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  • Want to do business but don't know where to start

    Want to do business but don't know where to start

    Recently, many people asked Phuc Finance that they want to do business very much, but do not know where to start. Just look at the majestic businesses, successful business people, the business systems that make a lot of money, and then scream all the way. Don't know what to do. Just squirming around in vicious circles and in the end doing nothing. While, the years went by quickly. So where to start your business. In this sharing you will get the answer. Read now.

    In the movie Karate Kid, the boy Dre Parker loves to learn martial arts and asks, where to learn Kung Fu. He thought he would learn epic moves. But in the end, his teacher said: Kung Fu started from life, from very simple movements such as carrying water, pumping water, drying clothes, cutting firewood, ... And throughout the days. After that, he continued to do simple movements of that life, and more and more his speed, agility, flexibility increased a lot.

    The business story is the same. In my 20s and 21s, I was like the boy Dre Parker above, hoping to learn great things, do epic things, listen to great things, to be able to become a giant businessman. But then, thanks to doing a lot, remember to do a lot, because many people who keep studying but not doing it cannot realize these things: That is, want to do business, start from the present life, with what we have.

    In order to jump high, you still have to get momentum from the ground. To achieve your big dream, you must start investing where you are, from what you have to build up. Many people wait for the perfect time to do business, without even knowing that the perfect time to start is right now. Many people just wait for good conditions to start a business, not knowing that the best conditions are right now.

    Business is not something to build up immediately. But you have to build slowly, now build this one, well, build another one tomorrow. There is no perfect moment, there is no perfect condition like who you are perfect. So start now, from what you have right now, start right now with your own life, and see what you have?

    1. Communication - Promotion - Marketing - Sales

    I see many people wait, wait 3 years to have enough capital to do business, wait for their children to grow up, wait for their wives to finish giving birth, wait, wait, wait. Then as time passed, people remained the same, themselves remained the same, could not do anything. For me, business is something you can absolutely do right away, whether you are ready or not, only.

    You want to sell an expensive item, you want to do big business, ok right, no one stops, agreed. But if you can't implement those yet, find something you can get started on. Example: Let's start by selling a few hundred thousand items on your facebook. To see if it can sell? The important thing here, is not to direct you to selling online, or to sell those things for a few penny. The important thing here is your real experience, for you to train your sales ability, to train your ability to influence and influence others. To the 200,000 item that cannot be sold, let alone a few hundred million and several billion contracts. It is impossible to dream without a basis.

    So, what to start with, start right away. Let the important thing be to train your human abilities. Instead of waiting 3 years, 5 years. During that time, you can train you to become a person capable of writing facebook with 500 likes per article, you can sell 50 orders on facebook a month, ... those stumbles, Those experiences, ... are what forged you, become more assassins before entering the real business ideal of your life. Business starts right where you are, you can do whatever you want, not sit there dreaming.

    There is an interesting fact like this, is that most of the time, when you do the actual business, and have gone a bit, when you look back, you will see that it is a lot different, even completely different from the original idea you point out. Because only the actual implementation will give you the answer. And what you think in its mind is a picture of imagination, but there are few dreams that are true to reality. So do not put too much weight, the big idea currently in your mind, just implementing the reality and the present will guide you. Just sitting there thinking nothing can be done.

    Now you do not know what to do for business, right? Do you have facebook, right? Do you have youtube? Is it right? Do you have any products for immediate sale? There are many products on the market for you to import for sale, if you do not have one, you can contact Phuc Finance, I will provide products for you to sell. Do not be too important why I write on facebook, why do I have to record video sharing this product, why, why? The answer is, it does not matter what your current job is different from the plan in your mind, because the intention in your mind just floats far away, to get there you have to start from where you are standing, what. do it, to train who you are.

    Starting from facebook selling orders, selling 1 order, then raised to selling 100 orders. When you can sell 1000 applications on Facebook, you become a sales killer. Starting from YouTube sharing, promoting, ... just making 500 videos range is your ability to communicate and negotiate to a new level. You can also make your video up to hundreds of thousands of views, then you will become a Marketing master. As for the 200, 500, and 1 million products that you can sell every month, when you implement the idea in your mind, you already have the ability to run a masterful business system.

    I tell the truth, there are men I see, I like to be an entrepreneur, I like to do business. But the ability to speak is still slow, the avatar on facebook looks dark, after I ask for an online business, I hesitate to write status to earn a few hundred likes. Then I really can't understand, your mind keeps dreaming of something and not knowing.

    Without what you love, love what you have. I have also been sent to work by a corporation to work on products I don't like: Japanese Marketing, while I like to study English, but I know it gives me important business skills, when On that side I have the opportunity to become Leader Marketing. I also don't like selling shampoo, but I know it gives me my own business experience. Then when I was a student until now, I sold all kinds of things: from grilled corn, sausages sitting on the guitar on the street corner, to selling packages to study in the US, Japan, Korea, all those experiences made me a person with enough bravery, skills, and experience in every aspect of the business system to turn out to be successful.

    This Communication - Marketing - Sales item accounts for 60 - 8-% importance in the business, if there are no customers, if not selling goods, there will be no company or company, right? So start right away with your own facebook, youtube. How to make hundreds of people like your statuses, thousands of people watch your video. And sell what you can right away, even if you have a good pair of sanitary napkins, good-priced condoms will do. No problem. Most importantly is your ability, the person you have experienced through those days.

    Just three years from now, put half a billion in your hands, if you don't have the power, it's gone. If you have all of the above capabilities, you can start a great business and start a brilliant business even with just 0 dong. The most important is business capacity. It is not about studying a few courses, reading a few books and then dreaming. Must start working immediately.

    2. Relationship

    Your relationship is the network that makes up your business. From relationships with partners, with employees, with customers. So from now on, let's learn to live well. Honestly, many men work in a braking company so that they cannot give up. Flattering flattering superiors, faking company numbers, arrogant with subordinates, ... can't do anything outside. Definitely die.

    If you want to be in business, right now go to work, focus on yourself a team to support you. To be kind to everyone around, there are many friends and brothers who live honestly and fairly. So when you work on your own, someone else works for you, but you cannot do everything well by yourself. And it is in this process of building lasting relationships that you will know how to build and maintain lasting relationships with customers.

    From now on, get to know as many people as possible. Business is about bringing money. And where does the money come from? From human but from where. So get to know as many people as possible.

    3. Practice sharing, practice to help

    People who can sell a lot of goods, can control employees, can make partners nod in agreement, must be influential. Wanting to have an impact must come from your willingness to share, a willingness to help lifestyle. If you do not help with chores, you will become henchmen. Share valuable things, help difficult things. That is how you easily influence others, so that after a while, whatever they say they will listen and say whatever they say they nod in agreement. One of your statements is valued and thanked by others.

    So from now on, stop doing the easy things. Practice the difficult things, say the difficult things. Do not do easy things, low value jobs, do not sit and chat, you have not eaten all day. In addition to chatting and chatting, the rest of the time let's talk, let's talk about difficult things. Finance, economics, business systems building, product manufacturing, Marketing Communication, corporate law, ... And willing to share those things to help people, change their lives. they are on the positive side

    4. Learn less, act more

    Just study a little. Honestly, Phuc Finance knows that those who visit our website are those who like to explore, like to read, and like to study. And there is an important thing like this, knowledge must produce results, not like students grinding their pants on school chairs and then they can not create anything finally after 12 years of school, close the books. everything is forgotten. The knowledge you know, which you do not use, is lost. They should definitely take action 1. Avoid the case where they know a lot and they can not do anything in the end.

    Business is to do, to build, to produce results. How many sales today, creating more products, how many new customers today, how many more people can the communication system reach, how many inbox customers ask for the product, ... It should be. And to create it now, right now, right now. Not waiting for a day. How much you know that does not apply will be lost.

    Business is sky-high energy and acting so hard that it runs out of energy. With each passing month you create something more for your business system. For example me, in July I created a book, in August my goal was to create 200 web articles to build a communication system. See, every month passed like that, there must be a result. Each month you try to summarize, with the knowledge you have, what you create? and more of those who paid for you. It has to be as realistic as that, but you can't sit there dreaming and drawing ideas. Dreaming, it is difficult for anyone to dream of a cool rainy afternoon, covering the whole afternoon with a blanket, thinking about a bright future.

    Wish you will build a business system now and be brilliant in your actions.

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