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  • How to make small and medium businesses take advantage of the bounce in a pandemic Covid 19

    How to make small and medium businesses take advantage of the bounce in a pandemic Covid 19

    Recognize market gaps and pop up in time! Take advantage of this Covid-19 pandemic to turn it on. When the whole market seemed to be frozen. When big businesses are dying, it's time for small and medium-sized businesses to have holes to pop up to grab market share for themselves! Don't sit there and whine. Do not passively watch time pass. Now is the best time for you to have the opportunity to bounce back, become a bright spot in your market, in the heart of your customers.

    The great impact of the Covid-19 epidemic on many industries is undeniable. But calm down. Business people always see risks. Isn't it normal that the expansion of big-capital businesses always crushes small businesses with meager capital. It is when the market freezes, when big businesses like the ones are knocked down by a pandemic, that is when small and medium-sized businesses sprout up to dominate the market.

    Normally, it is difficult to find room for small and medium businesses or private businesses. If the confrontation is no different like fighting eggs.

    Discussion No. 1: What opportunities for small and medium enterprises and private businesses to have a foothold in the market?

    I also used to work in a Marketing department of a subsidiary in a large corporation. Every month, the money from the parent company is poured down like flood water. Even besides thinking about how to spend it effectively, you still have to think about how to spend it all. Based on large capital, the companies they push money like injecting drugs, absolutely a small company need only 2 or 3 years to be number 1 in the market is very simple. Capital is thick, a staff of high-quality salary, money poured all over the newspapers. It is difficult for small and medium-sized businesses to have enough power to match it.

    So, normally, one is that you rely on big companies to stick to their brand's products for a living. Second, you have to find niches to get on. It is called competitive advantage, or USP. Unique features that make customers happy that only you have, your company has. For example, online shoe sales company Zappos became a hit thanks to customer service. Order online, receive goods fastest. Although shoes are sold, customers who order Pizza are still served.

    Since small businesses and small businesses do not have the power to dominate the market, it is imperative to find such niches to go up! It's no different than fighting my father's guerrillas in the past. Their troops were crowded, they fired guns everywhere, shot mistakenly than missed, and needed a huge amount of ammunition. The weak troops must fight guerrillas. Where the advantage is to wool up to hit one.

    Like in the old days, when I was a startup company about studying abroad in Japan. At that time when starting a business, the facilities of all processes are being completed. When parents call to ask: How does your place teach language? My child learns a few months to get the language, when can he fly? If a company is large, it will advise that: Please rest assured, your company recruits the best and best quality teachers, then the facilities are comfortable, a few teachers, recruiting local teachers, ... etc ... But for a new and small company I have to find a niche to consult. If you know, studying in Japan mainly students from poor families, the main purpose is to work part-time to earn money. Japanese study mainly studied well, transcripts are full 5 points, 6 point steps are step, and I chose to hit in those niches: Yes, wherever you study, the teacher is the same, the most important is Her hard work, if she studies hard, she has a quick reputation, if she is lazy, we also accept it. There is nothing he encourages me, the teachers and we also accompany her. He said: Oh yeah, I continued to listen to the consultation and signed the HD. What is important here is honesty and sincerity. But also English language study advice is different!

    So, the most difficult thing for private workers is to know who they are, how they are, find the most prominent niche to push up and hit hard on. Your competitive advantage is nowhere to be found. Find that niche and turn it on! There are always niches waiting for you! Because big businesses cannot do all the stages well.

    For example: You can buy books from famous people like Donal Trump, Bill Gate or Robert Kiyosaki. But unfortunately they will never take the time to talk to you or guide you. That is the niche I look to provide my books to gain market share in reading this! I spend most of my time supporting, consulting, coaching and guiding people to "do it". Remember "can do it"! Many people read books but they do not apply anything, so many people say that the readers are the theory so they do not know how to apply. From reading step to application step is leaving the "guide, mentoring" niche blank. Even the speakers on the business education market today, are also gaped by this "tutorial, mentoring" niche. Mostly they just drive. Sounds great, coming home from school is so hot, I feel like a Millionaire is coming. But in the end, he did not know what to do, he did not know where to shake hands. I have seen this loophole in the education market to build my strategy.

    Or even, you can go to the web of speakers, the articles on which are mostly not written by them, but they hire a content team to write about. Because they don't have the ability to write or have no time to write. Therefore, many articles will only sound good, sound beautiful, but not realistic. Because the kids who wrote that content only know how to write, but never experienced the business. And this website is 100% I write all. As a marketing specialist, I can completely hire content to write web for me. But I don't do that. I want to bring the essays to the community. That is why my website has many visitors and is slowly becoming a HOT website like that. It was a way for me to slip in and push up really hard. Then you will see this website moneycoach.vn will become the best financial and business website in Vietnam.

    Discussion No. 2: The fat pie of the big businesses that are holding must suddenly let go, are you the next to hold the market?

    Therefore, every day, small and medium enterprises have to work hard to find niches to find customers and build their own market share, to win a piece of the scarce market pie. But what now??? The Covid epidemic is raging. The entire economy of Vietnam and the world was in severe freezing situation. Everyone is more demanding. Because it is predicted that the epidemic will last for the rest of the year, countless unemployed people, everyone will be more reserved. The market is bleaker than ever.

    This is a major breakthrough that destroys large, expanding businesses. Like a sweeping storm. Imagine when the storm comes, the big trees fall first. Turn on the root, fall down. Smaller trees will suffer a lot less.

    Recently I got a job as Marketing for an English and overseas company with headquarters in the US. The company consists of 3 groups of shareholders, 1 married couple in the US, 1 Vietnamese couple and 1 Vietnamese businessman. With such a large capital, they have put a lot of money into investing in three establishments outside the North, not to mention the South. Particularly for a single establishment, the monthly rent is 45 million. Along with a team of powerful set up staff. And when a pandemic struck, with the freezing of the overseas study market, almost all employees had to be laid off, students did not know what day they would go to school, and foreign countries did not know how to stop the epidemic. when the international students were flying back to Vietnam, they fluttered like young birds flying back to their motherland. Then the damage is too much. If you sign the contract, you cannot pay. Continuing to retain the ground or return what has been built is a difficult problem because it is not known whether the translation will ever be extinguished, but the number of infections is increasing. This huge damage makes the business almost suffer from acupuncture points. Website, fanpage almost froze. The bigger the business, the worse it will be damaged. Like a strong blow that is hard to break. If there is no translation, re-recruiting staff, setting up again from the beginning is also a difficult problem.

    That is a real-life example that illustrates so many large businesses out there facing a flood of capital sweeps.

    But small and medium business people are different. Also damaged, that is unavoidable. But it's going to be so much easier to keep up and get up and live during a Pandemic! Even when big businesses hire people, mainly their money is on people, but you know how enthusiastic people are by the company or business system that you do yourself. Right? Big business in capital. But with the Covid pandemic, the big capital and strong spending are going against the big business like a blow. As for small businesses and private workers, up to now, capital is still small, with little damage while ensuring a living or maintaining in this cold market.

    Now the big men are standing still, unable to spread money anymore. Then is the best time for small and medium businesses to bounce back! Bounce from the website, from the care service, from any corner to serve the customers you can see. As at present, I am also cooperating to build a separate Korean and Japanese study abroad unit cooperating with him, we are also working hard to write articles to share information about studying abroad. Normally, how can the small, glossy web have the opportunity to pop up, but now the big international companies are doing well, with good articles not written, even if they write, they do not have money to spend advertising to cover the market, then When I write quality articles to share with international students, it will have an easy chance to pop up! That's what the little business people turned to the Covid epidemic.

    Discussion # 3: Are you willing to put all your energy into reaching the market?

    A market hole is too big for you to pop up! The time is when you have the opportunity to appear in front of your customers and provide them with the best quality knowledge! Let them know about you and give you the opportunity to serve them to capture the market share that big businesses are spitting out.

    Many people ask me, what hole, what hole. Then it is such a hole. Normally, big businesses they cover advertising channels, they cover your market with no chance of emerging. But now, while they are frozen or stumbling around, it's time you have to put in all your might to do it. To reach the customers that are spitting out by big businesses. Waiting after the pandemic, big businesses recover and stabilize their systems and capital, you won't have a chance to bounce back!

    This time, do your best to do it! Don't whine!

    And how?

    Find out what your strengths are, the systems you operate, the companies you provide, find the competitive advantages to push.

    If you still do not know what to do, please build a website, consolidate the apparatus, and learn more new business directions this time.

    Be a businessman and enthusiastic about the field you are doing. As long as you focus your mind, sure to find the direction.

    Speed ​​do it.

    The market has never been as wide open as it is now.

    When the big guys are standing still or backing away.

    That is when you bounce back!

    But always, you don't even have a door to go. Toàn had to spleen. Now there is a large gate extending the royal line, just waiting for you to move forward!

    If you do not know what to do, this time at home, study a lot. Sitting there whining doesn't solve any problems. Come on, the children and grandchildren of Lac Hong!

    You cannot decide whether or not the Covid Pandemic will come, or when it will ever end.

    But it is up to you to decide your attitude and conduct before this Covid pandemic battle!

    Let this pandemic take you and your business up!

    With Phuc Tai Finance - a private business person, this is an unprecedented great opportunity to have a lucrative piece of cake for me and my colleagues to cooperate with you!

    Come on!

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