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  • Introducing the book 101 Things to Know About Money

    Introducing the book 101 Things to Know About Money

    Do not expect to be rich if you do not have financial control. Don't expect freedom if you don't understand money. Countless people are engrossed, struggling to make money, without even knowing that they have too big financial holes, so they can make as much as they can, they also make money to make money for everyone. . I made a lot of money in my whole life, and then in the end the money was gone, what for? 101 things to know about money is the key to sustainable money.

    Not understanding finance, not in control of money, like you are standing on a blade. The more you walk, the more you bleed. Lack of understanding always makes you miserable. The more you do it, the more you do it, the more you invest, the more you will lose money. Money lost, confusion, confusion about the stability of yourself and your family.

    Spending time with life, after a few years, I still did not have any money in my body, did not have any possessions in hand, did not understand why the money was lost. Work is always uncertain, investments and business losses are eroding your will, your health. You rush to work hard, but it seems that the door to success has never opened?

    And this is the solution to all your troubles for so long !!!


    Exclusively for business people, business owners and those who want to control money, be smart, and smart in every financial decision!


    Remove all worries

    Includes 700 pages sharing in-depth topics:

    Understand money
    Manage personal finance
    Corporate financial management
    Master the cash flow in start-ups, business, and investment
    Integrate 101 realistic financial coaching videos, go into the depths and nooks of each of your problems

    Especially, you have 11 coaching sessions with direct 1 - 1 consultation via video call with Author - Financial Advisor - Phuc Finance

    During a year of tutoring, support, and planning to apply the knowledge to the reality of your own work

    About the Author - Financial Advisor - Phuc Tai Chinh

    Bachelor of the Academy of Finance, Faculty of Finance - Banking, Majoring in Corporate Finance

    Practical in-depth experience for 8 years

    Start a business, build, and own your own business systems
    Corporate cash flow management
    Successfully operating and distributing Marketing finance to companies in large corporations.
    With a true and witty sharing style, she has brought financial knowledge closer than ever, anyone can understand and apply it easily!

    With a sharp business mind, with a series of unique creative ideas that catch up with the trend, and the way to work in the era of technology 4.0, she is like the right hand of tens of thousands of business people and business owners Karma.

    Sign up now 101 must-know and money to change your financial future forever!

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