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  • If you don't know this, you will easily fall into investment failure

    If you don't know this, you will easily fall into investment failure

    Investing or gambling the key lies here. Investment success or investment failure key is also here! Before investing, you need to find someone skilled in that field to seek investment advice. How to properly allocate and invest financially. Let's find out this key now with Phuc Finance

    Don't invest all your hands. Please relax and spread the budget properly

    Remember to memorize this scattered word. Many people invest in the style of listening to the crowd, listening to the west, listening to the rich, then bringing all their accumulated money, and then selling the whole family to invest in to seize opportunities and catch up the trend.

    But no one is knowledgeable and has ever experienced that kind of investment. When the investment is closed, they will spread the money in each stage. And for the first time pouring capital, only disbursed at most 30%. Then consider the effectiveness to adjust, if done well, the next 30% will be spread, if not effective, it must be adjusted, even lower the investment. Because the business is going downhill, if you pour money into it, you will also lose money, because it is damaged from the inside, like a bottomless basket, if you pour it any more, it will only drift.

    Investing is a cat-and-mouse-like stalker, quiet, data collection, research, and every move. And if any investment, please invest money, spend money right away without losing opportunity, just urge you to be sure there is a problem. Do you think, when going to work, does anyone dare to break into the business owner room to boost investment, push money, urge to spend money right away? Again burial for three burials.

    So when the investment is closed, divide into each stage of disbursement for sure. Phase one that is big, do not try to put money into the hope of removing. A broken piece of land, no matter how many more trees are planted, still falls down. Must do research.

    Greed, lazy thinking, trying to remove are always witches that blow away your fortune. Someone I meet, it is common to make tens of millions of salary and lose hundreds of millions of investment.

    The calculation for investing is right for you

    If your salary is 10 million a month. Your investment fund is 10% of 1 million. So after a year, 12 months you have 12 million to invest. So just enough to import small online goods to learn. The first phase uses 4 million. Your financial indicators are just that. Do not be underestimated, because when you come to this small online sales you cannot even understand, how can you invest money in stocks, forex, bitcoin, skyway or something, countless kinds of financial products come up. .
    If using 12 million investment funds will be lost. Then stop. Because you cannot do a small operation, it is difficult to do a big thing. Like a bag of sand that cannot be weighed, the two-bag calf face definitely falls. Lose this investment fund, come back to work as a hired worker, continue to save money When you have a good fortune, go back to fight again. But surely you will start observing the running of the business more to learn more.

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