Don't just save money, do the following

    The saver never had a chance to win in this life. Even with the era of money devaluation like today, there is still a big loss. No savings is also dead. But it is not good to fall into saving too much. Sometimes it is necessary to use money to build assets to own even with their luck. Do not just save money, Phuc Finance will reveal that you need to do the following things as well!

    With the current stormy inflation, only about 20 years from now, your money will be slightly evaporated. Money it devalued, not only calculated by the inflation index that organizations around the world, at home and abroad put forth. Because you know, the numbers that other people give, go through many floors of repairs. Many numbers are given just to suppress the hearts of the people, so that people still feel safe with money, so that people still have faith in every coin they are holding. How about the actual situation let's look at the truth. In the past, what was a 10 thousand dong worth, now how cheap is a 10 thousand dong? Keeping a lot of that money and finally, after a few decades of devaluation, the ability to buy is too weak, it is really scary. So what do you need to do?

    When I graduated from the financial academy and went to work, also starting with empty hands, I remember back then, I rented a small house, my brother bought an electric stove, a rice cooker, a fan, a few bowls. chopsticks, my mother bought a small refrigerator for about 4 million, and gave me 3 million. I started life like that. That's all, I don't ask for any more money to tell myself, my independence is very high. And you know, for a long time, I had to pay for my life, most of me was in a state of pocket money or very little money, getting a few days of salary, it was not enough to make a lot of money.

    Then came the time when I felt that I was in a situation where I did not have money like this, so I was worried about coming. I need to save. Manage your spending, while thinking about ways to make more money. Gradually I practice the habit of saving. From spending a few hundred a month, then spending a few million a month, I want to save you guys. You just try it, you know it can't save, but once you have practiced the habit of saving, you will be extremely eager. Last month to spend 5 million, next month just wanted to spend 10 million ....

    Then came the time when I realized I was too tempted to save. I don't want to spend money on studying, don't dare to spend money on investment because I'm afraid of losing money, I just want to save. Then one day I realized that it was not possible. I am young, I need to be more aggressive, dare to lose, dare to lose, dare to invest, ... but I cannot sit still in such a corner. So back then, when I saved about 150 million, an amount enough that when anything happened, even when my parents were sick, I could still take care of it with my brother, so I decided not to save anymore, but money goes to other jobs. And that is:

    Job # 1: Don't just save, spend money on studying

    Reading is the best way to enter a higher world. When many brothers and sisters join the Coach 101 package that they need to know about my money, most of me get the same feedback in that, Phuc's thinking is quite good, giving you many new ideas. We don't live in the same world. Each group of people lives in different worlds. Like the world of employees, the world of owners, the world of investors, the world of multi-level salespeople, the world of doctors, the world of accountants, The world of youtubers, the world of streamers, the world of markers, the world of finance, ... Each world has a different way of life, different habits, different stories, ... So reading helps us to enter a new world, with new ideas, extremely well.

    Like the day when I first worked as a hired laborer, I'm afraid my boss will stay in the office for 8 hours to dare to get up and go home. When I read a book, the character in it only works for half a day, even 4 hours a week. At first I found it absurd, it was clearly absurd to human thinking at that time. But I learn, I apply, and eventually I have 15 minutes to work every day and then automate all. As of now, I don't even work as a hired laborer, build automated systems. And like the whole week off is fine, still have money to return.

    Invest in learning as well. And books are always the cheapest. Currently there are several tens of millions, a few hundred million courses, but once I follow speakers, speakers read what I read that book, I finally found out that it was all in the book. So the knowledge in the book is extremely strong. Read a lot, go to new worlds, there are things you find ridiculous in your life, but normal in my life. Even when I was a student, it was normal for me to give up 2.3 million books to buy books. Now my bookshelf is also close to two tens of millions of books.

    So back then, after taking a break from saving, I spent money buying books, and reading. Opening up a new world in me. I also bought some foreign novels, read them to have a peaceful place to stay, avoid the pressure of making money, and learn more about their writing, to be able to write the articles that you are reading. in this web So don't just save, spend money on studying too.

    Job # 2: Don't just save money, spend money on relationship eating

    I used to stay away from fun, like in the past, when I finished school, I went straight home, after I grew up, I went straight home. But then I see, the relationship is money, since then I do not refuse any gatherings to meet. Drinking coke, Zô tried, like a beer, a pungent drink, though bitter, but warmly my chest did not refuse. Sitting at the drinking table, laughing at the wind, ha ha roared the sky. I have had a lot of close relationships from the iced tea gatherings next to the company to the drinking tables, the parties having the opportunity to relax outside of work.

    Where does the money come from, from customers? So where does a lot of money come from, from relationships. From relationship spawns relationships. You cannot know who knows who. Already doing business, never turn down opportunities to meet people while you are free. Willingness to spend money on meals. No matter how many times, I took part in meetings with mostly strangers, and since then got acquainted, and opened up jobs. Now I am, whenever I go to Phuc, I jubilantly jubilantly at a street corner. So it is extremely worth living in the streets, where a young age of people wishing for success and loneliness is only beset. So, don't just save money, spend money on meals, relationship with you!

    Work # 3: Travel, enjoyment

    Before, I saved money, so I didn't go anywhere, the money was only brought back to my mother to keep. From the day I realized that in one place I shouldn't, need to go here and there, I began to like to carry my backpack and go, travel all over the provinces of Vietnam, explore everywhere, at the same time learn a lot about service. Sometimes it takes money to learn how to get other people to give you money. In the past years and before covid I went a lot. There are times when driving at night, leaving Hanoi to go to the sea or mountains. Many times women say that they book tickets to appear at the airport and go without hesitation. Each trip is not only an experience, but also a place where I take photos of products to post on my website for more luxurious and interesting.

    Work # 4: Give away

    Try to do this, see it on facebook or a certain newspaper page, talk about miserable circumstances, and you check the information and trust, you try to transfer 100,000 to them. And experience greatness right after that! Receiving money and giving money is always a way to bring enormous positives. Or go to buy vegetables, see an old woman who is oversized, donating twenty or thirty. It's just a small amount of money, but guaranteed with that energy will help you make more money. Or more practically go back home, to give to those who are suffering or are old in the countryside. There are people who have no way of making a lot of money. You can be a little sincere and bless your family every time your family has work, there will be a lot of people gathered.

    Job # 5: Invest to create assets

    All of the above are also intended to make this step 5 successful. When you have successfully identified and built up your property. You will understand why, the rich are willing to spend money to hire others to work. It doesn't just stop at making profits, making money. The most important thing is that they both have interest, they also have assets. Like this, if someone hires me to build a website for them, maybe only one month of sales will be profitable after paying me, not only that, they also have a website every day. bring thousands of customers back to them. Therefore, people are willing to spend money on other people to work to create assets for them.

    Therefore, when I successfully built my properties, I cannot return to work as a hired employee. Hours to work for hire only receive money. But I want to spend my time building my property. Work for a month with 20 million. Quitting work is all. But spending the time to build a website a month, I not only have 20 million in that month, but in the following months I will continue to have that money.

    Assets are things that increase in value, and money loses value. I do not hesitate to spend money to hire others to create assets for me: such as paying for the web, spending money to hire a book cover designer, ... But remember to spend money to create After that, you will continue to bring money back there, after that. Instead of spending money to buy the whole letter does not make money, or if we make money, we can throw it away.

    To avoid the hassle of not putting money into business assets, but only spending money on business assets, you can use the powerful arm. Build this business asset to support you!

    Do you know what my best time spent spending money was? That is, every time Dad goes to Hanoi for medical examination, I withdraw money to buy things for Dad, pay hospital fees WITHOUT THINKING. He also gave my father money to make a black fund :))) That is also my motivation to make more money. Real: Money value in the way it is spent. Please spend it right. Invest for interest !!! Do not waste, or depend, listen to others and then hope with full of risks, anxiety. Come on, guys !!!!

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