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  • The forces that manipulate the market - don't immediately die - Financial education

    The forces that manipulate the market - don't immediately die - Financial education

    War is still going on. Slavery is still raging. It's just not clear on the gun battle front only. Every bit of our money is bleeding, and we are still slaves to the groups of the underworld robbers. The financially intelligent person escapes this slavery. People who do not have financial knowledge will spend a lifetime working, eventually the money will be robbed by these underground forces. Many people are good at professional knowledge, are paid a lot of money, but completely fail when keeping money, cannot know how to make money make money, and donate all the money to the market manipulation forces who are just trying to steal that money.

    1. Powerful groups manipulate financial markets
    When I was born, many things happened. Like when we were born, we had money, there was a part that made the gold price, there was a stock market, ... there were channels of information, ... And of course, all of them had groups. The forces behind manipulation. Manipulation of what? Manipulating information, manipulating right and wrong, manipulating prices.
    The information is only intended to appeal to others to put money into it. The price waves are manipulated to lure others into the price game, racing at high prices and then suddenly falling down the price, causing many people to cry. Worst of all, is manipulating the production channel, printing out the coins that we use our efforts to exchange. Who will manage, how much money is printed from each organization, every state around the world? While we sit in a corner of Vietnam, never step into those money-printing establishments, then sit and read the information that has been scrambled through the black-hand class. Never believe lavish organizations set up, believe three majestic desks, with luxury suits, zip sets. Be careful with your wallet. Holding money, going into the financial world, is like a swamp, quiet and safe at first glance, but once you do not notice that the deep fish hidden in the swamp will open your eyes, bite all your money. .

    The amount of paper money that is printed each year, the ups and downs of prices, the prices, all have the hands of the organizations behind the manipulation. Let's say you put money in it, lure you think it's valuable, so you increase the price for you to jump in. In the end, what you have is just air. If a fish, a shrimp, a delicious vegetable, or a book, an air conditioner, it also works, bringing values ​​to you in your life, helping your life to change. But there are financial products from stocks, money, virtual money, electronic money, financial investments, gold price ups and downs, land prices, ... you get nothing but losing money. , value for life has not increased either. Only someone who enters and exits at the right time can be safe and affordable. But still do not believe, stay there for a long time, or think that if you just made it, you will lose everything. Remember, every game creates, whose main purpose is always to make money for them. No one is free to create a playground, the main purpose is to make money for you. Even money, they create money is also aimed at their wealth, they stand above mankind.
    Hopefully the above shares, make the readers understand and be careful when playing on the playgrounds created by others. Honestly, sometimes online read some doctors' comments: I trust the company, I trust this person, then I believe in the trend they are saying, ... oh stop hearing it damn it . Do not trust anyone, even you do not believe yourself, because your beliefs are being misconfigured by others from a young age. Specifically, read on.

    2. Powerful groups manipulate knowledge
    Do you remember the old days when studying history, Uncle Ho talked about the idiotic regime that the feudal colonialists suppressed our country Vietnam? Why in so many methods of repression do they choose the foolish method to dominate a country, manipulate an entire society, and manipulate an entire institution? Because weakness in knowledge can make a lifetime slave to others. Slaves do not just call yes to say yes, a day to eat a few blows. A slave is labor, and then he gets how much money he donates to it.
    In a book about the history of finance I researched, it was said that at first the forces just wanted to conquer the world, dominate humanity, feel that using violence was not good, so they should use a softer way, in order to keep the human race as slaves, but still be easy to rule. So they stopped the gunshot war and went into a currency war.
    It is not unreasonable that, in previous years, Uncle Ho always pushed the entire population to study and study for better understanding. However, many Vietnamese textbooks are taken from other countries, but other countries are also subject to the same knowledge manipulation as ours. They purposely leave financial education out of education. Even they purposely conceal information about the history of money, how the financial system works, delete this knowledge from humans for humanity forever because of lack of monetary knowledge, which makes slave to them.

    To tell you the truth, I am the one who reads a lot of books, each time I buy a few million books of money is normal. The financial knowledge I have, do you think I learned in school? No, the information, the books above the university teaches, all speak in a good way. It is the knowledge of each class that students have been manipulated since their grandparents and old people have passed away. That day, I had to buy hundreds of books, find a way to get out of the financial mud, with a very high spirit of learning, because I was a hard-working student anyway and passed the Academy of Finance. Top 5 universities at that time. Yet it is very difficult to find genuine financial books that really study. After 4 years, I have found the first financial book that changed me, since then I have had experience in searching and researching the next books.
    Remember, Vietnamese knowledge has been manipulated and false information has been passed down from the time of our grandparents and parents. And more importantly, it has already been passed down to us. Therefore, when you know what financial knowledge is right, you will find it completely contrary to what you thought, and the people around you are still insecure. Change, learn about finance, be wary of your own thoughts, to avoid losing money and pass on false knowledge to your child's life, your grandchildren's life.
    I was afraid that, if I do not try to promote this financial knowledge, my children will be lost in life, the true knowledge of money will be wiped out and each generation will completely lose its roots. finance. Using money in hand without knowing anything. On university and general education levels do not teach. On the Internet, all sales and marketing courses are mainly about making money, and then all newspapers with headlines are the main view. Then the brain really bleed for the most important financial knowledge of these knowledge. So I drastically share to promote and preserve this genuine financial education revolution. You can do it with me by sharing this article and introducing this comprehensive financial Coach package 101 things you need to know about money!

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