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  • Investment principles you need to know otherwise you will lose a lot of money - Financial education

    Investment principles you need to know otherwise you will lose a lot of money - Financial education

    Hundreds of winners, thousands of losers. It is the background of people who go on jumping into investments that are being advocated by others today. The loser defeats, if he loses money, he cannot speak up, fear of being despised by the world, the winner is advertised everywhere to continue to lure other sheep into. Listening to them about investment, it was like working as a model: All day long a statement of trends, two statements of feelings about other people's companies, three sentences of describing feelings for the company founder and their superiors. No no. Investment is a must. Investment is to adhere to investment principles. Coming from marriage, love is not enough. Why is investing now full of emotions like this? The same cold head comes with 3 investment principles you need to know or else you will lose a lot of money with Phuc Finance right here.

    The truth is, investment terms are very distorted today. Because there are brokers, traders, who want to advertise, urge others to spend money on projects they are working for to get interest on the participants' own money. Should have launched false definitions such as: Investing means putting money in a project of others, investing means putting money in it for a long time, and then tomorrow, 15, 20 years to get profit. Distorting the investment in the right way. This causes many people to lose a ton of money without daring to crack their teeth. Because the nature of the participants is that they want not to do but still eat, just watch what is hot, what is hot, and put money in, and then sit there hoping that the future will flutter. What is real investment? Let's find out here with Phuc Finance.

    Investment Principle # 1: Investments should belong to you
    Nobody is going to give money for something without ownership claiming investment. Honestly, only foolishness can put money into something that has no ownership. Without ownership, the exact number cannot be grasped. Without knowing the exact number, it can eat all the money or throw it to the big and small profit, it just sits there.
    As mentioned above, Phuc Tai Finance said, because many people want to profit from the money others put in, and then distort it into an investment, but for real investment, you must have ownership. If not, then it's no different than you spend support money to support a girl, and that girl belongs to another guy. Even myself, not so big in life, even the first 27 years old like this, through my stumbles, I never put my money into other people to spend without having nothing to manage. reasonable. Then it eats everything from the roof to the foundation.
    And you say, Phuc Finance, you say that is so myopic, do you know that this rich man he invests in here and there? Lots of men, he put money into other people's investments. Then please, can not compare rivers with sea, can not compare ditches with ocean. You are not in our house but we don't know. What is their relationship like? How bloody their forces face? How many people show their classic experience? And sometimes even that is their own project. And they purposely said it was not theirs, to urge people to invest in objectively. Life is very tricky. Not getting into other people's heads doesn't know what they think.
    So, remember to pin this thing: Already an investment must belong to you. Otherwise, next! Just put money into something you have no control over, my wallet is thick, you spend it. Die die. Even if I gave it to a child who was playing in the age of playing, he would still destroy everything, let alone outsiders, not to mention the need for money like they were screaming their wealth all the time. Nobody is worried about your money but yourself. Sometimes even his wife will destroy it, bring it to the stage, take it with her, how much? It is a humane reality, you can also see. Right?

    Investment Principle # 2: Investing must generate cash flows every day
    No one goes to invest and leave it for tens or decades. Tomorrow, even if you can get the principal and the interest, it will not be able to inflation. When after 15, 20 years, the frost inflation rate is also 15 times, will you be paid 15 times more interest than the initial amount you put in? It also includes the prospect that you will still be profitable, but what you put money into it devalues, or that the project is said to fail, then stop considering the money as lost.
    In investment, the money that you put in is only the first step in a billion steps behind. It's not just that you spend money. If the prey was so fragrant that it was left there, it was all torn apart. If you have money, if you leave it rich, everyone is poor. Determine that if an investment wants to be profitable, it must be done, and must be built. Because important, the purpose of investment is not to make a single profit. Then go to trade? The purpose of investment is to generate cash flow on a daily basis.
    Creating cash flow on a daily basis is your property, or else it is the property of others. Virtual money for example! Cryptocurrencies do not generate your daily cash inflow. However, every day there are people who buy virtual currency, the creators of the virtual currency playground, and the traders and brokers will have the cash flow on a daily basis. Thus, the virtual currency is the property of the creator of that virtual currency, while the traders and brokers work as employees, do sales for those who create that virtual currency. And your real money is the prey. And that bait was ripped apart. 15, 20 years later, if you can earn it, it will not be enough inflation, your money is either bitten to death, or you are dragged to leave you a skeleton. Remember: An investment money that generates cash flows every day for you is a living investment.

    Investment principle number 3: Investing must generate cash flows in the future
    An investment must be yours, generating your daily cash flow. And how strong its vitality will depend on how long it can generate cash flows on a daily basis. The daily cash flow is a sign of whether or not your investment is alive or not, every dollar on each day is like every investment breath. So, an investment that 5 years, 10 years, ... doesn't let you cash in, do you think 15, 20 years it will give you money? Yes, it was long ago.
    The above are 3 investment principles that Phuc Finance has shared with you, it is likely that it will completely contrast with the traders shouting out there, right? So, who is offering you what investment now, regardless of the alien trend, consider three principles: One is under your possession? The second is to give you cash flow on a daily basis? The third is how long that daily cash flow will last. Based on these three lovely projectors, you will definitely automatically make the right investment decisions.
    For example, before business opportunities, when building this moneycoach.vn system, putting effort and putting money here, I also have to consider, it is also the opportunity cost, if I don't do this, I will develop declare another. I also rely on the three above investment principles to consider:
    - One is: Is it owned by me? There is ownership alone. Not sharing with anyone, to ensure the long-term, but after working for three days, our brothers and sisters will be in conflict.
    - Second: It gives cash flow on a daily basis? Have. Every day, our customers buy Coach packages, set up consulting schedules, and then later expand to sell goods and services for their business, ...
    - Third: Does it allow a long-term daily cash flow? Have. Because of this financial knowledge, it will be needed for each generation, 5 years later, there is the next 25-year-old generation, the next 30 years. Twenty years later, there are generations now breastfeeding that will need this knowledge. So it guarantees long-term value for money, in the long run. And I have calculated, I built this system and will pass on to my children to continue to manage after I am out of the mountain, it is an asset to leave for future generations, as well as a legacy I left human.
    Hopefully, this knowledge can help people change their minds, instead of thinking all the time, sitting on top of others, just putting money in, others will eat, get rich, and then again: shoulder giant. Honestly, no smart kid will let you ride your head. Instead, be serious, ready to make efforts, build your own real estate. Wish you success. And to learn more about money, finance, start-ups, entrepreneurship, and investing in the most genuine and honest way. Sign up for the Coach 101 package that you need to know about this money!

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