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  • Innocent money printing - Understand the difference between money and currency

    Innocent money printing - Understand the difference between money and currency

    When you really understand how currency today is different from money, money in the old days. You will automatically know what to do with your money. Countless people worked hard, plowing day and night to hope for stability in their lives, but in the end, they did not understand why the money was lost. Unbeknownst to them, there is always an invisible hand stealing the money they've accumulated. That is the problem of printing money innocently of organizations and governments today.

    My path, just do two things right.


    - One is Understanding currency games

    - And the second is to build your own business systems

    Understand the nature of financial markets

    People I know, people who work in banks, loan consultants, insurance consultants, forex workers, securities players, brokers on stock exchanges to eat differences from players also. Some acquaintances from the past, currently doing bitcoin, virtual money also, they introduce, brokers, people buy virtual money to eat%, organize seminars, loud presentations on facebook, but in reality participants flattened.

    Another question is, why do I learn from finance, like to study money, about finance, but I am not interested in participating in the financial forms or with financial labels above? Then my answer is: In addition to money, which is something I cannot avoid, I have to use it every day, so I have to research and understand its rules of the game. On the other hand, I do not participate in other people's games, but create my own playground.

    You just imagine that everything above, from stock exchanges to cryptocurrencies, to forex, insurance, loans and bank loans, ... is all like a market, called a financial market, do others make products in this financial market, and the rules of the game are controlled by others. People will first have to buy these financial products and then want to make a profit wait for the product to rise in price to sell to others. One person gains a little, it also comes from the other a little loss. And it is the institutions behind these financial products that really make profits, because they take a lot of money from people buying the products they come up with, all the products that don't cost to manufacture, as if it was all out of the air, valued so high.

    You often hear something like: After this volatility, the stock market has evaporated hundreds of billions of dollars, and then, after the bitcoin price drop, the virtual currency market lost more than $ 100 billion in a day. If you do not believe, go to Google seach these sentences and it will be full of results.

    Have you ever wondered why it has this evaporation story. Now, how much of a pile of paddy, a pile of rice, a bunch of vegetables, and a pig is going to evaporate. So why does it evaporate? The reason is: These financial products, they have no real value, but only virtual value. Because the people in this organization set the price, and so on roaring. When there is something happening, players do not want to keep anymore, do not want to buy anymore, sell out because of fear. Everyone sells, but there is no buyer, the player is willing to lower the selling price, then it does not evaporate. Why does it evaporate, because it is not real by nature, it's all about whistle, roaring, when it is time not to roar, the player is not in love anymore, wants to take his feet out of this market then by itself these unreal values ​​will evaporate.

    Everything here it will be extremely virtual. Honestly, a stockbroker buys shares of that company, so have you ever sat and drank tea at that company? Currency buyers of some country, have come to live in that country yet? The buyer of bitcoin, the virtual currency in that issuing organization, has ever been to the headquarters where the virtual currency was issued and have a look. Geezer, it's the car garage, then leave the mother ...

    These financial products, it has one thing that prevents players from determining their real value. Everything just faded. 5 ounces of meat you buy from the market, you can touch, see, smell, it is of real value, so it cannot evaporate. And these financial products are extremely virtual, because you keep sitting in one place to talk about the world, like a frog sitting at the bottom of a well, whirring but not understanding anything. Let the group of people behind these organizations lift the prices up, cut the prices up to 9 layers of blue clouds, and then the frogs still compete. At some point, something happened, or the price had pushed to the top, or there were signs, someone noticed something was wrong, the market immediately plunged, no one believed the prices rising. Again, no one believes in the summer frog chorus. So self-evaporates, because those products have no real value, all virtual values ​​arise. But the meat has evaporated in the world.

    For simplicity, you imagine this, like now, you create a product. This product, affixing the labels of companies, corporations is monumental. What a company is, is something that people outside think sparkle and yearn, and the people inside who actually work are shit, only a few sparkling tables and chairs. These products have no real value, you take it out of the air, and write it down on warranties. Now, to sell high prices, PR, attaching to companies that other people certainly cannot understand.

    Then you mobilize people into this market. But to play in this market, people have to buy the products you make. Everyone has to buy. And you will get a lot of money from it. The pig has to work, the paddy has to be cultivated, but these invisible products are just the numbers jumping on a web page. Then you use the pages of newspapers, to promote, PR that your product is spectacular to get more and more people to buy, so you can profit from selling more products. You also ignore the player who gains or losses. The trick here is that everyone who plays has to buy your product, and you make a lot of money from it. As for the guy who played interest, it was just money transferred from the guy's pocket. You are the fisherman in the middle of a favor, because anyone who wants to enter the game has to buy your product at a price you can think of and push up with the numbers jumping up and down on the keyboard.

    And that is the reason why Phuc Finance does not participate in these games. But only understanding the game of money, is something that must be played. And build your own games. I'm just playing in the currency game. On the other hand, I do not participate in any game created by other people. Because where the profit is not known, but for sure, in the immediate future, we have to offer money to the guy behind.

    Understand the money market

    That money. It works in exactly the same way as the market above. Also a well-thought-out organization. And each of these bills, of no real value, is also coming from the air. Is that right, every bill you hold, has absolutely no real value. The cost and effort to print it out is extremely low, extremely cheap, can be printed in mass. But the inflated value is very high. There are a few bills, made of paper, a bit of polymer plastic, can be printed in the blink of an eye, literally, can buy chickens, paddy samples, ...


    Each paper, plastic sheet bearing the label is this money, is robbing workers of countless efforts, because it values ​​itself, or inflates the price of each bill. This is a trick to plunder the labor of the workers. Like now, you print out a bunch of paper, and you value yourself 3 bills equal to the 101 things you need to know about money that you write, it is not plundering your labor. then what.

    And you see, from cheap paper like a pile of paper, it grabbed a lot of people's wealth. It prints itself in mass, it values ​​itself and inflates the value of these bills. While the real value of these bills is zero, they are just tools for exchanging goods between people. Then comes the time, with the amount of money printed is too large, and gradually people become more knowledgeable enough, or some country rebels, has problems, many people do not keep the money of that country anymore. Then the value of the coins will evaporate.

    That is the reason, the money you keep is so simple to keep, to 5 or 10 years later it is normal to evaporate. Chickens are difficult to evaporate, but money evaporates very quickly. Because real values ​​are 0, they are all imaginary values. Keeping something as virtual value does not evaporate.

    I myself do not hold much cash. Just holding enough for myself to do activities, enough to give Mom and Dad a few piece of cake every month. Left I am accumulating in gold. And use that money to build your businesses. Like I get money in exchange for videos to promote business systems, use money to create products, use money to exchange websites, ... systems that provide value to business people and business owners. Industry such as: Books on financial education, PAS services en

    Debate, criticize, explain opinions

    You ask: Where does the establishment say that printing money is innocent, if it keeps printing, then will it be a mess?

    Phuc Finance replied:

    - First: The problem here, is that because we are not part of that money printing system, we cannot know how much money printing is. The monetary system that Phuc Finance is talking about here is the worldwide monetary system. And the Vietnamese Dong is just a small part of that giant machine. Maybe you are in the group that decides the amount of printing money in Vietnam, what about China, USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Switzerland? While nowadays foreign companies enter us a lot, we need to trade with them and our money is also affected by them. Therefore, you cannot manage the huge amount of printing from countless organizations, governments of the countries.

    - Second: You keep thinking this simple, to spend your husband and wife, sometimes they still have their socks off, the wife takes money from her husband to give it to the children, grandchildren and grandchildren. for the convenience of spending, not giving it all to his wife. Her children also sometimes hid a few dollars and also ate snacks. That is only with the internal finances of a few people, but it is the same. So what do you think a monetary system will be?

    - Third: Just look at the devaluation of money that you understand for yourself. The main reason is due to the production more and more, making the purchasing power of money increasingly devalued. I still say: 17 years ago, when I was 10 years old, my mother worked far away, so I used to go to the market to help Dad with 3 ounces of bacon for every 5,000. And now it must increase several dozen times. It is the money you hold to spend every day that automatically tells you. Because of the rule, the more something is, the more its value decreases.

    You ask: For every printing such a large amount of money to put it into circulation?

    Phuc Finance replied: This one I think is simple. By capital, this monetary system is their rule. From the network of banks, organizations have links and links with each other. In a book specializing in finance in the world, I have read: Banks are allowed to lend 10 times the actual amount they have. For example: If they have 10 million, they are allowed to lend 100 million. And one person rotates money for another. Because someone will leave money in the bank as if not yet withdrawn. It keeps rotating, rotating like that.

    So you only see the phenomenon of Tet, many banks have to close early, because to be honest, everyone withdraws at the same time, banks don't even have to pay.

    Then there's no need to think about trouble. Because it is important who have control of that monetary system. To tell the people, print out a series of money, the house can grow, the people in the organization just take the goods, bags and bags to go to the toilet. How do you know a monetary system in the world? Because remember, the US Federal Reserve, or the central bank of America, is a private company. Close the bottle? Even if it is governed by government, you need to accept that, how many governments around the world are. They have the right to birth, to kill, to take power in them. We are sometimes just black people, we are not part of that system.

    Therefore, the solution here is, just keep a sufficient amount of money to trade, trade and exchange with each other. The rest is left in gold, in the earth - things that humans cannot grow. And set up a business system, set up your own game. Today may be baby, baby is fine, but gradually it will grow bigger. It is our own important.

    What is the difference between money and currency?

    One of the reasons that I set up a website moneycoach.vn and share this financial knowledge is because I had no idea before, to distinguish between money and money. And now a lot of people don't notice that either. Only know the money. Why the fuck's even adding bad words. :))

    The reality is this: In the old days, people used gold, silver was used as something to exchange. Gold and silver calculate no value in life, because they cannot be eaten, but in the science and technology and in the beauty field, the value is high. And most importantly, although gold and silver in ancient times have not been used to develop science and technology because the tools have not yet developed that industry, they are still chosen as goods for exchange of goods, because gold and silver are not. It cannot be easily printed like today's bills. You are very wise. You can watch Chinese movies and see them exchange gold and silver.

    But then, many powerful groups wanted to take control of this fertile system. They do everything they can to turn gold and silver out of the medium of exchange, and replace them with paper. And over thousands of years, finally the trash currency we are using and what we call money today.

    Remember: The word currency is here only one means of circulation. So only use money for circulation, exchange. Don't leave the money a corner. To a corner is broken right away. Must give money in circulation, run exhausted to maximize its value. The rest are left unused in gold, earth, which are not worn out and cannot be produced by humans. Or create money-making business systems.


    Above are the shares of Phuc Finance, hope to exchange with you more ideas and new thinking about today's currency. Wish you will have directions for yourself. And you see, the world of money is full of must-know things. Otherwise, you will lose all your money without understanding why. And that is why Phuc Finance created COACH PACKAGE 101 that you need to know about money. Click here to find out and order!

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