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  • If you want to get rich, you must learn financial management first

    If you want to get rich, you must learn financial management first

    A lot of people want to be rich. Labor to work, to invest. But in the end, he is rich, nowhere to see it, he loses money and combos more debt. What is missing here is financial knowledge. To get rich, you need to learn financial management first. Especially those who do business, start a business, and invest more have to learn. If not, even if we have tons of money to earn but we do not know how to use it, do not know how to accumulate, do not know where to invest properly, it will soon be spent.

    Remember number 1: How much money you make goes without having financial knowledge
    I am a person who really wants to be rich. Want to be rich from the egg already. Speaking of which, I think back to the days of 19, 20 years old when I was so young, I was so funny when I wanted to get rich. Well, my father said: Youth established and then set up career when they were 30. Youth is nothing but will. It takes that will to be able to rush anywhere, do everything, learn everything without any hitch, in order to be able to forge a stable person at the age of 30 to establish a great karma. Otherwise, the older you get, the more you get, whatever you do is afraid, until you are 30 and still so young as the last twenties, you can't do anything, all your life is hiding behind the door of a hired office.
    Because in the old days, blood dogs aggressively liked to get rich, plus youth wanted to explore the world. If my brother likes to explore new lands, hearing the news that Sapa has snow is a breeze. Then I heard who said what to do, my business was successful, I immediately went to work. From the days, practice giving presentations, then giving presentations in front of the hall with thousands of people. From wanting to learn Telesales skills, I applied for a unpaid job for a company, making more than 300 calls a day. Then you have to know how to close sales, practice sales, from selling sausages when there is an outdoor teambuilding session overnight, to selling English courses, soft skills, ... then selling pharmaceuticals, selling Pre-school rates, ... Doing enough without missing anything, so stumbling on the streets of Hanoi so enduring. In one place, the fun, from one place to another, starts over with different skills. Although I also regret what was built in the old place before. Sometimes doing, being yelled at, cursed, complained, even criticized, ... is also very humiliating. Have never been to the point of crying. And always in the mind of learning. Learn. And of course there are many days that go by without doing anything useful to make money.

    I was so absorbed, absorbed like that, ... There are jobs that get money back, but in general, looking back and forth, money is also spent, nothing in hand. Until one day I realized I needed to act differently. I took more advanced courses, more than $ 1,000, hoping to find other answers. Finally, I learned that marketing must be known. I also started learning Marketing, learning how to write, how to advertise, composing status to wear my hand, waiting for like and counting like and all day.
    Then I knew that it was necessary to sell my own goods, not join another company's sales network. I set up my own business system, took my own brand. And indeed, much more money. But there are things, you will know through the experience, the more money, the more headache, not at all relaxed at all. A mess of chi chi. Even if you make more money, and even more debt. You just try to run your own business and then you will understand this experience.
    In the end, I still ran out of money, still had nothing after a while, and had an additional debt of about 20 million. Looks like I'm still missing the last piece. I was 22 years old. I read hundreds of books hoping to find answers for me. Because of the situation like this, the more troublesome it is, the more it sinks into the mud of debt. Like an idiot lying in the swamp, the more you squirm, the more you die.
    In the end, it is not a fairy tale, but it also has a beautiful end to my financial situation, after spending tens of millions on buying books, and spending 6 months reading and reading. I found a good idea about: financial management. But later I learned that: this is the first platform to start with for anyone who wants to be financially in the midst of life. From employees to owning, trading, investing.

    Remember number 2: What is true financial management?
    Finance here does not have to listen to you say that this type of investment here is financial security. Finance here is about money, understanding money, the roots of money, how to use smart money. Maybe because my major in school is corporate finance, there are subjects such as monetary finance, international finance, ... should help me to receive knowledge in that direction, not the type of hands. Financial traders shout out there. In this type of thinking, you just need to put money in a business and you will die. Going against true financial management knowledge.
    Then comes the need to know how to tame the demon of insatiable spending in itself to spend properly, making the spending become useful in making money. In particular, this financial management subject, true financial education, will show you clearly what is an asset, what is the real asset to know how to put money in to create assets. But now, on the Internet, every man exhorts you to put money in here, this is this property. But in fact, we only donate money to people.
    If you are lazy, do not say what to do, but if you are a hardworking person, for many years there is a will and action relentlessly to get more money. But in the end, money is not found, there is always a difference in work, money is still not enough to meet the needs, ... perhaps what you are missing is the lack of financial knowledge.
    No one has sustained success without financial knowledge. There are some rich people who get rich thanks to a certain deal, like many actors who emerge making money in infinite amounts, but the important thing here is the story after which who keeps more money, who makes money more and more. More, who will create more assets. I also had acquaintances, who had a lot of money, after 5 years spent all the money, had to move to a smaller house, live more frugally, no longer spend money as before. But there is also a brother I know, after 5 years his fortune multiplied many times with a lot of assets, generating a steady stream of cash every day.
    Having a lot of money is nothing. What will be after that money. It is like catching fish is the beginning, then the basket is sure, can hold fish or not, can the fish brought home can continue to be raised, but become the mother to give birth to young fish so that in the future there is no need to go to the river to catch fish. is not? Again a story needs financial management.
    Your net for fishing is this: Marketing, selling, is a business system that automatically generates money. And your basket is your knowledge of money, about financial management. Let money you earn know how to pour it into assets, not just spend money, or save money there. To learn financial management, it needs to be methodical, one or three sentences cannot be fully systematic. Phuc Tai Tai has gathered the most essential and best knowledge, applying the best knowledge at Coach 101 package of things to know about this money to support those who want to learn more.

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