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  • To live peacefully to old you must create this fund - Create a hedge fund - Financial education

    To live peacefully to old you must create this fund - Create a hedge fund - Financial education

    The stage I fear most in my life is the age of 19-22, an age too expressive, too impatient and too hasty. The fact that I spend all my money on something happens like a meal. Then when the fun ends, it's time I struggled with every remaining coin. Never spend all your money, always have a hedge fund, always have a solid wall behind to have a way to return. Are the lessons I always keep in mind later. To live peacefully to old, you must set up a hedge fund. Join Phuc Finance with this financial education lesson right away.

    Note number 1. It is not allowed to bring all money to invest
    Many people are too enthusiastic to invest, how high their emotions are, that stupid mind, is completely true. Thinking that investing is sure to win, so how much money should be put into investing. Then when it came time to lose money, they had no way back. One is falling into debt, the other is empty-handed, having to work all over again. But oh my. There was a time when making money, it was not always possible to go back and forth in a cool boat.


    Whatever you do, you need to have a backup plan, never put all your financial security in a basket. And especially, never let yourself fall into poverty and extreme poverty. After all, there must be a hedge fund to have a peaceful life. Peace of mind, then wealth will flourish. But the people who come are headaches and run for money, where do you get the time to get an idea, that idea, to get rich.

    No matter how delicious an investment may seem, no matter how rich your feeling of wealth is about to crash into your life, it's never allowed to spend all your money investing. Sometimes the success you think is just your feeling. Which feeling is probably true. How many people think that people like them but in the end there is nothing in their eyes. Simulator? Most of sheep's business investments, however, are frustrated by feeling, but not by reality.

    Note number 2. It is not allowed to take all money to go to the toilet
    Many people, seeing a nice car, a beautiful house, stop spending all their money and go to the toilet. They don't even have a loan to spend. There are many people in this school, the couple has young children, so they bought the apartment building by installments. Well then also, the wife's salary equals this, the husband's salary equals this, just this degree, this year is to pay. It was said that the real estate agent said sweetly, he would spend money to buy it.

    But oh oh, the monthly money is something virtual. Like this covid translation, many people lose their jobs or even struggle to find a job. Then say something to sit there and calculate the husband's salary by this, the wife's salary by this. Those who have experienced, they will not dream of earning 10 today, still earning 10 tomorrow. They will understand that, today earn 10, but will sometimes only earn 2, so now need to know how to spend reasonably. Many of you, many families, young couples have to sell their own houses on installments because they cannot afford enough stretchers while the costs are increasing.

    Income is always active, not according to the rule of a straight line, so it goes up and down, but works according to the sinusoidal rule, from bottom to top, then back to bottom. Not forever at the top. Always remember this, so that when you are at the top of the sinusoidal pattern, the money comes in a lot, instead of eager to buy all this and that, instead of worrying about what the money will have next month, be aware of the work, whether How long will this income be at its peak, when will it be down? to have a reasonable way of distributing money.

    Note number 3. Establish a hedge fund
    Whatever you do, you still have to have a stop to protect your life, you definitely need to set up a hedge fund for yourself and your family. As follows:
    - One is: if you are single: Prepare the accumulated amount of 6 months for you
    - Second: if you have a family: Prepare the cumulative amount of living for 6 months for the family
    6 months is a good time for you to settle down if you work as a hired laborer, and 6 months is also a good time for you to start earning profits if you go into your own business.
    As long as you always remember that, with peace and not worrying about money for basic living expenses such as: food, accommodation, travel, funeral, marriage, medicine, you will really feel secure. , peace of mind develops your work. Don't listen to the investment bait, or loan brokers: you have to owe it, then you will be motivated to work. The more people you have, the more motivated you are to work.
    Personally, after years of aggression like a mad dog, when I ran out of wallets for investments, and then bet money on things that were nowhere to be, the days of debt frenzy, then later on, I swear to never let myself fall into such situations again. Whatever I do, I always have the safest family life, protect the peace of myself and my family.
    What to say about success, wealth, if currently a family member is sick, but money cannot be withdrawn here. And there are things that cannot be returned. No matter where you fly, dream or dream, you will leave a way for yourself to return to the ground and land safely. Hope you always have peace of mind to make wise decisions.

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