes you are determined to protect other people's time as well. Match, then proceed. If not, breaking up does not take time for each other.

    It is the buyers and the classics. They won't waste time asking questions too much. Since they have the money and they are quick enough to see it, they decide very quickly. Brothers work quickly! Those who buy my books are like that. Fast! Because their understanding and knowledge are sufficient to know what should and what is not! Someone even transferred money. That is also my personality. Fast! Leave time to do other things. But slowly, thinking, it is too time consuming.

    But of course you won't leave behind any customers. Except for the negative people, you can fall early. For the rest of the customers who need more time to decide, I leave my system to take care of. But I didn't have time to sit there and text, oh my god, it was normal to text me at 12 o'clock at night. I love quick and deep communication video calls! Texting is too time consuming. So I created the website, youtube, email marketing system, people who didn't trust me, instead of sitting there explaining and showing, then consulting, I send them website, youtube channel, or post link. sign so that the whole system will support them, give them information, explain to them, advise them, influence them on my behalf. But they are very hardworking, enthusiastic and industrious 24/7. Regardless of whether brothers or sisters are angry with their wife and husband, they turn around and hug the phone in the middle of the night, my system is still diligently supporting them. Then, when the time is right, they will transfer money after trusting me and I will spend time Coaching them deeper!

    That's why you need to be using technology in this 4.0 era. You will serve thousands, tens of thousands of customers!

    You can see this figure on 22/03 with the number of people who read this website moneycoach.vn. I only need to spend time sharing one time but support knowledge for 2129 new readers.

    By the way, I also hope that Phuc is also a businessman and valuable time. You feel really confident and feel that Phuc can help you to text and subscribe to financial books. Because of these books, those who buy Phuc will support and advise the whole year 2020, so it will only be for those who deserve Phuc's time to invest to achieve the highest efficiency. Because if you feel unsuitable or do not have the power to buy, then if we work together, it will be just as torture. Maybe I took some of your coins, but if cooperating with you is torture, I will lose a lot of time, and with that time I will make a lot more money. Therefore, please do not ask to play. If you play with other people's time, life plays with you. Karma does not miss anyone.

    Usually only 20% of customers account for 80% of sales. You have to know the type of customer, or let your automated system take care of them, to focus on giving value to these 20% of customers. Because only they will receive the highest value from you. 20% of these customers take care of it extremely easily. It's like being charming, suitable, just working very well. You won't lose time on annoying stuff anymore! But if you focus on 80% of those vague, negative, and troublesome customers that will take up your life, but the more you support them, the poorer you will be, they will drag your whole life down to par with your life. surname. Be important to who you spend your time with.

    Workplace rule number 1: Absolutely avoid other people taking up your private time! It is very necessary because there are so many people in life who always consider them "the navel of the universe". We need to flatten those navels to re-establish valuable lives for ourselves.

    Set aside time for a key set of machines

    Many people work to the hard ends of their faces, but the money is nowhere to be found here. If you want to be rich, you must focus your time on the machine that produces the most value and the most money. Like a horse good at racing. Poorer horses go to pull wagons. You are a business owner, as a business person, you need to know where to focus most!

    Marketing and Sales make up 60 - 80% important! You have to take the time to build a Marketing - Sales system, it will include: systems on the Internet such as website, youtube video channel, facebook fanpge, SMS customer care system or email marketing, ... introduce your product, your product consultation process to customers, ... This needs a clear look. There are many people who invest in building a Sales team is human. Training to create a good Sales person is so hard, right? Not to mention training to create a Sales team. You spend your time coaching them, training them. And then one fine day, they leave you. I know there will be people who say there will be loyal employees. But it's easy for them to leave you. So this important Marketing and Sales system that you put in the hands of others is extremely dangerous. As for me, I put all this important system into the whole technology. The things that pay the salary are both cheap and loyal to me, and do Vietnam day and night. Setting up a one-time training is just doing the same thing, obeying me extremely.

    Many business people and business owners or those who build systems, do network business, will surely understand painlessly that key Sales people leave them, causing sales to drop miserably. I am the owner and eventually it becomes my master. Sales it goes there when it carries both customers and partners. Horse man - human horse. Whoever horse is not sure to show when the game is not over. When brothers, sisters, sisters together, everyone is not sweet and wholehearted. But life's habit, betrayal is not in people, but in the times. Letting your business depend on others is like leaving your career on the ground. What it says is that your whole career is thrown away.

    I know many people think. The important thing will be recruiting people, and technology will help people do better. My point of view is completely different: It is important to let software, technology do, simple work will hire people, and human purpose also to serve these technologies. Because, these technologies will be loyal to me. This website will not leave me out of anger, even though 1 year I pay it with 2.5 - 3 million / year, although it has to work all year round for 12 months. It also doesn't take my clients or partners away, which I have devoted all of my time to building! Hope the thoughts I have shared can plant you new sprouts of ideas! If so, please let me know!

    Spend time with key staff

    Clearly define which positions are for the temporary. Unidentified people stick with your company. Your job is simply to create an easy process that anyone can do. There are positions that I hire, and I have a process that people who don't know can do. Or your company will be killed off by these shady people! The job is important, they learn for a while they take a break, making the system slow down. So it shouldn't be.

    Simplify all processes, so that employee travel or stay is no problem. If you have to beg an employee to stay, that is a sign that you have already lost on this front. And the system you create is being wobbled by key pillars of houses you are giving to others. The key person should be solely you and your 4.0 technology systems. It must be.

    Wish you success!

    What you do today will determine your future. Wish you will have successful wise choices!

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