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  • Joy and knowledge while holding the 101 Things to Know About Money - A Moment You Can't Miss!

    Joy and knowledge while holding the 101 Things to Know About Money - A Moment You Can't Miss!

    The 101-page book of things to know about money is 700 pages thick. And this is not just a book but also a course, a 101-day Coach package, containing 101 financial coaching videos inside. Along with that is the companion of Phuc Finance for a year to support you in Finance. Pleased to share with you.

    Some pictures of the book are in Coach Package 101 things to know about money:

    "When you buy the Coach 101 package you need to know about this money, you will have a powerful support arm, Phuc Finance. I will support you whenever you need it for a year financially. also need to find readers who deserve to spend time, enthusiasm and brainpower to support "- Phuc Finance

    Knowledge is a source of strength. Ignorance always makes you afraid of this world and be led by others. You need to be rich in yourself first to get out physical richness. Many people lack money, lose money, have no money, all year round, month after year, because of their lack of knowledge inside. Lack of money, proving lack of knowledge about money, financial management. You definitely need to offset it before doing anything. Because if not, how much money you make and then go all the way.

    With the most comprehensive Coach Package on finance today, 101 things to know about money equip readers with full knowledge of money: from the history of money, understanding money, money in personal financial management. , corporate finance, investment finance, money in life. Spread over 700 pages of books, 101 videos, 11 live Coaching sessions to help readers access knowledge, easy to understand, easy to apply and easy - create - create - achieve - results.

    Over 8 years of rolling around in the marketplace, from various forms of investment, finance, multi-level, business, marketing, sales, ... I noticed too many people because of lack of understanding, leading to lightheadedness. , easy to seduce, lose a lot of money, sweat and effort into meaningless things. During those years, I was always in pain about how to help people gain real knowledge before being distorted by financial traders.

    Therefore, starting at the end of 2019, after putting aside all the race to make money and status, I gave up the salary of the Marketing Manager of 19 million to do something for the society, become a pioneer. revolutionizing true financial education for the community.

    After less than a year, in mid-2020, countless business forums, finance, investment newspapers, business pages have posted messages I convey with the source of "Phuc Finance" on the site. their. I have also received thousands of thanks for the things I share. And the happiest thing, is the business brothers, business people, those who wish to do business, holding the first book 101 things to know about my money with the greatest happiness and knowledge.

    There are also brothers and sisters in the Marketing industry who asked me why I have reaped such success while working my hand again. I have shared that: Probably because of the passion I put in it, my love for financial knowledge and sharing it, always thinking of helping people. Always wanted everyone I met to be happy when I was with me.

    Coach 101 packages you need to know about the money I make with my love and my youth with all my love for life, love for the people beside me. Hopefully, when you hold this book you can also feel it. Hopefully, the book is the bond, the bond between our friendship. Be your friend for this whole life.

    You can also sign up for the Coach 101 package that you need to know about this money here:

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