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  • Revealing effective enterprise cost management methods

    Revealing effective enterprise cost management methods

    Honestly, about the cost of the business, many doctors spent a lot of money. It sounds reasonable, so it's approved. There is no specific plan, or a specific formula for comparison. Didn't even write down papers and detailed plans before spending. This leads to disruption of costs, discrete, non-complementary amounts of money that cannot be combined together according to the right roadmap to maximize the financial leverage for the business development required.

    Expenses according to the enterprise triangle method

    Cho Phuc Tai asks a question like this, if you are currently a business, building a business system or have opened a company or business, now you decide how to spend your expenses, according to a roadmap. The plan, according to a specific formula, or is it because of your emotions and experiences that the payment is reasonable to spend?

    First, if you want the business to grow, you cannot make decisions based on past or present experiences, but you have to look at it from the future. So what is the most effective recipe. How to spend, what to spend first, what to spend later? Let's come to the formula for expenditure according to the business triangle right here.

    Note 1: Marketing spending 60%, Products 20%, Operating 20%

    Countless people hope to set up a business system, set up a business to get rich, to be a boss. But just because spending money is not in the right direction, making people work as hired workers is nothing more, no less, the money has been saved for a long time to enrich people. Many, many, many.

    You can see a myriad of offices opening, stores opening up, how much it costs to set-up such a facility. But customers are nowhere to be seen and sales are not coming. Many people think that just creating a beautiful establishment will be successful, many people pour money into creating beautiful shops and offices, but they do not know that, that facility, that office is beautiful As many, as many as 10 destinations only account for 20% of the success of the business. That is listed as operating costs of 20% of the business.

    That is the status quo. Besides, a lot of people put money into importing goods, they hug a lot of goods and think, just have a good product and then they will sell and make a profit. And they also do not know that, even though the product is genuine, good, and has the best mother in the world, it only accounts for 20% of the success of the business. That is listed in the product cost of 20% of the business.

    The most important thing here, is the cost for Marketing and Sales, accounting for 60% of the success and failure of the business, but not everyone knows how to do it. You see, it's incredibly easy to go out there to buy a table, buy a chair, buy furniture to create a sparkling office, a nice store, or spend money on importing good products is incredibly easy. But not everyone knows how to spend money on Marketing and Sales, not everyone can do and do it successfully. Marketing spending is much more difficult. How to have customers, how to make customers buy is much more difficult than spending there.

    Business people now have to make themselves learn how to spend money on Marketing, Sales, they have to make all employees in the company learn to spend money on Marketing, not just spend money on products or operate.

    A business that only knows how to spend money on operating is a weak business and it will lose any type of business.

    In the 3 factors above. Then it is easiest to operate. Going out there to buy furniture, buying this and that is extremely easy.

    Next is spending on more difficult products. It is easy to simply import products to sell, but it will be much more difficult to research and create products or sets of products that are different from the market and add value.

    Finally, the most difficult thing is spending on Marketing and Sales. There are even people who do not know how to do this, and even outsource it. Outsource but must understand and understand the core of the operation and the Marketing figure in order not to be overtaken.

    A healthy and wise business must be a business that has a lot of cash flow spent on Marketing and Sales, and at least this cash flow for Marketing and Sales must account for 60% of the business. If not, you will become someone else immediately, work for employees, work for people who sell things to build your business. The money made, the savings are donated to the world, bought things from the world, and enriched the world.

    Right now, sit down and map out all the costs of your business system over the past month or so. Take out a pen and paper, let's practice with Phuc Finance. What are you waiting for, practice, you will get a surprising number. Financial numbers always tell you a lot.

    - Step 1: Outline all cost lines for the month. From the smallest expenses.

    - Step 2: Group them into 3 groups: Marketing-Sales, Operation, Product

    Some suggestions for you to group as follows:

    + Marketing - Sales expenses: buying website, renting article, hiring photo design, designing publication, hiring video set design, running facebook ads, google and other channels, money for newspaper, article , hire advertisers, go to events, organize events, media staff salaries, marketing, sales, printing costs, telesales staff salaries, customer gratitude, partnership, ...

    + Product costs: Product research and development costs, product creation costs, import costs, product warranty costs, product creation staff salaries, ...

    + Operating costs: Rent premises, all furniture, facilities, receptionist's salary, receptionist, accountant, cashier, driver, shipping, shipping, ...

    - Step 3: Add up how much the total cost of 3 groups. Then calculate how much% each group accounts for.

    If the cost of the product and operation is too high, accounting for 70, 80% of the total cost, then you are really getting rich for others. Remember, operating costs are enriching others, and product costs you enter of others are enriching others. Only the cost of creating your own product and the cost of Marketing - Sales is the cost of enriching you only. And of course, if the product is created by you, the cost is always cheaper than importing someone else.

    So, first of all with you. You have to direct yourself to spend on Marketing - Sales more. Must do the hard thing. Don't get tempted to spend on importing and operations.

    Then there are all the people in your business system. Must direct them to spend on Marketing - Sales. Want your team to be a smart team, a strong team must know how to spend on Marketing and Sales. Rather than just sending out proposals for cash flow, spending is on imports and operations.

    You think, buying a 5 million table is much easier than running a 5 million ad.

    You, and your entire business system, must know how to spend on Marketing and Sales. And you have to seriously follow these numbers, stop spending on operations and spend on products, and transfer exactly 60% to Marketing and Sales. No reason at all. As for reasons, the more money you lose, the more reasons you are, the more busy you are, the more reasons you are using your energy to enrich others. Once you are determined to follow this formula, you will realize a lot of things in your business management.

    Because I know that, there are countless reasons to put money into operation and product bluff.

    As I was 20 years old, I used to open an English and soft skills center with my friends. There are countless reasons given: There must be a table of directors, all self-appointed directors, what must be a monumental meeting table, the size of a room, and then countless majestic chairs. Rent a large monumental 6-storey facility, a whole building. Meanwhile, the product was also sketchy, and the marketing was not much. Customers also come home, but too little compared to those huge and unnecessary costs, the costs that sound extremely reasonable, but not suitable for the business problem.

    Hopefully, you won't be as I have been. That was my first bitter business lesson. Finally, you know the end of the other business project, in the end, it collapses just a few years after the 1st birthday. never mind to liquidate and pay out how much it costs.

    Up to now, when I build my business systems and services. I put up 70% in Marketing, minimize operations, and invest in making my own products. Leaving aside all the reasons, the things that I often hear, right here, there, I put it aside, I just follow the number and the other formula. As a result, the business systems I created are much lighter, without too much headache as before, the less operating costs, the lighter the system is, which is the premise for me to multiply more systems. and other services.

    Remember, the more it costs to run, the heavier you will be. That heavy is never the essence of business. Business is freedom. Focus on building a solid, strong, valuable, money-generating marketing system. Not rushing into your friend's money-consuming operations.

    Note 2: Marketing - Sales expenses, Product and Operation, Expenditures

    Doesn't this sound ridiculous at first? Because nowadays, when it comes to business, people first think about importing goods. The mothers did not have anything in hand, just listen to the Boss sisters to import the goods, import the goods first and then continue counting. Or want to open another business in another location, people think of renting space first, buying furniture and opening it. That's what many people do.

    So why the Phuc Finance, it says: Must spend money on Marketing - Sales first, others ranked behind ??

    First of all, you probably agree that the economics and business of today are different than 50 years ago. The business of our ancestors in the past is to have a frontage, many people pass by and then build a shop to do business, to open goods, to open shops, to sell goods. In the old days, it was extremely dependent on the site. Means of transport are also limited, unable to expand the market to distant places. And shop collapses are commonplace. Like my hometown selling Pho Nam Dinh, I heard the story of many shops collapsing.

    All just by thinking one way, but implementing it into another. You think this product sells well, but it doesn't. The product you imported cannot be sold. You thought there would be a lot of people coming to buy it, but wait for a long time no one. Between what you think and really start implementing it is a huge difference. That is also the reason, when I advise, there are many people who say, he will plan to sell this product, she will plan to sell that product. Then I always say: Sell it, do not have plans in mind, not exactly, only the actual implementation will give us the correct answer. All predictions remain on paper. Therefore, in the old days, business was difficult because it was dependent on premises and space to start doing business. So the risk is much higher. After renting the premises, we have built the facilities and then can be sold. Test tools in the old days were extremely few, except for selling like neighbors, but difficult to compete.

    But that is the story of the past. Today, we are completely independent of the premises, we cannot just start doing business with premises. We have Internet tools to test the market first. In business today, Marketing and Sales must be first, commissioning and product following.

    Specifically like this. If you're going to sell online, instead of importing a bunch of stuff to sell, like my high school buddy, he gets a bunch of stuff for sale, but ends up not selling, and now I'm selling. her at the Faci Store, you can stop by and buy donations. If you import it, you can not sell it. Why? We can find a product photo, post it on our facebook first, see if anyone is interested, then import it to sell. Or you can test running facebook ads first, in summary there are many interested people, many people ask to buy goods, even someone has transferred money to buy goods, then we just import the goods.

    With the intention of opening a new facility in a new location. The first thing you do is not find premises, then create all kinds of facilities costs, supplies, stationery, ... to create a beautiful facility. The first thing you need to do is Marketing. Get your brand there first, with both the live channel and the Internet. As at present, Phuc Tai is in Nam Dinh, but with marketing tools, it is possible to spread the brand throughout Vietnam, but also to Vietnamese brothers and sisters who are working and living in: Laos, Hong Koong, US or Switzerland, ... So you have to use Marketing to get your brand there, the Internet can completely do it. You can uncover these Marketing Secrets at the Course of 30 Real Marketing Strategies

    Even after that, Sales had to ask someone to buy your product, even someone had to send money before buying your product. At that time, you will come to the stage of finding premises, renting premises and building your business.

    The principle is: You must have the client file first, everything else after.

    Look, Marketing - Sales is always the pioneer arrow of the business: Test whether the product is feasible, test whether the business system is working well, test whether there are many potential customers and suitable. Is it suitable for the product line you are targeting? ... All these costs are too cheap compared to pouring money into the premises and then sitting there "gag" waiting for guests.

    In the advanced business people course I have studied, and have successfully experienced and applied it to the business systems I am developing. That is PRE-SALE. This is the most divine method in business. Both have money and help you test the viability of a cherished business system, while also preventing you from stumbling holes.

    Please pin this pre-sale in to apply.

    Do not worry, is to sell first, so customers ask where to buy the product to sell. And many Bosses advise you to import products, bla, bla .... Then I will explain in detail in the book Building business assets.

    And now you just apply it, and experience and discover for yourself the exciting journey of this PRE-SALE. Oh no, don't worry, in business the most worrying thing is not selling products. If it is already sold before, everything will be resolved within one note. Perhaps now is the time for you to apply it. Goodbye, and apply with results, remember to report Phuc Finance a sentence!

    Best regards,

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