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  • I agree to step into the most comprehensive financial literacy revolution with Phuc Finance

    I agree to step into the most comprehensive financial literacy revolution with Phuc Finance

    Many start-ups have left the business, enjoying 1.2 years just because of lack of financial knowledge. Phuc Tai Chinh itself has also seen many friends who have met the times, making a lot of money in their jobs, but in the end the money was spent a few years or three years. Unfortunately, the "time" of making money did not happen much, so they struggled in a miserable life. There are many bosses who used to sit on money, swing to buy a house, buy a car, for his wife, for a boyfriend and then translate Covid to a situation of unemployment, accumulating consumer debt. Join Phuc Finance in the revolution that changes the most comprehensive financial knowledge to smash the slow-exploding financial bomb with 101 things to know about money.

    Your life's biggest rival is none other than yourself.

    Honestly, during my 3 years working as a hired laborer, there are many brothers and sisters who like me and become brothers to support me when they turn out to work separately. However, of course it is certainly there. However, there are people I really hate. Actually, the child has focused on building his own career before, so he did not have time to sit and gossip. To the extent that whatever is on the sidelines of the company I am the last to know. Like this one was the boss's boyfriend, until they had the baby together, the company rumored it publicly that I knew. I just do my own thing, study, learn and wait for the day to turn out to work on my own, so I really don't care about the world ... literally. The days without overtime, ending 8 hours of work, I go straight home, shoot videos, livesstream, build a community to wait for the start-up day, or video calls for my parents. I just worked hard to do my job well, don't touch anyone if they don't keep touching me.

    You know, I work as a hired employee and I work in Marketing. Because I have to learn Marketing, then I can do my own business. That is compulsory. I started working as a content marketer, which we often tease is "lotus child". Starting from a lotus and after 1 year to the position of Manager and held the position of manager for 2 years. When I was in this position of Marketing Manager. I was hit by a bullet while sitting still. Someone also took me to be a beer to support them. The Sales side receives Data from our Marketing side to close the contract, and must ensure monthly sales targets. And of course, when sales drop, they blame us, saying our data isn't quality.

    But the head of the Sales department at that time, it was loud and terrible. I stand next to it cleverly only 1/3. It spoke loudly from top to bottom, from department to department, across the company, ... to confirm that the Sales side did well and the Marketing side weakened, so the sales did not. When I worked as a hired worker, you saw someone who spoke loudly, kicking the gong and dancing against it was the weak one.

    I am the one who does not touch anyone. But it is not the one who waits silently when someone comes to me, especially I have to protect the labor achievements of the 7.8 people in my room. Because I recruited them. And that's their food.

    I keep quiet, I can't have a fight with the sales manager, that's too childish. And also to keep them off guard, they are loose and somewhat arrogant. I started to check Data, check the contract silently, and report over 98 contracts to another company in just 3 months. And after 5 turns 7 times, I pursued to the end, the face of the name of a salesman on that side was the one who transferred the contract with a lot of recording evidence, data, collated information. That time, the Sales staff was fired immediately within the day. That Sales Department has Data Online cut off. The superiors set up a new Telesales room dedicated to taking care of Data Online.

    Well, to be honest, I don't like the working environment at all. Many people, because of weakness, do business in association with the blame on others. Then there are teams of groups, who speak or speak well in front of them, and cheat behind, eat money to pluck the bones of business owners. Or apologize to the sisters first, or have the sisters who are free, have many stories, gossip, speak badly, or harm. I endured that environment for three years. Sometimes I have to beat the table to get up: I rest! This is my resignation! I get angry a lot, hate the working environment, and just want to take my mother away.

    But then I realized, the problem is not with the working environment. The working environment will be the same forever and I will never change. The problem here is who I am. Personally, I hate the working environment, but I just stabbed into it or just put up with it. Or rather, I hate the person I have to endure with this working environment.

    Since then I have been fighting with my old self. Struggling with the habit of relying on, fear, clinging, enduring, fear of change, waiting, holding, lumbering, knowing but not doing, ... to replace it is spirit, creativity, change, take responsibility, learn, act decisively, ... and at an appropriate time, with that new person, I've turned out to be successful. Well, the most formidable rival in your life is none other than yourself. You have to grapple with it, fight it, and win it.

    Go from the roots Smart Finance comes up!

    How do you measure how much you actually grow, how much value are you going up? Please say: the money you earn, you keep, you invest it is the number that tells you who you are! And if you have ever made money, but look back a few years and lose it, you will not grow much.

    There are also many people who say, do not take money out of view as a measure of people, but we do not consider morality, but we are considering from the perspective of your human development. Then it is the most accurate measure. Money is equal to the value you create to the market. We also need to look at the fact that even if you love your parents more than 100 times, they are sick, wobbly on the hot street, even a sip of cool water must be wary, to the cost of treatment. well weighed, then you are still a miserable person. Do you agree to this?

    You people will change dramatically when you frankly take the money to judge. How many days do you have money each month? Quantity is how much. After 3 years how much money, how much gold do you accumulate, how many more business systems do you increase, how much money will you get from these business systems? Only willing to face and remove this financial boom, can you truly reach full love.

    When I was 24, 25 years old, a young person was under pressure from work, being criticized by those around him, for his poor ability, ... I used to bring that pressure on my dad when he was I went to see a doctor. I was reeling from money, I got angry at Dad. Then when my father came back I cried again ... For such a long time ... Then one day, I realized that it was not good, I could not bear the other people who were bloody and treated even more. bad for me, then bring that frustration to the people who love me. I face, strongly solve the work, frustrated that, frustratedly solving it, make more money and only bring excitement and love home.

    A financial war is something you cannot avoid and lose. You can just rush into it and fight hard, fight until you have to win. Life is a struggle. And this is the war you have to go through, and fight fiercely with yourself. No mercy. Turn it into a long revolution of the resistance. A revolution called: The financial revolution! Identify, expose, and confront all black and white.

    Phuc Tai will accompany you in this stressful financial revolution!

    Right from the time the articles were shared, the books in the Coach Packages of Phuc Finance appeared such as: 101 things to know about money, building business assets, many business people were excited to participate. This valuable and worthy revolution!

    And now it's your turn, are you ready to join Phuc Finance and everyone?

    It can be said that financial intelligence is a compulsory life skill in this day and age. Sooner or later you must also enter. Because they just kept making money and could not spend it, they just kept making how much money and then going to lose it all. Is not! You have to face it and get started. But the sooner the opposite, the sooner you will accumulate more money, will build up the assets sooner. Sign up for the above form and see you again at this fiery new era revolution!

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