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  • If you want not to work and still have money, you must know these four expensive secrets

    If you want not to work and still have money, you must know these four expensive secrets

    Welcome to moneycoach.vn financial page. Here you will receive useful information, valuable lessons to step by step make your life a better and more prosperous. Surely wanting to be rich is a dream not just for anyone. However, if you are getting rich, you work hard day and night, there is no time for yourself and your family. Working to health in exchange for an abundance of money is no different than being a slave to money, imprisoned in the four walls of work. That is the way smart people never choose. Do you also agree? Wealth should go hand in hand with freedom, even if you don't work anymore, money is still pouring in. That is the target many people aim for. So how to master money, financial freedom? What are the secrets to the rich building successful automatic money printing machines? Let's join Phuc Finance to open these expensive secrets right below.

    Secret number 1: Build properties

    If normally people go to make money, want to find high-paying jobs, the rich will vice versa. They are willing to spend money, are willing to pay others high salaries to work and build their assets. They are willing to work for free. What they care about is future returns, not wages. They are willing to spend time and effort to build wealth. Despite the failures, they see it as a lesson to do better next time, not return to the career path.

    Only assets are the ones that bring money back even when you're no longer working. Imagine, property like a seed perennial. Initially, you spend time, money and effort to take care of and cultivate, until the tree is big enough, you do not need to care anymore, but every year the tree still gives shade and sweet fruit. As a hired worker, you are like growing vegetable seeds, sometimes just 1 month, you have vegetables to eat, but only a few seasons is all. In the next crop, if you want to have it, you have to re-seed it, re-plant it from the beginning. This is similar to working for hire, just after 1 month you get a salary, but some place only works for 2 months, 1 year and then quit, when you stop working, you run out of money.

    So if you are ready to plant perennial crops, Phuc Tai Finance will help you find seeds of good varieties. If you are ready to build wealth, Phuc Finance will share with you good assets, so that you can choose to invest time, money and effort to build, avoid pouring money into things like fortune. real. As you work, stumble, go through the work, get yourself experiences and lessons, you will gradually understand what is an asset.

    Some suggestions for you about current assets are as follows:

    - If you build a business, the main assets are: the product formula your company produces, the product your company creates or has creative copyright and the brand of that product, Customer List, Us Distribution system, Company brand, Core team, sales team, partners providing good prices.

    - If you are a private business person: Personal brand, Relationships, business systems, products that you produce, create: books, videos, online, offline courses, Lists your customer book, the skills you have, your knowledge ability. Ability to attract good people to work with you, real estate for rent.

    - If you are employed: your only property is yourself. Because when you work as a hired employee, everything is owned by the company, only yourself. So, besides getting the job done, focus on improving your capabilities.

    Secret number 2: Financial literacy, owning money

    One of the things that makes Phuc Finance quite worried is that everyone wants to be rich and many people want to do business to get rich, but they lack knowledge about money. There are people who even shy away from money. Because they do not have knowledge, they cannot decide on their own, they often consult others what to do with their money. Because of that, Phuc Tai has met a lot of people who have lost a lot of money just because of following the advice of others.

    Do you know? Robert Kyosaki once said: The amount you have is directly proportional to your money intelligence. The more you know about money and the system that operates it, the more money you will be able to keep and invest.

    A natural law is that the more you know something, the more you can master. What you cannot master, ie not enough knowledge about it. So if you do not have much money, please learn about it. You can buy books about money, read history such as: War of money, The demise of money, ... Phuc Finance believes it will bring many useful things to you.

    For example: Today money is not an asset anymore, but only a means of exchanging value. We cannot accumulate a vehicle, but have to buy and build real assets with that vehicle. The person who works hard and then saves money is no longer the winner. Even a loser. Because they have no property in hand. What they have is just something that can be arbitrarily printed, arbitrarily valued. Meanwhile, the rate of inflation, the rate of devaluation of the currency is much higher than the interest rate on bank deposits. Certainly need to be smarter with money, understand money, invest money. That is the only way to ensure financial security in this era.

    Secret # 3: Work automation, business systems

    If in the past, the concept that there are many things to do, having many employees under the management will make business owners, directors and managers proud. Nowadays, the bulky business apparatus is no longer in use. New business class, always oriented to the maximum use of technology features, management support software to run automatically, without using human power, to compact the apparatus to become simple and light. than. Easy in management and operation to achieve freedom in life.

    To achieve that goal, take the time to learn about support tools, automatic software and apps such as Exel, Email marketing, customer response tools, customer management software, ... Don't are afraid to learn new things to give yourself a more free life.

    Secret # 4: Don't do too much

    Phuc Tai Finance has met business owners and managers who have to do many things. They become the most important person in the company, the best talent in the company. And then the company cannot grow. Because that person has become the biggest obstacle to the company, it is the person who deserves the most fired.

    Teamwork is for each person to develop their full potential, for them to show off. The business where the boss is too bright, is the company that does not develop, and the person who is most leisurely is the employee. Because there are many things, the boss has done all the paintings A good boss must do the job behind encouraging people to move forward, standing behind encouraging.

    People who recognize early, know how to find good people to work for themselves, people with talents and virtue of cooperation. The rest, buried in the office, make the company a waste of time and youth. You should always pay attention not to take on the job. Work smart, use support tools or hire someone else to do it yourself. In that extra free time, think about your development strategy and enjoy your life.

    Thank you and everyone for listening to Phuc Finance brings in this sharing. If you like the shared knowledge Phuc Finance, do not hesitate anymore but apply now to improve your life.

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