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  • How to spend money to get richer - spend money smartly

    How to spend money to get richer - spend money smartly

    People rushed to make money, but were knocked out by their own spending habits. Don't bury your financial future with insatiable spending. What is smart money spending. Spend money so that it is reasonable and the right way. Find out with Phuc Finance right now!

    Understand finance to spend smart money

    I have a friend who sells insurance very well. About a year ago, the two sisters sat and talked, she said: Insurance is for the poor.

    There are many people who mistakenly believe insurance is an investment. Then try to live and try to die. Every month and year, I gather money to buy for myself and my family. Completely wrong. We will understand why in this short-term consumer fund analysis.

    How to spend money properly?

    After all, each of us starts out the same: We all go to work, may lack at first, then gradually stabilize and ensure life. Then the money earned started to exceed all the necessary expenses. The biggest thing that makes everyone's financial situation different is what they do with the extra money.

    Some people have higher income, the more they spend, how much they spend also lacks. Besides, there are still people, no matter how high the income is, they still keep the necessary level of spending as originally. The extra money they spend to accumulate savings, study, investment.

    Essential consumption money is money just to spend the necessary things in life. It can be said that it is a non-payment. If you do not need to spend it, you will not spend it.

    According to statistics, especially women, up to 80% of purchased clothes are not worn or very rarely touched. Then men waste 80% of their earnings on performances, and then it's time to realize, there are performances that aren't worth it. People often can afford to spend until they have no money, when they need money but don't have it, until then they think again.

    Most people spend money on emotion. Emotions also throw money up, emotions down wield evil to eliminate sorrows. And the marketers and salespeople always use every word, every image to push the consumer's emotions up, spending money without thinking.

    And because those people, in themselves, there is nothing to do, not thinking about going forward, or thinking about building wealth. There are business people who will find building a business system more important. They don't even have time to spend. And then, take the money out of this business system to produce it for consumption. This is because the order of priority is important in each person. And if you prioritize consumption first or investment, learning first will tell you how your future is going. Because the starting point, everyone only has that amount of money and only has a certain amount of money left.

    Someone will find it important to buy new clothes and to buy new bags. After buying, you run out of money. Many times, after buying, they come home to see people who criticize them to throw away a bag. You guys just look at your wardrobe to know.

    There are also people who find it important to spend money on shopping websites. Then the profit from selling on the website will be deducted to buy clothes. Not even one can buy, but also a lot.

    Someone will find it important to buy a phone, a headset, and a computer system to play games and listen to music. Then sometimes the machines are left out, only once in a while. There are also people who use that money to hire one or two employees to work for them. The money you make will be more than the amount you initially put in.

    When you are rich, you can't do anything. But when you do not have anything in hand, the order of priority for consumption, purchase first, or priority for investment in learning first is extremely important.

    We pay only for the essentials, enough to ensure life. Avoid swishing wasted coins. Personally, when I pass my youth, I am not too far away from the shiny things but on the inside empty, I still keep the simple life, the simple Japanese lifestyle, and build up sources of income, assets generated from their interests and passions.

    When you have the bravery in money management and property understanding, you will not be caught up in PR, advertising, and marketing for their products anymore. You don't have to spend your own money to buy other people's products, and then there's nothing behind you that will help you stand, while your youth will fade away tomorrow.

    So, let's clearly identify, whatever you can't spend, and what you have to spend. To take control of my own life, not need to be in trouble, the salary has not been returned yet. Or look back and forth, do not know what to spend, have run out of money. Even if you yourself and your personal finances can not own it, how can you be the family owner or ensure the lives of your children?

    Smart spending method
    Exercise: Sit back and write down your household expenses and expenses you have spent but are now not needed over the past month or so.

    Then add all the money you don't need to spend.
    The total amount of money that has not been spent for the past month is: …………

    And think, what will you do with this money to create more value. If you accumulate an amount like that each month, how much will you save in a year. With the salary of hiring a student 2 - 3 million a month, how many people can you hire that money to work for you?

    Do this regularly, look back every two weeks, when your emotions have subsided, and you no longer dominate you, you will calmly look back more calmly, what are unnecessary expenses, what to buy or not. necessary, from which to draw experiences, to tell yourself, also avoid next time. Just like that, you will gradually control yourself to avoid wasteful spending.

    Personal finance, but wasteful spending, to corporate finance, is certainly big. Tired of the deadline, dear friend. That term is according to the rules of convergence, that is, it does not scatter scatteredly, but converges a single blow that makes you scramble. If you do not prepare and see in advance, you will take the hit.
    Should be prepared for all risks and ready to fight to face all challenges. And the best way is when your personal finances are still unsustainable, just spend money on the other things you spend. Never mind. Being materialistic without money is the source of suffering. Manage your finances, give priority to building your property, so that one day you can fly freely like the swans of Trai - trunk - touch - ki. Please!

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