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  • Predict the price of gold and land in the future

    Predict the price of gold and land in the future

    The day before, a man read the book 101 things to know about money, and sent Phuc a question: Predict the price of gold, land price in the near future. And in the process of sharing finance, Phuc also received the same questions: Predict the upcoming price, increase or decrease, whether to buy or not, or sell, ... Predict the trend, … So are these financial predictions, gold prices, land prices really feasible and reliable? Well in this article, there are also advertising templates suggested by Google, when you are finished, click on these ads to support Phuc Finance to continue to produce even better content! Thank you very much.

    Don't rush to guess and think that it will eat bold
    Indeed, Phuc Finance was quite surprising at first, why do many people want to hear predictions, or think that someone can predict what will happen in the future, or they think talent is predictable

    Finally, Phuc Finance thinks: Perhaps out there, there are a lot of people who identify themselves as experts, making judgments like this, like that, and then directing people to buy according to their advice, what they call the trend.

    And just like in the spiritual story, many people go to see to predict the fate, but should only be considered as a reference, if too much believe it becomes a superstition. The direction is favorable, but when lazy, the porridge will not have to eat, or subjective, sitting on the throne, the military, contemptuous, sooner or later that chair will also wobble. The direction has been reversed, but determination, perseverance, wholeheartedly with each job, at least he is also seasoned and learned from experience, and when he is ripe, he will also pop up.

    So, the gold price, land price, bitcoin price, abc price prediction of some investment, if someone says their guess, whether it's valid or not, just consider it as greed. See, do not believe too much like a nail, because times, times, can turn the car at any time.

    In such predictive questions. I do not make a comment. Because of this. If it is expected to rain, at least it is still natural, one can smell the wind, guess the clouds to see the coming storm. It is a natural phenomenon.

    But in book 101 the thing to know about money, I have clearly analyzed: monetary system, price systems from gold prices, land prices, gasoline prices,…. All are human hands controlling and grasping inside. I cannot guess. Human heart can not guess.

    What is not part of your rules is unpredictable

    I tell you these two stories.

    I used to have a boss, which was to say the pinnacle of imitation. In front of him, he said softly, sweetly, softly. That is also the boss I used to tell, when I worked for 2.5 years as a Marketing Manager, but just because he did not stand for more than 300 million, he kicked me out and replaced someone else in.

    However, not at first I realized. Because he is extremely skillful, and his communication is top notch.

    But it is true that enlightenment, not so sophisticated, is also in the palm of the Buddha's hand. His sister, who is close to a friend of mine, is in the same company. When this boyfriend got pregnant and gave birth, my friend stayed with me. Finally, as a predestined relationship, her sister took a snapshot of messages from him with the manager in my place. And my friend accidentally saw it and showed it to me.

    I read that I feel like touching the most defile of society. The words are squishy and do not take me out of anything. They also made plans before kicking me out of work. While the front is sweet, you are always worried about poetry juniors. Fortunately at that time, I decided to quit my job. And when he was too rude to force me to advance, he forced the employee below me to pay the money. I also collected evidence to give to the controller in response to a trick, as a stone that slowed his way to get rich one step slower.

    So you see, just a small business with a small department, cannot fully know what it is like. I did not expect that, just because of the craving for money, they worked together for 2.5 years to give me a huge super big trick. And even he did not expect that, an employee he spoke behind with a disdainful voice and thought it was easy to trick him in advance, was the one who silently stabbed him behind. At that time, he was called to warn him by the Board of Supervisors. :))

    So we cannot know what a person's heart is like. An entire system of money, gold, silver, land, petroleum, with hundreds or thousands of interest groups. A seemingly ordinary land, just a decision to expand the city or something completely becomes super hot. The links of self-interest are linked together, can display all battles, flip all the chess positions, you cannot know. In the rules of the game, the board is played by another guy. Only go anywhere or go there.

    Like the price of gasoline in the Covid epidemic. God could not have predicted that there would be social isolation and the price of gas would have to drop. End of isolation, the price of gasoline increases. Tactics of increasing prices, reducing prices to attract buyers only. If you can buy it, it will increase, until it reaches the top, no one buys it again, it decreases.

    Or even the predictions of rising gold prices, falling gold prices, rising land prices, and falling land prices online, are the decoys for people to buy. They are all advertisements, leading to disguise the buyers. Remember, every article on the internet does not come out of nowhere. It's all in a certain promotional campaign.

    So, if you predict the trend of gold prices to increase, initially there are buyers, when it is too high, many people will not buy, so it is going to increase, but because no one is buying and there is no The transaction created, so absolutely the gold price trend is increasing, it can drop at any time. And you, you can not know the total buy, total sales, the total of all transactions is the number of options to increase or decrease. Or maybe you only read on one article.

    Figures that are not made directly by ourselves are inaccurate


    There's a really cool question: We analyze very well, but we don't know the synthesis. And if you are not the owner of the system, you cannot understand the numbers and synthesize it. Like you can see a guy who is kind to you, takes care of you, gets in the car to the footrest that is also brushed for you, goes for a drink and gives you a drink, ... You can analyze very well that the expressions Now he likes you. Unfortunately you do not know the synthesis. All in all, he did, and it was so skillful that it had become his habit. All your analysis is meaningless without knowing the exact sum of the numbers.

    You want Phuc Finance to predict. Absolutely predictable. But to be predictable, we have to have realistic numbers. Unfortunately, how can we get the actual numbers, the exact numbers on which to base this prediction.

    So do not get too caught up in prediction, you will always have to run after others, waste your energy, are very tired, even drop all your money.

    In this case, instead of scrutinizing others, I would go in a direction of self-creating what I acquire, control and price, to create my own playing field.

    You can see many people playing bitcoin, stocks, forex, ... showing off their profits to you. But the hole times are not found anywhere. For some reason, I often hear stories of losses rather than profits. Those who want to withdraw their feet out of bitcoin but cannot afford to sell because of the devaluation so much, the young people lose 40, 50 million in stock.

    My brother himself played 10 years since he was a freshman at the Financial Academy. Loss 10, 15 million many countless. Short-term interest also. And the biggest win was due to confidential information from his company. So there must be confidential information.

    Particularly the monetary system, then gold, land, these financial products,…. What we lack is the real information. What are the actual numbers. Without predicting time. You must have the correct database to predict.

    Another example of swapping numbers in a business.

    That day when I first started working in this marketing department, there was a manager above that. The contract has two sources from Marketing Online and Offline. I keep feeling that the number of contracts from Marketing Online he manages reports is higher than reality. Because I do how I know and feel. So I went to investigate, in the end, what I felt was correct. Finally true, the reported number is too high compared to reality. There are contracts from offline sources that are swapped in, raising the contract from Marketing. So the bosses above did not find out.

    Once I knew there was a change in numbers, I found out why, why the report was so wrong, finally after a while I got the answer:

    The first is: In the Offline contract, the manager does not have money, but for Online contracts, there is an additional 600,000 VND / 1HD, this amount is deducted from him to manage the meals separately.
    Second: If the Marketing contract increases, the above will see the effectiveness of money invested in Online Marketing, so we will continue to pour money into running ads. The amount of advertising then gradually from 40, 50 million / month to 120 million / month. Taking another contract to push in, this advertising money completely cuts out.
    Again an example shows you that just a small change in a number can lead to completely different results, and just by summing it up will give you completely different results. Because of the false reporting results, even slightly different, it makes the prediction of the company's marketing cash flow pouring down the company wrong.

    What is the most reliable and durable direction?


    Finance and business want to predict accurately, we need to have realistic and accurate numbers, synthesizing every angle. So, the conception of Phuc Finance is unpredictable. Knowing that, it is called a prediction, there will be right and wrong. But the problem here is to both predict the human heart and not have accurate aggregate data. So all statements made are of a guillotine nature.

    We cannot predict it. And people like Warren Buffet are all people with blood, relationships are too big. Or sometimes he does not predict, many online newspapers also get people to force them to PR for a certain investment. Or those people are influential people, and they deliberately predict so because they are one of the people behind those investments. Any assumptions can happen.

    So it's best to focus on creating something you can understand and master the rules of the game. As in spirituality, success or failure lies in us. It is possible to predict there are times correctly, but always chasing after predictions sooner or later loses everything. So it's best to make your own game. Using your own resources, money, time, effort, and effort started to build from the first bricks, although initially little money, hard work and long results, but it is sure. Because in the end we need a solid place to lean on, not sandy castles, wind, water will collapse.

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