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  • Life school, how to most effectively learn?

    Life school, how to most effectively learn?

    Turning your back on learning means you are turning your back on your future. Have you cursed you in the past? So please study a lot for you in the future to thank you and be proud of you!

    Study meal: Eat with colleagues, Eat with staff, Eat with partners

    Often many people still suffer from the oppressive mindset that learning ends after graduating from school. But they never know that, after graduating from school, at that time they will begin their real studies, at the school called eternal school. And the important thing is in school to learn only specialized knowledge and not teach how to make money. What you learn in reality will help you earn money in addition to a salary.

    All those who think that reading books, taking courses of no value are of no value, are ignorant learners. Employees who do not learn anything from work or colleagues are short-thought people. Always study to improve yourself. Where you go is where you need to go. Every place you do has a certain meaning in perfecting who you are.

    Even if you do not learn anything from professional work knowledge, learn to become friendly people, build close relationships with friends. Especially those who want to create multiple sources of income, want to own a business or set up a company. Because the colleagues there have become perfect helpers for you.

    As at present, this whole system of Phuc book assets is being built, all brothers at the old company who have worked for 2.5 years. Ms. Lan designed, Hoang Anh supported the client part, running ads with Mr. Thang and Ha, who are all adept at running Digital Marketing, the book shipping ship is also the former employee to support.

    Always be ready to offer meals to others to learn from. How can we make the next year better than the one we are now? Each department, every specialty has its own tricks and tricks. But if you open it, you must grasp it to avoid employees from overtaking. And these colleagues completely share with you, career know-how.

    Study books: Finance Books, Marketing Books, Leadership Books

    Next buy a book to read. Create yourself a bookshelf, but just by looking at it you are smarter. For Phuc, every book comes to us by predestination. It comes because it will complete a part that is missing in you. Books give us the opportunity to go back in history, chat with celebrities and hear stories, expanding the world around here.

    You will find that there are places, there are people who think completely opposite to you and those around you. Like they have a way of only working 4 hours a week, some work only 6 hours a day, but why do we just do it 8 hours a day, at night we still have to let our boss talk and text to solve work ? Most importantly you get to hear the way people speak your world. Because often the people around you now tend to think like you, so it allows you to have new ideas, do unique things, or simply be more courageous and determined. So it is this book that will expose you to other people far away from your world, so that you can grow up.

    There is a little-known fact that all business courses, for business owners, are derived from knowledge of finance, money, cash flow. It's not like shouting, creating motivation doesn't work. Sounds great, but when I started working, I didn't know what to do. Whatever you do, you must understand money, then at least you know what to do with it. You can start learning finance with this book 101 Things to Know About Money.


    People are difficult to turn out of the current environment because of the people around them. We are influenced by the words and actions of the people around us a lot. The most dangerous thing about being hired as a hired worker is being too focused on that company. Working 8 hours during the day, or at night or on weekends, we will talk to text messages and solve work. Or even after work, but the mind is still in the work. It will be as if you were hanging around in a basket with crabs. You the day you get in there to do it. And they always want to drag you into that basket.

    Therefore, in your free time, you must crawl to another environment, jump into the pond, into the river, into the sea. Look for external environments, and the best part is going to the courses. Not only improving knowledge, but also adding new relationships. It will be completely different from the world you live in, and the best part is that it takes place in parallel with your world.

    The most important thing about learning courses and coaching courses is relationships, sharing experiences, getting together, doing business.

    As for learning, absolutely do not indulge in free courses. Get ready to pay for high courses. Because you will meet people who dare to spend money like you. Their will, ability, and reach are in another form.

    I am a business enthusiast and want to find a way, after all, what do I need to have my own business? When I was 22 years old, I spent a drop of 20 million to study the same course with about 50 business owners. There are eminent business owners. To learn, honestly, I have the knowledge in that course, until now, after 5 years, I can absorb it.

    However, the relationships I have, listening to what business owners say, I gradually disintegrate the path of ownership, what do I need to orient myself. So, after graduating from school, I worked as a hired laborer, not with the attitude of being a hired worker, but working as a hired employee with an attitude of ownership. Stepping out of the company for 2.5 years as a hired laborer, I have built my team, have grasped the operation and training experience there to step out to build my cherished assets.

    Each group of people will tell different stories. Go a lot, play a lot to expand, from the world of financiers, to the world of builders, to the world of business owners, to the world of insurers, ... Hear true stories from them. And the best way to meet people from many of these professions, is the simplest way to take courses, to learn, to meet, socialize and listen.

    The more expensive the courses, the more their stature, their thoughts, their wills are also different. That is also the reason why this book is not permissible for those who prefer the free, the cheap. I put a high price to eliminate them. Particularly, knowledge needs to find who will pay for it. Only a willingness to pay the price, a willingness to learn can absorb and move forward.

    Therefore, you need to have your own study fund. To accumulate money, a year or two years, when many courses join courses from talented people in Vietnam and around the world. Even flying abroad to study to expand experience and knowledge, enhance thinking, enhance relationships.

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