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  • How to use school money properly so as not to drift into the river?

    How to use school money properly so as not to drift into the river?

    The amount of money you make, the amount of income you create will be limited by who you are. Therefore, there is no other way, you have to learn to grow more every day. But how to learn right is not broken mouth. Find out right away with Phuc Finance!

    Create a learning fund

    Learning fund accounts for 10% of total income. Every time any money comes to you, put away 10% to create a study fund for yourself! And is willing to take spending to develop himself.

    Use learning funds in the right way
    The day before, there was a boy who talked to Phuc.

    What you learn is not as important as choosing which teacher. It is said: Teacher is the Leader. Which master you choose, who you choose to study, he will unknowingly turn into your leader. You must choose the right leader. Must research carefully before choosing who to be your teacher. Learn about investment, if behind that they introduce you to a certain investment package and direct you to invest in it, you need to consider the possibility of whether it is a financial dealer or not.
    No matter how good a investment package is, it has to consider relevance. The appropriateness of capacity, knowledge, financial situation, ability of each person. And if everyone wins the formula, who will be the poor. After all, the money is transferred from one place to another.

    Your good financial mentor is not someone who tells you where to put your money, but someone who has to direct you inside yourself. See what you have, your abilities like, this chi is reasonable? Is this investment right for you at the moment?

    Like some people ask me to buy my book, I advise not to buy it. Wait and stumble more, a little higher income, buy. Then tell me to go to the youtube channel MONEY COACH VN - Financial education, but watch it because it's free.

    And even myself, I share my financial knowledge and do not advise anyone where to invest. Always remember: except Mom and Dad, Spouses who truly understand your situation and expect the best for you, whoever tells you where to invest, puts money in. where should be wary. Room is still over. A closer look is still more.

    There are things that are appropriate for others but not for you.

    Even when you go to school, you learn something good and want to apply. You still have to be patient and wait for the right moment to apply. Because you can't immediately apply what successful people are doing, you have to apply what they were when they were in the same position as their friends.

    Like many business owners love to follow big businesses. Carry it out now. You do not have the capital, the resources to spread like you. Only with the marketing strategy of big business, small business, startup or entrepreneur is different. You need to know who you are to apply.

    Just this simple thing. When I was 22 years old, I had an online book business. Back then I liked learning about automated customer care systems Getresponse. I did it right away, and a lot of business owners did it like me. But there are many people who fail, cannot succeed.

    Because many business owners are weak in technology. Regarding telling employees to do, they do not know how to do, even if they know the technology, grasp the manipulation, they cannot write a getresponse system capable of convincing customers and writing down real knowledge. value. Even employees feel embarrassed, because getresponse back then it was new but not as popular as it is now. Back then, it was just that people who started their own business, smaller businesses, self-employed, and built personal brands were successful. Many business owners have learned something new they want to apply to, but it cannot be deployed. Because they may not be able to convey the human ability to make employees obey.

    That day, at the age of 22, I also got a getresponse broken because I did not have enough funds to maintain. A student capital is too thin, not to mention other funding. But I know it is about time that I will deploy this Getresponse system, and until now, it will be successful. Maintenance funding is no longer an issue for me.

    So, when Coaching gives advice on anything financial. I always direct students to see themselves.

    Like a few days ago, during the peak season of February 14, people often call it a trend! someone asked, should i sell chocolate? instead of me saying "Yes! Please enter Chocolate of this company, and I get a% interest in it. Well then, don't ask me, please ask my customers? If the customer is on facebook, then post it to ask and measure how much the customer will buy. If I post it and no one likes it, I will get the answer myself.

    Then he asked, he wanted to invest in a restaurant. Instead of I said, buy cooking food here, buy tables and chairs here, I recommend it, ... and so on, I ask: What is your current income level? Calculating an investment fund is 10%, how much money do you spend a year to invest? How much would you expect this restaurant to cost a day to raise? How much do you need to earn interest? Do you have a menu? Since then, it is divided into how many customers must have each day and which foods to eat. Taking all those costs into account, is the investment money review enough? How much is needed? Then when is the platform to open.


    Remember, learning is to map the way, not everything can be automatically applied immediately. That's big!

    Imagine, you want to go fast, you want to be cool, you want to learn how to ride a motorbike. You already know the process like where to place your foot, where to honk where, how to increase the gas, etc ... But if you are just a 10-year-old kid, not yet able to drive a car, then you have to wait. 8 more years already. Rather than falling on the face immediately.

    That is also the reason, many people have finished their studies, are excited to apply immediately, after they have borrowed money to do business, try to borrow to invest in the end, and finally owed their debts. Because the person has not enough capacity, how much money will also lose.

    Do your best to take a straightforward view of yourself. Deeply researching and evaluating who I am. Develop yourself first. Money from there will follow.

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