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    I don't know about people, but I hate boring life. I like life to be different and interesting every day. I want to grow myself. For today I can say, how stupid I was in the past. Let me know that I am smarter today, better than yesterday. Therefore, I always find ways to measure numbers from personal finance, to work, to corporate finance to be able to see my growth and development every day. And today Phuc Tai will share with you the ultimate mantra in helping you develop yourself better and better!

    Mantra # 1: Stop competing with others

    In a competition with others, even if you win, in the end you still get nothing. However, people often lose track of racing with others, without knowing that they have to race with themselves to reach the finish. Because everyone has a different destination. Just lost in the lives of others, the wishes of others, caught in the eyes of a group of people like company and friends, when will it be possible to reach the destination?


    Seeing that someone else has a house with a car, you also go to a house with a car, you hug a lot of material around your body on every tiring journey that is not really suitable.

    Seeing other people with powerful positions, you also stare to climb to a higher position, then spend effort and effort to race on a road that is not really your passion.

    You go on lingering in other people's gazes, other people's wishes, other people's dreams, other people's problems without focusing on yourself.

    There are times when you have to give yourself a void, separate from the world, separate from countless problems of family, work, society, ... to live your own life, create the world of friend. By doing that, you are really running on the finish line of your life.

    Do what, buy something, ... really ask if it's something you like or not?

    I really pity when I see people, dreaming of villas, dreaming of houses and cars, just because in the old days, when I first looked at love, I married someone who had a car. Then the years of youth, bringing anger, bitterness, dignity, sadness, heartbreak, brought money and chased after the fantasies of a rich day. Make yourself a slave of mind torments. Don't, young men don't be like that. I feel sorry for it. Know that a man beyond the age of 30 is truly ripe. That wants to ripen takes time. You cannot force yourself to ripen. Many of you are eager to make money and then fall into a big hole situation. Then there are people who just love that, all the money is poured out, to show that they have a lot of material. Back tossed all into mediocre pepper.

    Mantra # 2: Find your way and stick to it

    Consistency is a must-have factor in building a successful private career. One of the waste of time in your youth is to stick around with the words of working with others.

    After working for a while, you become more experienced, you have outstanding abilities. And there are many people who want to invite you to work for them. And instead of turning out to be your own, you stick around in those offers. Think, take pride, then spend time wondering what to choose. Each time you lose time on your way.

    Your way, you must go, early to the finish line. Still sticking around on other people's paths, you will get a lot of distractions and eventually get stuck.

    Honestly, now, telling me to go wholeheartedly to build dreams for others, to devote all my energy to building other people's companies, to work for others, I cannot do it. Honestly speaking. Then comes the time, when you've gone on building your own career, on your own. Then the most difficult thing is to cross the road of other people, go to work for others. Really!

    So if you already know what you need to do. Be strong and persistent to the end. Initially go the other person's path 100%. Then lead out gradually, go 70%, 30% go your way. Then it's 50 - 50, then 30 - 70, and then move on to working for you 100%.

    You must be steadfast in your own path. It's not like that every 3 days, listening to someone invite me to do this and that, it takes 5 days to think, then looks back and forth every month. Can not do anything! Just eagerly on the path of other people's lives, but ended up throwing his own life away.

    Mantra # 3: Today is better than yesterday!

    Do not compete more than lose with others, do not see people have something you must better. If a rose tries to produce tubers like a sweet potato, it will fail, and a sweet potato tree that tries to flower more beautiful flowers is not good for the world. So others have nothing to do with them. Focus on yourself. Most importantly: Your day is better than yesterday.

    Develop yourself before you grow your business. It's all still about who you are better. Instead of a weak point. Or run better than lose with others. Like a fish demanding to climb a tree. Develop your strengths as much as possible, become the number one. After that, there is time to sharpen your weaknesses later. Therefore, you have to grasp what you are strong with. Instead of racing with other people out there. You have to go deep into who you are, focus on who you are to find your strengths.

    Phuc Finance himself, when entering this field of financial knowledge sharing. With so many great speakers and business training out there, Phuc also had to study a lot of strengths:

    - First: To promote the highest ability is Writing. By these speakers and trainers, most of the web is hiring writing staff. Writing articles from the students, no experience yet, cutting the wind is good, or copied from the book. It makes the web cliché broad and sketchy, not of a real experience. That was my first strong point for me to hit. I have researched and found that the web in the share market is extremely weak.

    - Second: Real personality. This is my research and experience. The market share, everyone says it well, says it well, says it beautiful, ... but few people tell the truth. I share the opposite. Share exactly what happened. Not weaving a beautiful beauty, but in the end people do not identify the problem, do not develop. Therefore, in every video, every article, what is annoying, what is angry, what is false, what is annoying I will all share, even in reality, I still swear in reality. share. Outside, I never have a hand-to-hand argument with anyone, because the notion of quarreling does not solve the problem. In business, many times are frustrating, many times stretch like strings, and swearing is a way for me to release emotions. Instead of embracing negative emotions in people, or giving them to family or relatives, they will die. Can not.

    - Third: Is my way of saying comedy. If you have the opportunity to meet Phuc Tai outside, you will find me talking jokes and jokes. How fun is it when friends go out with me. Just laughing, forgetting all my life, all worries. So I want to make financial dryness closer than ever. While a lot of people make it more dangerous, I always come up with a simple, rustic way of communicating, so that everyone can understand.

    Find your strengths and make them better each day. I remember the first days when I just wanted to run away when facing the camera, the days of trying to convey to people to understand, remember the days when I typed facebook status and shared all the night, remember the days when I only hugged the books financial research. Just like that, just like that, leading each day better, doing better than yesterday. Honestly, the days when I came back from work to study abroad, although I improved my knowledge of doing Marketing in reality, but I still feel wasted, sorry.

    That's why, if it's not my own way, no matter what I learn, I still feel wasted. In the end, everyone has to go their own way, because that is the way we are born. Come home early. Going late, coming home late is even more difficult. So be brave and persevere, go! Right now!

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