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  • Is it necessary to save first, then spend later?

    Is it necessary to save first, then spend later?

    That's right, you need to save first and then spend later. When you don't have any assets on hand, you need to do so. However, the way to do it is not that you have 10 dong, you save 5 dong first, then 5 minutes later take the remaining 5 dong to go to the toilet. With Phuc Finance, discover the right way right below!

    Task number 1: Save for investment

    Because money is not our ultimate destination. Because money is something of a devaluation, and money is not left there and naturally brings money back. However, assets are different, assets are things that are more and more valuable, not to mention, if the assets are left there, they still bring money evenly. Therefore, our task first after the money returns, is to accumulate it, then the right time to bring money to create assets. And the money from the property brought back to enjoy and spend. And when you do not have assets, spend what you need only.

    Let's say: You have 10 million, you spend 10 million, and in the end you have nothing. You know, with 10 million in the city and the mind goes on and on, then it's over. For example: 5 million for food consumption, for renting a house and 5 million for traveling, enjoy life.

    However, with that same 10 million, if you spend 5 million on rent, food, food, gas, sometimes just a little coffee, and 5 million you accumulate and don't use it yet, when you have enough ants. end, you use it to create a sales website. Then efforts of about 1 or 2 months will generate 5 million profit. Then you can completely get 5 million from this website generated for travel.

    And you see, you still have 5 million to travel, but you also have a website that generates 5 million, 10 million profit for you every month. That means there are countless trips after that, if you saved the other 5 million first, then the time to invest those 5 million, to have a much more productive fortune of 5 million later.

    Quest number 2: Save to accumulate

    One of the things that makes it possible for you to live a leisurely, unaffected life in order to make the right financial decisions in life is that you have to have money behind. The same amount is spent 5 million, but people with no money spent will be different, people with several hundred million behind spending will be different.

    The money you keep is still your money. If you have the first and the next, you are still spending. However, people who have no money in hand, it is difficult to live, it does not give you peace and peace to clear your mind, always run and be dependent and controlled by others.

    For example, when I worked as a hired laborer, in the early years as a hired man, many times I wanted to tear the world apart, I wanted to break the table once: I quit my job! However, I did not dare, I patiently, because now I have no money, quit my job, if I can't find a new job right away, I come back home to ask for money from Australia.

    However, having been working for 3.4 years. Then I have a completely different context, I feel like I am beyond my limits, I like to quit, not to suffer for money, to not worry about finding a new job, nor to fear failure to start a business, because, If you have accumulated money, you can eat and spend in 3 or 4 years. That's it, the game accumulation money will be controlled by me.

    Then they also have a sentence, a piece when hungry is equal to a pack when full. This sentence is true, the same is the spending money, but when it comes to spending it wasteful, it is a waste to think, especially when the work is going down, if there is no accumulated money, then honestly there is no bran to eat. Honestly, the friends I played with all had the same concept, they were full of food and freedom, they did not come back to ask for money.

    Finally a bit about feng shui, when you have a lot of money accumulated in the background, your mood will be different as well. Especially with regards to your exuded aura. The clothes can't cover up a weak aura. When you have money, you can speak strongly, and you have a strong aura to help absorb many powerful things.

    According to the analysis, or you notice from yourself, when you have no money, you tend to be craving to spend, leading to debt. When you have money, you will not spend it, because then your aura is strong, the matter is not powerful enough to control you. Like this: When you don't have money, you hope to have a car, many people can't even control how to borrow money to buy. But guarantee, when they have accumulated enough money with the money for that car, tell them to take the money accumulated for so long to buy a car, then make sure they don't buy it. Because then, their financial thinking is up, they will know that, that amount of money must also be used to build assets, but can not be put into this car.


    Through this analysis, Phuc Finance wishes you if in the first stage, you will accumulate about 2 hundred, 3 hundred million boxes, if you have been working for a long time, you will accumulate billions of money. And especially, successfully building many properties that bring money back every day! Then, with spending, it will be only the money that has been built up. Good luck! If you want to learn more, sign up for the Coach 101 package that you need to know about money above.

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