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  • Investing money to level up in multi-level sales should or not? Financial education

    Investing money to level up in multi-level sales should or not? Financial education

    One of the tricks in multi-level business is to create level up programs, pay in money, grab a bunch of onions for a name, or a little bonus. While a pile of goods left there to sell. Beware of investment mobilization to this level. Business must calculate, must weigh and measure to see if there is profit or not. Not trying to hug the goods. The income from the company is not much, while the donation money is much. With Phuc Finance, a hot discussion about investing in multi-level marketing should be done right after.

    The definitive answer is: No! Consider multi-level selling as a stepping stone to perfect your business skills, so that when you have enough, you will turn to work and build your real passive income. Do not rush into the level up, carry the label of investing money. Then in the end how much money was made, all the money was donated to the higher levels and the parent company.

    Note 1: Hugging goods is a very wrong act of business people
    Investing to level up, just instead of running sales by mobilizing the whole system and selling yourself, you take money from yourself and downlines to close in. Extremely stupid and should not be.

    First, these ranks are just a name in a very small pond. People who are blinded by fame, respect from others around them, and like to be above others, like to win over others, it is difficult to make good financial decisions. Many men just because their names level up, but eventually after a level up, they bring back piled up debt.

    Multi-level is the game of trading and selling. It was calculated that it was based on interest, not for you guys to start the company and the high-ranking men to benefit, they went into the ego, the dignity of the pawns below. When I did multilevel, I used to prevent the whole system from leveling up, even though it was running for myself. I calculate that I am not profitable, the system without interest is that I stop. Damn it. Type of place, the sales capacity of the system is not focused on, not selling but taking sales to make a profit. Here again bring out the money to continue to pay in to get the name. Then can those piles of goods be sold?

    In business, a good rule of thumb is to sell first. Instead of holding a pile of goods, being misappropriated of capital and being put at risk because of not knowing whether to sell or not, sell first, customers give money, then take that money to import goods. Go home and sell it to customers. Some multi-level companies, wherever goods are, not close to real life, can not be sold to the outside, few people need, so they have to stimulate people in the multi-level system to embrace goods. It's no different than bringing your wallet, bringing your own financial security and giving your life.

    Remember, going into multi-level sales isn't about building a career or building passive income for a lifetime. It's just a hired job. Are you participating as a Sales employee for a company only. Mommy is miserable. Because with traditional outside companies, they also recruit donors. Then, when working at multi-level sales, you have to recruit people yourself, train yourself, do all of A - Z. Don't dream of owning, master is the founder of that multi-level company. They purposely said that you are the boss because you only live and die for their company. Like they purposely said love to get a place to fuck for free, but in reality it is not.

    Because multi-level is just a playground for you to work as hired labor. The future must be your own to build a career under your ownership. So instead of doing stupid things like selling goods, aim for the real skills that will serve you tomorrow, to be selling the real thing. Rather than multi-level business, as well as tradition, tricks can give you money in the short term, but not for the long term. By the time you are many years old, but real capabilities do not exist, or the company you rely on is transformed like a boss change, the company goes bankrupt, you get laid off, and when you are born, you actually don't know what to do. Look at your own abilities that take the right actions, so that your skills and abilities really go up.

    Note 2: The core of multi-level sales is to sell goods to the outside, not chisel money in the system.

    A long-lived multi-level company is a company that has to sell out, not just around the few people in the selfie system. To be honest, there are merchandise from some multi-level companies that cannot be used. One is the price is too high compared to the real item, the other is the whole item that is not real to life. Therefore, because they cannot sell goods to the outside or have no revenue, they have to lure people in the system to donate money. Honestly there are companies that can only make sales from inviting people to participate in the system, growing by cutting chicken blood all the time. Instead of focusing on selling. Build a true retail and sales network. That is selling to people who are not members of the system who still need to buy.

    Whoever participates in multi-level sales, but does not see the upline teaching retailing, only teaches how to invite people to join the system, be careful, then one day you will also become a roast chicken on the table of the upline. and those of you who founded that company. Be careful. Because the multi-level environment is full of demagogical sentences, what is one heart for the lower level, what is career development, what is for the country of Vietnam, then one sentence of gratitude, two words of grace, ... one the curtain is too glittering, but there are always money-hungry fox tails still hiding somewhere.

    Having participated in multi-level selling, define yourself as a sales pitcher and build a team to sell together. Focus on selling to improve sales, marekting, giving presentations, engaging crowds, business skills, and then when the full skills wait a day, it turns out. There is no need to be a servant or a tool to call for a company that another guy created.

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