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  • Master in personal finance and business finance - Financial education

    Master in personal finance and business finance - Financial education

    Personal finance and business finance. You have to be sure that money will come, stay, create value and bring more coins. It's also not okay if your money is given to others. If your money is invested, if you cannot manage it, it will not be done. From business people that do not know how to manage finances, it is also crazy. Before you want to sell a lot of goods, a lot of sales, a lot of money, you need to know how to manage, calculate and listen to the numbers. Find out now with Phuc Finance!

    Come to the in-depth analysis from Phuc Finance at Livestream live for more than 2 hours:

    Do you know what calculation we often fail in our lives?

    - Easiest deduction: Deduct staff salaries, Fired employees, Crushed others, Cut other people's money

    - Addition is more difficult: Teamwork, Cooperation together to create higher results.

    - Multiplication needs trying: Make others work for you, make use of other people's resources. Most of the above calculations will do. But usually many people, many businesses are in the division calculation.

    - Division is easy to die of death: Divide each other into the fruit of labor, divide the profit. There are many cooperative groups, when it comes to working, when it's hard, it's okay, when it comes time to divide everyone thinks of themselves better. Many superiors, who ate the bread, took the bag with the ball and grabbed the crumbs, not even letting the subordinates have any color.

    Please know how to divide to achieve sustainability and long-term. Know to share with others. Eat all, eat socks, you can only eat once. Next time no one played. Nowadays, if we want to be successful in the long term, we must know to share it with others. If you go to work, cooperate if anyone does not deserve it. Please leave. Opportunities are always available.

    That's it, the numbers in the money, business and business always know how to talk. And in order to go up in personal finance, business finance, you must have a firm grasp of these numbers. Based on the number that determines, based on the number, based on the number to think, based on the number that calculates the step. Money without calculating, holding, or having no power is equal to offering it all to others.

    Remember number 1: Master your personal finances

    Spending is not like, oh yeah, 5000 packs of snacks. Buy. Oh, only a few hundred thousand. Kumquat! oh no, never buy Loans, installments! But with such a habit of hammering, it is impossible to manage finance. Finance is to allocate this tissue to spend for this, the other tissue to spend on that. No messy spending, no excess spending. Finance is about having to spend on assets. But a habit that I like is spending, listening to the ear is spent, then it is time for the money to put in all the products.

    A person who cannot manage his personal finances, do not dream of success when setting up a business. There is no way to spend money on the business like this, umbrellas, whip !, staff please let me know this seems reasonable, don't need to think about it, ... Because personal finance is so damned, should have created a habit not to fail, or to consider, in the end they will offer money to spend money. So it is extremely risky for people who do not manage their own finances in the first place.

    Like: cultivating body, family, rule of the country, peace of the world. A person going to personal finance has a few expenses, which also cannot make it into assets, not increasing his wealth every day. A person went into family finances, the couple's finances were in chaos, could not make any money, always lacked money, could not create property, ... what to say until they broke into a fortune businesses themselves with much more spending, money not coming back is negative, money is not properly distributed also causing great damage?

    A person who can't go beyond personal finances can't do anything more. Because all the games big and small are about money, how money is used, and how wealth is built. To study methodically, without missing anything, learn and sign up for the Coach 101 package that you need to know about this money. One-time study is complete, it's done, there's no need to spend extra tuition.

    Note 2: Firmly in corporate finances

    In the above part, you also feel a part of the importance of corporate finance. Most business people today, die financially. From taking a loan but not knowing how to spend it, I just went away, and then embraced a huge debt. From spending too much on expenses with a business system that is too cumbersome, making a mess, struggling day and night, in the end the revenue is much, but the interest is much when sighing without being hired. is how.

    Then do not know how to evaluate numbers, do not know where the business system is missing, where is strong to invest money. Everything is no different than spending money in personal finance much. There is no solid basis to see if investing in is okay or not? Then just do a mess to dispel the hammer. And then they risk their lives without even considering having to revolve their capital, having to return their capital to continue the next round of capital to create a new business system.Many business people do not notice there are too many cracks, each small crack, grouped to become big, drizzling down day by day, month by month. A few years accumulated into huge sums of money.

    If you are a super salesperson, you bring in a lot of sales, but the money is still lacking, or you have ever failed to start a business, even though you invested a lot. Then for sure, you are having a huge personal financial and business financial hole. Therefore, business people must pay attention to the phrase "Building business assets" to get the right decisions to spend money. You can find that answer in the Business Property Coach Package below. Sign up now!

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