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  • A word to share the last days of the year from Phuc Finance for a startup entrepreneur's dream

    A word to share the last days of the year from Phuc Finance for a startup entrepreneur's dream

    Come to share the last days of the year from Phuc Finance for a dream of a startup business right now!

    Today, at the end of the year, Phuc sat down to talk to Father Diep :))) Father and son sat down from the street to talk. Dad asked me, then I got the momentum I told. Girls talk to Dad. Roll extremely. Last year, my website did not need advertising, but more than 50,000 people entered, an article I wrote had 25,000 views. But if we have advertising, we put 300, 400 thousand into the website to reach 1000 people. Next year will be up again. I have financial web, business and web design translator, hire writing, photo design, video ... And there are 5, 6 teams in the back. And turn on the computer for Dad to see. My father is 70 years old, narrowing his eyes at the computer screen according to his words.
    This is the first time I officially told Dad what I did, not just working as a hired employee as Mom and Dad thought. My father was telling the book very much, so my father said: So I have fulfilled my dream.
    Actually at that time I was also dumbfounded, I said: Oh
    Then Dad saw that and said: In the past, I dreamed and now I can do it.
    I was really surprised, since I was a kid when I said that dream, to be honest, I don't remember. Because since my 3rd year student business neglected to study, my family scolded a lot, it made me live a much more self-contained life. Right after hearing Dad say that, I was really surprised, it turned out that, until now, he always knew, even though he did not support to appear, but for me, I could not prevent it :D

    Honestly it touched me and I cried, because start-ups are lonely. Loneliness in the big dream of their life. When outsiders disparage them, relatives worry, even stop them because they are afraid of losing money. Indeed until now my mother has not supported me yet. And until today, I have not been able to show off anything with Dad, but I did not show off anything before, just told to go to work with pay and silently buy things for Mom and Dad.
    So at the end of the year, it's been a hard year for business people. The new year is coming, only hope those who want to do business firmly. In order to have some exciting words with Dad today, I have traveled for nearly 10 years.
    And if anyone has a relative who is cherishing business, even though failure still wants to achieve success, please encourage them a sentence. Maybe just one sentence, but will be a great source of motivation in them. Because, when the result comes, they will spend all of it, sharing the joy of victory with their dear family.
    Always be by your side and love the business people who are under the pressure. Tet. Open your heart and love one another <3

    Spring, spring, a little spring
    Quietly dedicated to life
    Late last night, 11, 12 p.m. on the 29 of Tet, the children in our web team still texted: Sister, can you adjust the web client here?
    Make me a text message again: Honey, let's have a Tet holiday.
    Finished she said: So is there any effect on you and your customers?
    - It's okay, honey, what's up on the 6th of us to continue fighting. ????
    - So, sister, I take a Tet holiday. hihi
    - Okie baby
    I'm not showing off, but the kids in my team are working very enthusiastically, taking care of you all day ???? Well, we are young and for a year we have devoted great things to life and customers. already. Time to rest. Let go ????
    Phuc Tai and moneycoach.vn and vendingweb.vn groups wish you and your friends near and far, and you will love a peaceful end of the year.
    Thank you for your trust, love and support. In 2021 there will be many special things worth continuing to give to everyone❤

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