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  • Should buy a house or not - Financial education

    Should buy a house or not - Financial education

    The same is to buy a house, but at what time will greatly affect your financial situation, prosperity or failure. So should I buy a house or not? If buying, when to buy? How to buy? Discover Phuc Finance in the following sharing!

    1. Understand the principle: Invest first, spend later
    In finance, there is always an "opportunity cost". That is, the money you spend on one thing, you cannot use it for another. And when you don't have an asset in hand, the money you spend on shopping, will reduce the cost of starting a business opportunity, to build it.

    There are many friends of Phuc Finance who buy houses and apartments. However, it is always divided into 2 groups: Group one is to put all their existing money into buying a house, borrow money to buy a house, and in the end, they only have one house, which is their only pride in life. The sentence of having a house in Hanoi and a house in Saigon has become the target of many people's striving and aspirations. However, where did we come down to this world just because of the house?

    The second group uses money to do business, they have companies, corporations, and of course they also have a home that can buy from interest in doing business. Because they used money to build property first and in the end they both have assets that generate money and a house, but many houses are on the other side. I have met a CEO of 3 companies and he is also rented. However, we also met quite young people, bought a house, and then used the money to pay debts. There are even people who do not pay off their debt forever, and sell the house at a cheap price.

    2. A reasonable time to buy a house
    Whether young, or middle-aged, when you do not have assets in hand, you need to use that money to build assets first. After that, those assets generate money, then enjoy that money, then buy heaven and buffalo eggs. Myself now too, I do not have to house or car to prove myself successful. I also didn't get into a vortex of proof to anyone. I like and take pride in the business systems I build. I love that everyday people trust and give me money to support them. That feeling makes me the happiest of all. There are people who buy a house or a car. And when there is no property system, you should not lose the opportunity to build an asset system for yourself. Having an asset system, spending it more aggressively, when next month, money flows in again. It is not like being able to have every house and then all, there is a more insecure feeling of debt.

    So, the most appropriate moment is when you already have the property system, and that system generates three times the amount of money to buy a house. Then you can deduct money to buy a house. If you can't do that, then living in a rental house is a reasonable choice.

    One of the ways to educate children that cause the most consequences is the crying, the children ask for response. Rather, it must be taught them, worthy of it. Not just asking for it, asking for a toy means having a toy. Later, when growing up, although not worthy to stay in that house, I also demanded, then in the past I could not meet it, then cry, but when I grew up, I could not meet it, then I borrowed money. There must be an asset system, that system must generate three times the amount of money to buy a home. Then you are worthy to buy a house.

    3. Should I buy an apartment?
    Most people who have money, why do they like to live in an apartment, because environment and safety are key. When they have money, they just consider it as an item. Because, buying an apartment is like renting a long-term house, because after all, you don't own anything. You cannot use the land. For several thousand households on that land. Should you buy an apartment, you should never think like: worry, I will sell it tomorrow. No no, the apartment will gradually fail, only about 40 or 50 years to know each other right away.

    Now myself, every time I go through the apartment building, I always wonder: how will people handle it tomorrow? If the tradition of his fathers left the land to his son, in the next generation, the house is damaged, it will be destroyed and rebuilt easily, but the apartment does not know how they will handle it, that is indeed the problem. Condominium buyers face and wonder. Whereas the buildings are all an item of wear and tear.

    With an apartment, thought to buy, thought to own, but in fact nothing. If the rich, they only consider it as an item, used to be spoiled, but many people, an apartment is everything, then really have to think again. The ability to be not controlled by material desires must be exercised.

    And the last word Phuc Tai wants to say is, the house is just a house, there's no need to try to live and try to die, the desire to own things you don't deserve, everything you try to suffer. Especially for young people, who do not know how to enjoy it is happy, however, the young age, from 25-30 years old, a beautiful and mature age, and freedom from being constrained by family, then use money. Create assets, fail can also be redo. Now, use your money, use your time to create wealth, instead of spending money and spending. By the time husband and wife, two children hit, it will be difficult, just stuck. Practice the ability to not be dominated by material desires, your life will be more and more light, your mind will be clearer and not be enslaved by anything.

    A house seller or Marketing is: Know when to accumulate enough money to buy a house, so just buy by installment payment, have a house to live. However, myself, in a beautiful house and in debt, my mentality cannot be as comfortable as even though I have a few hundred old houses in a rented house, and then have a property system that generates money every month. Living without being controlled by material desires, life is extremely light. Because after all, what we most want is peace.

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