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  • Lending and debt collection methods to not lose each other - Financial education

    Lending and debt collection methods to not lose each other - Financial education

    Lending - debt collection is an extremely sensitive issue, easily causing friction, misunderstanding, even from the face of person to person. From a seemingly close relationship, lending each other, going back and forth a few times to collect debt is not good at hate each other. Then because we both lend each other respect, we both lose money, and feel annoyed at the same time. So the method of lending - how to collect debt is reasonable and to minimize all risks and scuffles. Let's discuss with Phuc Finance in this article.

    The nature of lending

    Lending does not mean that you lend money you have excess in the present to someone else, but you are taking the money for your future use to someone else. Not only does it cost you the benefit of the money it generates. And if they don't pay in time when your future has work to do, you will suffer difficulties if it does. So, if you have loaned. Lend to someone who deserves a loan.

    Like this, the days, when I was not starting a business, I bought all the money I made to accumulate gold. Then in one year, I lent my brother 30 million, and a younger brother borrowed 20 million. With this 50 million, even if I send the bank I also get some pretty good interest. For example: if I deposit a 7% 1 year interest in the bank, I also get 3.5 million more. And here I am hoarding gold, it becomes even more terrible. That year, if instead of lending, I bought 37 gold, the next year gold reached 56. So, with that 50 million, without lending, I bought more than 1 gold tree. Calculate the time in the middle of 2020, if you sell it, you can hold a profit of more than 20 million dong, but little.

    However, because of the loan, I have exchanged those more than twenty million interest, by doing two good deeds to help two people I love when they are in danger. So, forgo such benefits from money to lend to others, you must lend to someone who is worthy and deserving of it. The brother I love for me is very grateful. As for the younger brother, who worked with me, faced the life-and-death problem of Mother, so I helped.

    The nature of the borrower

    Many borrowers have different circumstances. However, most of them are people who do not know how to manage finances. Because falling into a debt position, it is the lowest position in financial management. Therefore, you will be faced with one thing, which is your money, when you lend quickly, but the time to receive it back is quite long. If they claim they won't pay you. Due to financial difficulties, it took 2-3 years to gradually stabilize and get out.

    Therefore, lenders need to be determined that lending them a loan is a long time before they can repay. But it's impossible, a few days, a few months has not been paid. When you make that determination, then you really have plenty of money and don't use that money for 2-3 years to lend. Otherwise, please refuse at the beginning.

    When I give loan, I am willing to forget. With outsiders, I will say it's fine to pay by installments, small amounts. As for family members, they can always pay. Even decades are still OK. Avoid cases, they themselves are not abundant, then go to loan, the borrower still falls into difficult circumstances. Then they kept demanding again and again, causing friction.

    So, you only lend to someone who is worthy, what is worthy of a loan, and are willing to forget it, not use it for a long enough time, then you are ready to lend.

    Select loan subject

    Regarding personal sharing, my lending principle is to lend to these two objects only:

    - One is: The people I am indebted to. Loan default. Because I understand that, in this life, it is not simple that someone helps me. When I was in danger, about to drown, I felt they reached out to help. Such grateful people, I will always be there to support them when they need it. Because I always live in a way, I have a certain grace to pay, a certain enemy must report. People who harm me, I will harm me, I cannot let them act, whatever I want to do. As for the person who helped me, I definitely have a chance to repay the favor. Not the way of life: Oh, others love me because I deserve it, then whatever I do they will love me. Without that, love is reciprocity. I receive it now, I will give it another time.

    - Second: The people I love and they have difficulty. I will lend. Because it's like bringing money to do a good job. That is the way when I give, to give blessings in the future to receive it back. Of course, as above, I help anyone, they must also know what to give, not in one way or another. It's not like that, when I needed my help, it was so hard, when I was finished, I kicked my ass right away without asking questions, I would let me next. Need to know how to behave first. Having received love, also need to know how to give care.

    Absolutely I will not borrow a home loan, or a car loan, or a business loan. Those things I certainly don't lend to. Because, the borrowers buy a house or buy a car, these people have fallen into consumption and enjoyment. Then I leave my money for me to enjoy, not their turn. Second is business loan, business loan, I need to consider whether they do well or not, otherwise I will not lend. As for the point of view, if you have a business, you must have money and money to go with your capabilities, but the capacity is not there, trying to borrow and doing it would be broken. So, it is better not to lend them a lot, but lend in a lot of money. Carry it out now.

    Lending method

    - For those you are grateful for, you can always like to borrow, pay back whenever you have, to expect them to be truly financially stable. If you ask for it right away, they don't have it.

    - As for other cases: Lent, is to determine the date and payment method. Like paying by month, how much is each month. And pay by day, the day to pay, always determined. If you do not specify this, it is difficult to speak when you ask for it again, because often sometimes you are afraid of each other. Should be determined from the beginning. Straightforward, clear.

    Absolutely never lend because of respect and respect for relationships. Know that the life of a paternal, in-laws and in-laws is very complicated. But money is your money, your effort and your brainpower. You have the right to it, and the ultimate right is that you do whatever you want with your money, not with any respect. If you can lend, you will not only lose money benefits if you go to the bank or buy gold, but you also lose annoying anger on your body. And because you do not lend, people say this or that you don't mind, they don't have the right. If you don't know how to manage your finances, don't work hard to make money, then you can go by yourself. Because no matter how we make money, it is sweat, brainpower, and hard work, not one makes easy money, the other makes hard money. All are efforts, hard work. Having been borrowed, people do not have on loan and still speak this voice, what do you regret, pay any attention to that relationship.

    How to collect debt

    To collect a debt, please notify the date. About a month, 20 days for them to prepare the payment. Repeat a month in advance of your one-time payment, so that they can determine your repayment spirit. And just consider, borrowing is a test, you lend, but they keep begging and not pay, the next time absolutely do not lend anymore. To lend clearly, the time to pay is also to be frank.

    Honestly, the common mentality is always: when you borrow, it's easy to spend quickly, and when you pay it back, it's bad. Most people are the same. Without money, when I have a little extra money, I will pay off all the debt. So when paying, they are extremely poor and many people easily do not want to pay. So you only lend to the worthy people, the people who love you, they will take care of you too, not just like your money. So when you need money, you are really in danger, they also worry and manage to pay you back. Social relationships just stop at social.

    It is not easy to earn money, nor is it simple to give up desires and enjoyment to keep money in hand, nor is it easy to give up the benefits money brings in the future but to others. loan. But as long as it's the person who deserves it, all will be fine. Therefore, Phuc Finance wishes you always full of love so that you can bring money to help people you feel worthy, to receive full life and always strong enough to reject those you do not deserve. worth. And no matter who you decide to lend, not to, no one has the right to interfere, or judge, control your actions.

    Wish you always be successful and happy with the money you make.

    Sincerely share,

    Phuc Finance Advisor

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