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  • Revealing two tips on negative money negative of the rich

    Revealing two tips on negative money negative of the rich

    Welcome to Phuc Finance's sharing video today and let's continue on the journey of cultivating knowledge to achieve sustainable success. You have probably heard the saying that: The value of money lies in the way of spending, the value of people lies in the way of love and the way of life. So how do the rich people spend money? Let's explore Phuc Finance right here.

    Buy the labor of others

    Rich-minded people, they do not put all their existing money into buying phones and motorbikes. They do not borrow from banks or installments to buy land, buy a house or buy a car.

    Phuc Tai Tai once saw a sister at the age of 28, renting a small apartment, with 500 million women in hand, she did not buy a car or buy a house. With a love of ways to educate young children, she used 500 million to rent a villa to create a kindergarten. She spent money to buy education for the students, and hired about 9 or 10 teachers to work. With the interest from this kindergarten, she continued to invest in opening a second campus, and continued to hire 9 or 10 more teachers to work for her. Currently she has 20 people working for me.

    What you do today determines who your future is. Items always deteriorate over time. Like a car you buy later, it cannot be resold at the original price. So instead of buying things that will gradually take money, rich-minded people buy things that make money. And buying labor includes: Other people's time, the brainpower of others, the capacity of others is always the top priority for the rich.

    You can see that business owners every month, they spend hundreds of millions, even billions, tens of billions to pay their employees. They also do not hesitate to spend tens, hundreds of millions to invite talented people to become managers, CEOs for their businesses.

    If you are working as an individual or have a small private job, you can shake hands now by hiring a personal assistant to assist with simple tasks. Or hire 2.3 more people to run your business. As for me, I spend my time researching, finding new opportunities, and new strategies.

    If you already have a bigger company, instead of doing it alone, everything will work. Now is the right time to find talented people to work with you, willing to pay high salaries to invite them back. Certainly their talent will help your job go up, because each person has their own strengths and when the strengths are converged, on the same team, will create a terrible rebound for your company.

    Buy knowledge for your children

    The rich pay a lot of attention to investing in raising and developing their children. They never leave the school alone. They understand that each child has its own potentials, hobbies, and individual passions. So it doesn't make sense for all children to learn the same curriculum. Each child needs a unique parenting.

    They also understand that humans can only succeed with their own strengths. So the rich spend time observing their children, giving them experiences to discover their abilities, strengths, which make them fascinated. Then find good teachers, a good environment for you to immerse yourself in it. Such as dancing, learning the piano, drawing, acting, modeling, singing ... Those talents will be lost if not found and nurtured. So you can see, overseas there are young successful kids in the fields of cinema, music, business, science, ...

    The rich, they pay great attention to sowing rich thoughts for their children. Because they understand that, what we say to the baby from the moment they are born, will become subconsciously stuck in their heads very hard to break out. Certainly Warrren Buffet or Donal Trump will not teach their children to find a job with a stable salary and bear to keep that position, so as not to lose a job. Right, guys.

    Why we are poor because when we go to school, there are poor people teaching us, teachers and teachers with salary of 3 million, 5 million a month. That is the matter Phuc Finance hope you will frankly admit. What we hear as a child becomes subconscious, it can be the chains that pull us back or the wind that helps us to fly higher.

    If you do it wrong, you will receive a bad score, and your friends will laugh at you. Failure in exams scares many kids. However, you also agree that, on the way to success, failure is inevitable, even failure is a good friend for us to learn from. Not because of failure but stop step, even more fear of failure, but also consider failure as a good teacher.

    Schools also teach us to be afraid of teachers, to obey teachers' words, to prevent them from doing things wrong or against other people's orders. To go out in real life, we only know to work, do not dare to oppose the boss, undermine creativity, the ability to argue, the basic keys to success.

    So the rich teach themselves thinking about their kids, they take them to their businesses, show them their portfolios and discuss with them. They show them creativity, teach them how to learn from failure. Teach them how to accept failure like a teacher telling them what they are missing or weak. As you will see from the book on Teaching Children Rich, the rich father taught Robert Kyosaki and his son Mark about the business to get rich at the age of 9. Teach the two children that if you have money you can buy a blue house, and after you buy four green houses, you can sell it to buy a red hotel.

    If the poor see the self, they beat the chair at the table, tomorrow the child grows up, if it fails, he will blame everything around him, not knowing his fault and changing himself. The rich, they pay attention to forging their children with bravery and strong personality to stand on their own feet. These are things that schools cannot give your child. Talk to your children and instill thoughts on money, wealth and the qualities needed to be successful.

    For the poor, when giving money to their children, they only know to tell them to buy candies, buy snacks, and toys. The child is raised with that mindset, that habit, growing up it only knows how to spend. Having money is going to eat, go out, buy things. When growing up, buy a car, buy a house, ... Without knowing how to invest in business. Rich people, on the other hand, when giving a coin to their children, they teach them to extract a part to buy reading books, to deduct a part to save, deduct a part to create valuable things. others.

    Children are an asset or property depending on how each of us teaches and nurtures. Ask yourself if you are incubating the thought of wealth for your children or thinking of poverty for your children? So invest time and money to give your children rich knowledge and thinking. When going to self-development courses or doing rich business, Phuc Finance sees many business owners sending their children to study with. It is very good to plant rich sprouts in you.

    Phuc Finance believes that, not everyone tells you the above things. But this is the enthusiasm Phuc Finance wants to share with everyone to help the society and the country of Vietnam go up together.

    In your free time, remember to click on the website: moneycoach.vn to read useful information to help you grow more brilliantly!

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