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  • Now I have 3-4 hundred million, where should I invest?

    Now I have 3-4 hundred million, where should I invest?

    The words showing off money and asking for investment are the bravest things I see on social networks. People who have money and experience, they will truly understand the importance of secrecy. They will tend to show them as normal people, towards helping others, taking care of other people's problems and solving it, not talking about their own money. They also have a clear orientation, they know what to do, they also know the substances that will be discreet, not going around asking questions. If you also have a question: Now there are 3-4 hundred million children should invest in? Here is the answer from Phuc Finance.

    Having invested you must determine the possibility of losing. Gone. Don't bring positive thoughts into investing. Investing always comes with risks, the bigger the profits, the more risky. Whoever tells you to think positively, and then use your subconscious to think positively in investing. I bet that person is advising you to put money somewhere and they are the first beneficiaries, but you may not even realize that because you are busy thinking positively and trusting them too.


    Note 1: Never say how much money you have
    With enough experience, everyone understands why avoid talking about how much money you have, but you have to keep it quiet. Before talking about the issue of losing money, even a person who has a lot of money, has many positions, many rights still appears to be an ordinary person, not showing off, also enough to win humanity, admire subordinates , attracting people around to be able to run a business better, to sell more products, ... People will be inclined to tell them what they can help others, not about having What, how to dress happily. Because of humans, hatred inside everyone has jealousy. It must be beneficial for them to truly support you, and not all of a sudden, the jealousy will push them away from you.

    And why say themselves how much money they lose. First of all, the people around them see you have a lot of money, they will focus on you everything, inclination like: that guy is so rich, but back home, he cannot give anyone any money, sick brothers cannot give what? It is so rich but gives so little. Or this superior is so rich that he is stuck, does not entertain brothers, oh hundred things. Then, from where the man is, sometimes we do not meet the nature of getting close and then borrow money. While the money you also have a lot of work.

    Then the sales people who smell you have money, will come and introduce you to an extremely wide variety of products, soon that your money will gradually be depleted. The employee who knows you a lot of money, will say that this boss has a lot of money, but he pays me a few dong. So you pay attention, most business owners have to cover real sales and have to call, call for what, to show their employees that the boss is also not having money, to work hard. just over, and more importantly, help prop up wage increases.

    Not to mention, someone who lets others know he has a lot of money will be looked at by the authorities. Then find out extremely many problems. You can see that many times, many networkers have uploaded to youtube to show off gold, show off luxury, finally get famous, all enter the sights and go to peel off the calendar. In Vietnam, it must be secret. That's a piece of advice from a businessman brother of mine. Even if you have billions of money, no one will be good, living in harmony, not showing off, not being bossy will benefit a lot. Everyone loves, everyone supports you. But what I do, I can't give people any money to show off. Want to do business in peace, it must be discreet.

    Note 2: Never ask for an investment, have to create it yourself
    Do not go asking for investment, post in groups of associations and then many brokers will mess with you. But did they say that he immediately joined multi-level, they even hit the hammock and asked him to eat? Where do you live, never tell their intentions, extremely time consuming. When I opened this personal brand, I had to get rid of all these types of offerings, which was extremely time consuming. Always have to say I intend to enjoy it, thank you, not it takes a lot of time.

    When you do not know what to do with money, put it in the gold in the earth, at the right time, with enough skills, enough experience, enough knowledge, you will know what you need to invest. Just go asking around and take time and be ineffective, and bump into some money offerings to other people. Because real investment has to be an investment in something you own. Instead of asking random questions, most of them donate money to others. Be careful. Xu showed himself to have money. Also, don't show that you want to invest yourself. All good shows come at a cost in cash.

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