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  • Sharing how to work effectively during the Covid-19 Pandemic

    Sharing how to work effectively during the Covid-19 Pandemic

    Creating income streams without depending on a company, a boss, a certain economic upheaval, or a pandemic, .... Is it possible ?? ?

    The answer is yes! Possible! Absolutely do it!

    So how to do it?
    First, to achieve this, you need to aim for that goal: The goal to create an active source of income in any situation, free in both space and time.

    Keep that in mind. And go search. There is no great project to be completed in a day or two.

    Plant that goal in your mind. And every day to search. Not easy.

    It took Phuc 8 years to find a way and achieve financial freedom and freedom of time and space for himself. 8 years are tired of crawling out. Many times, he is willing to work for free for a year to have the opportunity to learn something bigger, to be with the rich.

    The effort is high, the price must pay hard. But the results are worth it.

    Yesterday Phuc left Hanoi for his hometown. And plans to stay in the countryside until the epidemic stops. Any time is fine.

    The moment of closing the door of a house in Hanoi and getting out of Hanoi is full of epidemics. Every time I go out on the street, I'm nervous when looking at everyone's mouth is full of danger. That moment feels satisfied. I feel my direction for many years is right.

    Many people are raging though epidemic, each day there are nearly a dozen cases of infection. Still have to stick to the land of Hanoi to make a living. That is very painful. Many business owners still have to stick around.

    Right now, after all, the richest thing is freedom. Freedom of work space, freedom of working time. And create active sources of income. Not having to import other people's goods. No waiting for customers to come to you, or watch every step of the way people walk past your store.

    You probably don't know what the answer is now. Then the first thing is to search. Find it and find it. One day it will come out. Learn a lot. Ask a lot.

    Hold on to your goal.
    And ask a lot.

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