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  • Inflation - An invisible thief in your wallet

    Inflation - An invisible thief in your wallet

    "Don't understand why the money goes anywhere?" Probably the saying that many people are eternal. If the price is to say that it is destructive, this is obviously hard work, forced my mouth, and saves every dollar, but every few years and decades turn around, I do not understand where the money goes, but the money is hard earn more and more and buy less things. The purchasing power of a currency is greatly reduced. The answer is that there is a thief in your wallet. That is Inflation. The thief outside is also able to resist by human strength, but the thief is in the very same money you spend, it is necessary to have knowledge to fight back. Equip this basic financial knowledge right in the article below, buddy.

    1. Things you don't know will quietly harm you

    What you don't know is that you don't know very much. Because we also only have the same years of life, equal to the years to stumble, to experience, but the knowledge of the world, the things that previous generations created, are immeasurable. Only those who feel that their best friend's knowledge is lacking and weak will discover interesting secrets that the "I know" people cannot have.

    The whole world monetary system, the Vietnamese currency, through the years of ups and downs, was formed and developed with money, with the way that humans are controlled, with the way that people believe in the money they print. It is worth. How many secrets, how many battles, if you do not understand to control it, the very money you work hard to make, you keep in your hand will turn against you.

    Imagine, every single coin you hold in your hand, it's like a wolf coming from somewhere and living in your home. Not careful when it bites you. You need to understand it well in order to handle it.



    2. Where trust you put, you lose money there

    I do not know about you, but since childhood I always ask the question, where does the money come from, how do I make money, why do we always default to these papers as money. And a bit older, I ask why do we believe these papers are valuable (in the past when I was a kid, Vietnam was full of paper money, but there was no polymer coin like now). Back then I did not understand, it was just the papers that people printed out, why people just default to trust and spend together like that. Then when I was 10 years old, I bought 5000 and got 3 ounces of bacon. Money buys less and less. Why is that, why is not always the same.

    As I grew up, I realized, fortunately, when I was a kid, I had such questions, like a child who does not believe and what and asks constantly. I gradually discovered and went into depth about the world and Vietnam's monetary system.

    Once I read an in-depth financial research document that said: Monetary circulation in June 2007 increased by 50.1% over the same period last year. The reason may be that the state prints more money, it may also be that people do not believe in money, money is increasingly devalued, holding the feeling of value evaporation, so they do not hold the money anymore, but change Money taking other things, money back into the market.


    The longer I live and the more I stumble into business and finance. I always have a question, which is, why is it so easy for people to believe. Believe in companies, believe in the stock market, believe in gold prices, believe in growth reports of businesses, ... Believe in things that are not created by them. While working in a position of Marketing Manager, I have been following an order to correct data and witnessed many people correct data before sending it to superiors, so that the CEO can report to Ok Group to continue. Group poured capital to continue. And when it comes to implementing my business systems, I understand that outsiders don't know anything, unless we are inside the system and do it directly.

    I once confided to an old colleague, I said: The reason I stopped working as a hired laborer, but turned out to be my own, because I do not trust any boss anymore, except myself. I don't believe that if I do it, it will be worth it, I also do not believe that, just sticking to the effort and then one day they won't kick me out, I can't believe it anymore, so I go to work alone. To be honest, working as a hired worker is also good, with sisters, a fun and bustling life, greater cash flow to give us the opportunity to do great Jobs, but that's it. Only 4 years as hired work is enough. My beliefs are no longer available to use.

    Also, what has someone else's hand behind, never I believe. Try asking,

    - Where did the coin you hold in your hand come from? The answer is: Print out from others.

    - Where do the numbers on the stock market come from? The answer is: Click out from other people.

    - Where did the gold price go up and down? The answer is: From people write to the newspaper, then update on the yellow pages.

    So aren't those the rules of the game created by other people, but we ignore it that one day there is a trap? The day before, a girl twisted me: Why did Phuc Finance say it was impossible to predict the price of gold or land, that it was impossible to predict, and why did we predict that Covid's influence lasted? 2 - 5 years from now? I'm just funny because it doesn't listen to it if I explain it. But the idea here that, what of nature is predictable. But there's a human hand behind it, guess what :)))) It's no different from a girl day, sunny and rainy, wet midday. Now the gold increases to 56, tomorrow decreases to 53, tomorrow increases to 55, and the next day it increases to 58, ...

    There will also be someone who says: Phuc Finance, how do you say it, people have to research the market to give that price.? Well, let's just study it, so who witnesses, while each of us only lives in a small space, doesn't the god stand over the whole country of Vietnam and observe where? What basis? While the numbers are completely editable.

    In general, anyone who has ever stood up to run a business apparatus will understand all, there are countless angles, countless numbers, no one knows if there is any change, no one is good, for this world. too large, using nothing as a base.


    From the monetary system, from the stock exchanges, from the trading sessions, the price of gold is built by a human hand to eat% of the profits for those participating in it. As there was a guy who was a stock trader, wanted me to build a personal brand for, to teach others how to play stocks, and most importantly, to direct them to play the stock market. On the floor that you cooperate to eat%, how much money they spend to buy, you earn% interest on that amount, the floor will deduct for you. It's all about attracting people to play a playground they set up, to get players' money only. If you make a profit, it's just that from players like you, like swooping into the same pot and plucking each other, only the person behind it benefits.

    The monetary system too, you use money, you are participating in the game of people who are not behind to build up the monetary system. Imagine, what the paper you print has an entire country of use, how will it be, the right to print is yours, and what those black people know about how much you print each year. They keep their money, and you keep their wealth. Just one additional print job, causing the pile of previously printed money will decrease in value.

    Today, if you do not believe in money anymore, it is a mindset you need to practice, you can just think about it, let's say that you believe in the Vietnamese government, the Vietnamese economy is also affected by economic The world economy, the same as the Vietnamese currency, can you manage the worldwide monetary system?

    Money is just a commodity. Just like you don't buy a fan from one store, you buy a fan from another. And each fan type is durable, different. And no matter which fan it is, the increase or decrease of its value is in the hands of others, priced by others. Today they value this fan for 300,000, if you go back, you get 200,000, tomorrow they set a price of 200k to produce new fans, then you can sell it for only 100k.

    Likewise, this coin today they produce and you exchange it with your energy, it can buy 3 ounces of meat. Tomorrow they print more, you can only buy 1 kg of meat for each coin. Isn't that like an invisible thief, money in your pocket is suddenly lost, just because of the right to print, to set prices, to play rules in the hands of others. That is also why I choose my own path, because I do not need to obey the rules of other people, play in the chessboard of others, be controlled by others, I create my own playground.

    Working as well, there was a period when there was a supergirl, shouting for me to work, in the end, my bonus was based on the head of the department, she shared 5 7. Now too, People kept shouting about believing in the government, believing in the world, believing in the economy, but in the end, how much money did they print? Who knows, when we live in a corner of Vietnam? Honestly I don't believe, don't believe anything, unless it's myself.

    What is closing inflation?

    Well said, use self-inflating it to your mouth. Money is simply getting cheaper and cheaper. End. In finance, because in order to hide the inner truths, they create a set of difficult financial words that people cannot understand, without understanding, because they do not know, so it is easy to trust. The coins are in your wallet, but the coins themselves are thieves. Stealing your efforts. You should have spent your effort to buy 2 gold trees, then the price is 50 million for example. But 5 years later, the 50 million bought only 1 gold tree. So suddenly lose its "mother" a golden tree.

    Every coin is a thief. There is only enough money to trade living expenses and business expenses for 3 - 6 months. The rest put in earth and gold, things humans cannot produce. Then use the money to create business systems that generate value and bring in money. Money back into the land and gold again. Or like others they also put in oil, ... things that humans cannot produce but are limited by nature. Honestly, whatever people grow up, they must stay away. Accumulated, holding more is dead.

    Wish you will always be the true master of your life,

    Best regards,

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