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  • Tribute to Tony Hsieh 'Footwear Billionaire' and 7 unforgettable lessons from Zappos

    Tribute to Tony Hsieh 'Footwear Billionaire' and 7 unforgettable lessons from Zappos

    I was stunned when I read the news that shoe-selling billionaire Tony Hsieh had passed away. Someone who predestined me to give me my first job and start my own business. At the age of 21 that day, I learned about the business model of happiness from Tony through the book The billionaire selling shoes. And that is the book that gave me the opportunity to sell books. That's right, Tony's book The Billionaire Selling Shoes was the first book I sold. Business is about bringing happiness, bringing great customer experiences, wow experiences from customer service, not just from products. However, he is gone, but those unforgettable philosophies and lessons will remain with Zappos.

    Tony Hsieh and a happy business philosophy
    I still remember, that day a brother asked: Sell him a billionaire shoe polish. I said: Yes, it's a billionaire book selling shoes. This made him and me laugh together. I have had happy laughter from my first private business like that. And that is exactly what Tony Hsieh wants to convey about a business philosophy that is bold and customer focused. A company is not only selling, but actually a cup of iced brown coffee that adds a joyous color to life. A happy business model and Zappos is an example. Here are 7 unforgettable lessons from Zappos, which I always keep in mind, as my business guideline for many years. Today, Phuc Finance will share with you.

    7 unforgettable business lessons from Zappos
    Lesson 1: Zappos focuses on building relationships, creating personal connections, and delivering unexpected moments through customer service.
    He taught me the need to directly connect with customers and every moment a business has a chance to interact with customers is to keep the unexpected moments in their hearts. From the way of giving extra gifts, to the way of packaging excellent packaging, to a sincere smile that connects with the customer's eyes.

    Lesson 2: The past 10 years and the next 10 years only 1 Zappos
    He taught me to be persistent for one goal. Only one goal at a time. And focus all your energy, passion, and happiness into it.

    Lesson 3: Adaptability and willingness to change.
    He taught me to be ready to be flexible and change in time, that's why in the early stage of business I used technology a lot. Every time I conquer a tough technology, or watch my business system partially successfully automate, I can't hide my happiness.

    Lesson 4: There really isn't a lot I wish we'd have done differently. We make many mistakes, but the lessons from them have helped us grow stronger.
    There are periods in the past where I wanted to erase and deny it, but then I realized, no matter the path, it is a must-have piece of the puzzle to complete the picture of my life. Even in the period, when I was in business, my family finished studying and finished, until now I think it is reasonable, I have seen the gaps in my business system to have a rematch later. success on where I used to be.

    Lesson 5: Business is the way to make everyone happy.
    Customers buy to get the feeling of happiness. Happiness will come from sincerity. And I have learned to love myself, live as myself to create strong relationships with customers. You can see, few people really share, dissect all the intestines like me. And that's what I learned from Tony Hsieh.

    Lesson 6: We are excited about what could happen. We are very excited about what we are planning to develop together. The future awaits us. Regardless of the past, the future is still bright.
    It is a philosophy that helps me leave the old company, the old salary to boldly move on and pursue my own business path relentlessly. And to be honest, when sharing financially, my thoughts have many mixed thoughts, but I have never a bit of a wobble about my stance. Because I know, my stance brings value, brings money to customers. For those people that I devote my energies to supporting them, helping their finances, their business getting better and better. Still elated with every word he wrote: "We are inspired because we believe in what we do and what we aim for. We never say no or it doesn't work in our answers. So if that was the case, Zappos would never have started. "

    Lesson 7: Bring happiness. We are all on the next path to this common goal: Happiness. Zappos wants to bring happiness to the whole world.
    And me too, every financial knowledge, business, every lesson I share is to bring happiness and joy to everyone. Helping people to truly be free and take control of their lives.

    Business people, every moment of contact with customers through each message of consultation, shipping, warranty, ... all need to bring customers special experiences, creating the most unexpected moments through customer service. Not only using the product, but the unique customer service that makes Zappos such a great success. And if he asked what Tony Hsieh sold, he would surely answer that he sold happiness. He lived, not only bringing happiness to customers, but also happiness for employees, for partners, for shareholders, for investors. A business philosophy has influenced Phuc Finance so much, that is why you can see from the way of writing, how to make videos, how to package products, I always think of the best, most surprising, the funniest, funniest, journey to gain financial and business knowledge becomes fun and special.

    Tony Hsieh is gone, which pages say he has passed away peacefully with his family. Take a moment to commemorate Tony Hsieh, and his happy business philosophical legacies will live on in time.

    Remembrance and respect,

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