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  • Should participate in multi-level sales - FAQ Advisor Phuc Finance

    Should participate in multi-level sales - FAQ Advisor Phuc Finance

    From time to time, Phuc Finance also receives the question: Should we participate in multi-level sales? Currently, Phuc Finance does not participate in multi-level sales. However, what true multi-level brings about is also good for those who lack skills, and can not go into a fierce traditional business. With Phuc Finance, find out right below.

    1. Engage in multi-level selling when you don't know anything about selling
    Compare the company I used to work for, and the company I used to work for. Honestly, with a traditional company, if you want to join the Sales team, then indeed ... there is no door! They cannot accept someone who does not know anything, has weak skills and must train from scratch. No. They want to find people who are already able to work for them. In order to train a person who does not know anything to master sales skills, it takes at least 6 months, they cannot recruit a team and then raise it, so it takes such teaching. Even if you don't get a salary. Also often do sales staff outside the hard salary also places 3 million, where 5 million, where 7 million a month. There was a period in the past, due to the difficulty of recruiting hard sales staff, immediately taking new graduates from school, I switched to the Marketing team at that time, the new Sale team damaged so much In the end, the personnel side was reviewed.

    So for a skilled person who does not know anything, applying for a job at a traditional company will not have a door, so when will it be experienced? While the selling skill is the highest skill, the hardest to learn, the longest practice, even knowing the theory is not sure to be able to do it. No companies, no bosses, bet revenue on the underdogs. As for me, I also do not, above the pressure sales, can not because of love to receive a weak person and affect how many people, and myself.

    Therefore, multi-level selling is an effective solution for those who practice selling. Honestly, before I went into multi-level sales, I was a fool. Knowledge is not available, skills are not, good presentations, even do not know how to sell is an important skill in business. During those days at multi-level work, I stole that there were people on the front lines working directly with a lot of heart. My sponsor, the one who introduced me, she took a course above me at the Academy of Finance, for many days, she passed me on the road to Hanoi to practice her speaking skills. Then when that sponsor left, I got a second sponsor, who led the group all day to the schools and then into each class to give presentations. Those awkward days helped me learn a lot. Thanks to the same environment, I had the opportunity to participate in the first investment in the opening of the English base and soft skills, and at that time received the position of Marketing Director. haha. Quite good back then. Also by taking on the responsibilities, I developed my marketing skills to the extreme. Organize seminars with hundreds of people. Then there is also the environment, having conditions to organize presentation competitions, I have the opportunity to present in front of 1000 people, then 5000 people. Those experiences are always something I'm grateful for.

    Honestly, later on, I went to work, in other companies, only worked as loris, without a door to express myself, doing my best like that. During the meetings, all CEOs speak, employees do not have a door here. Toàn became a public figure in other people's blockbusters. So, if anyone does not have sales skills, if there is a place to learn and practice selling it is good, and if not participating in multi-level marketing is also a good idea. It is important to go into multi-level sales, direct yourself to develop, avoid consolidation, level up. Then also carefully choose the product. Like that day my company makes soft skills and English products. It also has real value for everyone.

    2. Once you know how to sell, you should create your own business system, because multi-level selling is working as hired labor.

    However, once you have the skills and knowledge, you should turn out to build your own career. There are too many people selling multi-level, multi-level virtual money, go on proclaiming wealth, building a career, while they are essentially salespeople, salespeople of that company. Having the title Thu Linh is just like a Manager, Director of the sales department only, with the people working as hired labor.

    "The moon shows off the moon brighter than the lights.

    Why does the moon have to suffer from clouds? "

    Sticking to a company, using your skills to promote products of no real value, to brainwash and invite others to put money in. Don't use skills on worthless things. And should not just go to work for other people forever. Most of the friends I know, from good salespeople at multi-level sales, to good sellers at traditional sales. When they reach a level of maturity, they will turn out to be their own. Don't stick to other people's companies. No one can have long-term, sustainable passive income if it is not the company it built. Remember, selling to another company is always a job. When enough, and have enough mind, enough intelligence, turn out to make your own product. The baby will gradually grow bigger, the most important thing is that it is truly sustainable, not many multi-level companies, virtual money grows like a mushroom after the rain, shouting the Internet, and after a few years, it turns to End. Game. No wonder why ask some virtual money, multi-level: Why are you shouting about the blood trend in the past, why are you shouting about other companies now?

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