7 signs that it's time to quit your job

    Phuc Tai Finance welcomes you to follow website channel moneycoach.vn. In the past time, many friends have shared their worries and troubles and asked Phuc Finance for help. Especially, Phuc Tai Finance sees that many of you are stuck in your current job but have not yet come out strongly. The thought that you are old, need a stable job, choose to endure through the day has taken up a lot of precious time that should be the most beautiful in life. Sometimes sticking to a company is not the best thing, but you need to know when to find a new direction for yourself. Psychology of half staying at work, not concentrating at work, poor efficiency, new horizons cannot be done. To help you clear and decide whether to quit your job or not? Is it time to quit work or not? Phuc Finance shares with you 7 signs that it is time to quit your job for you to consider immediately

    Sign # 1: Learn nothing more

    When working for a company for about 2 years or more, if everything keeps repeating and you always feel depressed, even if you want to you can not learn anything more. Then it is a reasonable choice for you to find a new job.

    Robert Kyosaki once said: Working for learning is not just working to make money. A certain job must help you get better every day or else you will gradually deteriorate. Learning and growing, having the opportunity to advance is a must-have in a long-term job. Because your income increases or not depends on who you get better each day or not. Don't accept the fact that as time goes by, the responsibilities are increasing, the costs are increasing and the salary remains the same. Do things that help you open your mind, be better every day.

    Sign # 2: The environment is not suitable

    The environment determines the individual. In what environment you live for a long time, you will gradually become like them. If you feel that the way of life and the way of working of the people where you work is not suitable for who you are now or what you want in the future. Then it's time to leave that place.

    It's like there are all people who drink, gamble, don't respect women politely, or swear at customers, employees, ... the company has no culture of connection, does not help. helping each other,… if it is not in line with your good living values. Do not hesitate, but quit immediately, avoid getting bad habits, and find a better place. This is very important in deciding what your future is, what kind of person you want to be.

    Phuc Finance is sure to you that: There are always nice people out there, there are always companies with good cultural values ​​waiting for you to come work.

    Sign # 3: The company has signs of bankruptcy

    A recent study shows that up to 71% of small companies have to close when they are "old" less than 10 years. Pay attention to clues, for example, suddenly the company requires leadership approval even with small expenditures, increasing caucuses, or the "departure" of managers. senior management.

    If you suspect that your company is facing problems, and the "strength" of the company is what bothers you, then maybe now is the right time to leave. Because if you stay until the company closes, you run the risk of competing with your former colleagues in the recruitment market.

    When someone in your company quits. Ask them why. If they are close enough they will tell you a lot of cool things the company is hiding from you. So that you are not like an innocent working lamb. You should also immediately dismiss the thought that the people who quit are the losers because they have a better new job. Many companies defame employees to quit their jobs so that those who are working will not know the real reason behind not to quit. So in the work environment, always listen carefully with two ears and do not rush to judge. It will help you with many things.

    Sign # 4: Weak leadership

    The future of a company depends a lot on its leadership team. They are the directors, the board of directors, the managers, the heads of departments. If they are weak people with undeveloped thoughts, you can hardly have a high income. Because Phuc Tai Finance tells you that soon that company goes down, it cannot even withstand the current competitive environment.

    Choose the face to send gold. Choose a good leadership team to do. Use our thinking: We have the right to choose a good leader to follow. Following good people, working with good people, success will come to you in the near future.

    Sign # 5: No doors, no promotions

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    If you are "stuck" at work and are not working out your skills, start looking for another suitable job. If you are satisfied with what you are, then move on. But remember that no matter what job you do, it must enhance your skills, and you must also improve them on a regular basis.

    If you do not learn new things, and are constantly repetitive, and do not promote your own worth, while those around you have many opportunities for advancement. and assigned "lucrative" jobs, that's when you should quit your job.

    Sign # 6: Left direction of leadership

    If the direction of the company in the new phase is contrary to your wishes. It is also a reason for you to consider whether to continue working for a long time or not. You will not be able to do your best if you do not like what the company is about to do. Find the new one that suits you.

    Likewise: If the way you think about the direction of your boss working directly does not go right. Even if you stay, you will hardly do well. It will directly affect the performance of your job and the salary you will receive.

    Sign # 7: Become an organizational redundant

    Are you always the last person to know what's going on at the company, or your superiors will never disregard you in meetings, and you never know about the big projects, or the things that Everyone is interested…? If so, then it means that the "boss" only sees you as a character present to fill the job vacancy, not appreciate your ability. It's a bad sign of your career and says it's time to leave.

    If it is not an important link, no matter how hard you try, the money you will receive is not worth much. Work, dedicate yourself to a place that appreciates your talent, cherishes you. If not, then resolutely stop. And go to a place that values ​​your abilities more. Clinging to a place where you don't need you is incredibly weak and stupid.

    And now the question Phuc Finance for you. Are you really fine with your job as a hired man? There are always good things ahead, do not out of fear of the future but accept to do things not like the present. Make your own decision and work hard for it.

    If you still have any concerns, please comment below for Phuc Finance below this article!

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