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  • Sharing Extremely In Choosing People To Cooperate And Do Business

    Sharing Extremely In Choosing People To Cooperate And Do Business

    In working, there is a technique I always take that as my core. That is: balance in relationships. Together with Phuc Tai Tai to share the skill in choosing people to cooperate and do business

    That is: Mr. - I: the two sides are equal, equal. Not that I have to humiliate him. Or he is also my subordinate. Whether it is working for hire, cooperating with someone, or even sharing about finance now. It was not because I worked for him that he was allowed to sit on my head. It is not because he is my client that I have to put him on the altar and worship three bowls every time I meet. It is not because they are my staff that I consider them inferior to me. Sorry. Some people have overwhelming expressions above. No matter how rich. No matter how old you are. I'm also next.

    You can never work successfully if you engage in unbalanced relationships. Having worked, we all have equal rights. By one party giving money, the other providing value. Having measured and counted with money, all of them are weighed equally. Get rid of the deals you have to deal with. Even working as a hired laborer, you have the talent you do, but you will not steal and steal, but you have to listen to curses, misleading you to lose your ego. Participate in those deals, accept those deals, you prisoner yourself. Nobody succeeds but has to cower. We are equal.

    So I also share even in this financial sharing. I always have respect for all of you. Because each of us has our own amazing talent. There is something you know, you don't know. There is something you know, I don't know. And it's not like I have to put anyone on top, then you have to be like this and that because you are my customer. Sorry if I have 42 pounds, I can't put anyone on top. I threw me away.

    Consider your business relationships, your customers. Whichever you are in furrow strongly re-weighs the relationship. If not, let go. Nurturing ego is important for success. And if you are watching someone make you like trash, please, lessen it. Don't think your money is big. And the effort of others is the grass. Time to lose all relationships because of the bravery. Loneliness in this world then complaining that leaders must get used to loneliness. Know how to create balance in your relationships.

    My working attitude is always Construction. Business building, branding, team building. I always do exceed the expectations of others. Pay 1, I work 2. I want to build to enjoy the results I build, not just receive 1, lom dom do 0.5. Be generous. Give it generously. No matter how much money I need, I still put it behind a constructive attitude.

    In the past, the eyes were still not bright, not stumbling much, the people were not right, they could only see the seasonal plants, the seasonal people. I did 1, 2 cases and then died. Holding the accumulated amount after each stage, even ten, even a hundred, it feels like nothing in hand. Many hard work for 2 or 3 years is just like a breeze. Now it is different, I know more about project research, eyes can see further, see people better. I never tolerate anyone no matter how attractive the money is. I control money, but money can't control me. My mentality is strong enough and kind enough to bring the spirit to build up and cooperate.

    Looking at a person, the most important thing is kindness, knowing first and foremost. That is the most important thing to decide whether or not I go a long way or not. Life. many good people but go with cunning. Unfortunately. because with just a little kindness, they got a lot more. By the time the aura ends, sinking at the bottom of the sinusoidal life, no one is beside them, everyone abandons them. Want to succeed. Must be good and must go with kindness. If not, just go after, pick up a few coins from the society. Never mind.

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