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  • How to improve visibility for business people?

    How to improve visibility for business people?

    As a business person you need to have a business vision, a business vision. Otherwise, your business system cannot thrive. The limit of the business is your limit. Therefore, you need to elevate yourself to be more professional, more classy and expand the limits. So how to improve visibility?

    That is forming the enjoyment fund! Phuc likes to talk about this fund the most. If the spending is necessary, you have to base every penny for your current expenses and for the long-term future of you and your family. If the hedge fund you think, calculate, do business. If you study funds you have to narrow yourself into the framework. Then this is the fund for you to devote all, to spend your best and enjoy all that you can do.

    Money made is for enjoyment. And you deserve it yourself. Enjoy the money you make the way you want.
    Statement of Beneficiary Fund
    Let yourself own and experience the most epic things to elevate yourself!
    Benefit fund formation
    Beneficiary fund accounts for 10% of total income. Every day, when you have any money, deduct 10% into this fund. You can use it every month. And it is best to accumulate once every 3 months for a monumental dam.
    How to make it worth it?
    Travel, partying, luxury furniture, ...

    If you need to buy a 300, 500 set of clothes is enough for you to spend. Then with this fund, buy the most luxurious 3 million, 5 million, clothes to put on.

    You can reward yourself and your family on the expensive travel, to experience feeling like a queen, a prince.

    Jewelry, expensive watches, designer clothes, ...

    Meals show your generosity towards people and to yourself. Cultivating generosity is extremely important. Because no one wants to play or work with lom dom. Everyone who works for hire also wants a generous boss.

    If you need a consumer fund, you just need to buy a 3 to 5 million cell phone to use. But the beneficiary fund has money, allow yourself to buy affordable phones.

    This is a fund that nurtures your happiness with your money to keep motivating you to make money!

    Besides there are many unprecedented wasters. There are always a lot of people who are too frugal. Especially Vietnamese women. The money we make is good for my husband to give to my children, but myself sacrifices and even neglects. I do not agree with this notion of resignation and sacrifice.

    Anyone who makes money has money to enjoy. Enjoyment helps us to be happy, and more importantly, it motivates us to make more money. Only people who can't make money don't dare to spend it. Also have made money, spend for yourself worthy. Buy expensive dresses, always be beautiful, because women are the blessing of the family. A happy, beautiful woman will give the family very strong energy. Sometimes as long as Mom laughs, the family is peaceful.

    Absolutely not lom dom in this fund. You can store up to 3 months and hit once in one go. Enjoy the most lavish things of humanity!

    For business people, you need to do, to bounce out of their living environment, become VIP customers, to see how the wealthy are served. To come back to have ideas to better serve customers. Because you are only rich when you have rich clients. But not every service the rich choose, every rich person buys.

    Enhance self-vision, improve corporate vision!

    Like Phuc himself, at the age of 22, instead of going to school with students, he smashed 20 million to study with business owners, to know how to enter that world, understand that world, communicate with that world. . Up to now, Phuc has written books not for students or people who only think of working as hired labor but for business people, for current and future business owners. And of course in order to sell books to this audience, the communication must be different, the care must be different. Do you agree with this?

    Use this very strong beneficiary fund to elevate you, helping you get out of the world currently surrounded by you. Let the money serve you.
    Experience once, elevate forever
    Let the money take off you!


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