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  • Launch of Financial Education Book: 101 Things to Know About Money

    Launch of Financial Education Book: 101 Things to Know About Money

    101 Things to Know About Money - The book blew a new breath into your life, a wealth of financial knowledge that makes you stand by, expose tricks, tell huge giants, tricks of the The financial world is covering your eyes, helping you understand money to launch completely different career-building techniques. Let's explore the book that captures the hearts of many of these readers!

    101 Things To Know About Other Money What Is All The Books In The World?

    - It's a limited edition. First batch Print only 20 books. Because you will have someone with you, I want to accompany you to read, analyze and understand thoroughly.

    Accompanying this book are 11 Coaching sessions on personal finance. We will discuss and discuss together. You will get your own Coaching.

    - 20 people will be the first financial and money knowledge change, will be added to a private group to exchange secrets, cruel facts to learn and avoid financial traps and fix them together change habits. You Don't Just Have One Book - You Buy A Powerful Change In Front! Please wait!

    Finding the things that make your life better is a must!
    I entered life was also full of difficulties. At the age of 19 at the beginning of his life, he left his hometown to go to Hanoi. Stupid, silly, fooled into believing, believing in uncertain things. In the end, everything crumbled before my eyes. I was helpless and had nothing to rely on, no place to stay in terms of work, and of course money never moved up.
    I have asked many times why, why my life goes through so many difficult moments, going to work is overwhelmed, making the whole morning and night without much money, the hot sun burns the throne. The small house in the corner of Long Bien has scared me up till now. The reason for all of that? It was not because of lack of enthusiasm, when I was young I was eager to conquer the heights successfully, it was not because of lack of hard work, because for a long time, I had been diligently rolling about 5, 7 years . Working during 8 working hours, overtime working, many days continuously until 11, 12 o'clock at night, but why things are not getting better. I still lacked money, while I still had to endure my own frugality, sometimes because of frugality, when I had money I could not control it, bursting was a waste of money.
    I was in those days, until the day, I was kicked out of the Marketing department, built by my own hands from the first bricks, just because I did not stand for the boss of 300 million. The days of heavy footing, not wanting to step into an office where I was a young enthusiastic, I eagerly worked, wanting to achieve a managerial position in order to progress. Everything is like nothing, disappear just because I do not fulfill a request full of self-interest of a person, friend. I snickered sour. The career I believe in, the most ambitious youth energies, are dependent on the will of a man. At that time, I realized that I was wrong! I have to accept that I was stupid, wrong. Wrong from tactics, wrong in thinking. It's like we can't hope to have a sweet potato and grow a flower tree, even though the flower has a bulb, it's beautiful, but no matter how much it blooms, a few days will die.
    I started to search for the knowledge I failed, I was wrong, retraining the financial habits, especially adamantly applying financial knowledge, career development I know that I have not done, but let me know. You know, for whatever reason, I acted drastically, which is in this book 101 things you need to know about money. Thanks to that, I turned out to do my own success, take the leverage of that success to continue to duplicate, and send off the colors of hired labor, enriching others from my life.
    A journey of fighting with the old self, slapping the slaps on the old habits, I have built cool assets, business systems, not dependent on any boss. any more. And you know, the thing that makes me the happiest, is imparting all the knowledge from finance, start-ups, investing, building assets of that journey into Coach 101, what you need to know about money. It was a big surprise to my life. Nowadays, 101 things to know about money have become a powerful warrior for anyone who wants to turn out to build a career and build a successful career despite many failures, to gain freedom and end. enjoy life.

    I was like you too, had tried and waited for 2 years young just in exchange for a solid job position, spent all three of my courage as Head of Department finally collapsed in amazement. I realized that only creating for myself, the bravery to dare to lose, dare to stand up to create, master all the games, can get rid of standing around and worrying about money every month.
    Must stand up to acknowledge, face and act decisively. Only you, you can change your life! See you at book 101 things you need to know about money!

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