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  • How to make more money by optimizing sales efficiency?

    How to make more money by optimizing sales efficiency?

    A lot of sales people are missing out on money just because they don't know these five

    1. Don't try to sell anything to your customers: Don't break the relationship because they're not buying from you. Putting customer attachment and understanding customers first

    2. Record customer information: Make a note of customer information. There is everyone's information list. Determining and selling to a customer for their whole life, their entire child's life, their grandchildren's life. Don't think short of selling once and then only.

    Resell, Resell and Sell to Their Relationships. The same people always play together. Their friends will be like them.

    4. Upgrading yourself and your relationships: You must be good at you to influence others. Someone else has just heard you. We are truly kind because we sell our products all our lives to customers. Can't deceive anyone, can't beat anyone. They don't say it's not because they don't know your trick, but they don't say because they will leave you.

    5. Selling to the rich, those with money: Try this one, enjoy it!

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