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  • Should quit to start a business, self-employed

    Should quit to start a business, self-employed

    According to you 25 years old is still young? Many people think that 25 to 35 years old is the time past their youth, so they accept a stable job, afraid to change jobs, afraid of low wages, dare not do what they want, accept and bury their wishes. dream. But there are others who think otherwise. So what is that thought? Whether it is the same as the concerns you are having. Listen to the following sharing of Phuc Finance:

    Number 1: Never stop at salary and savings

    Go ahead and make more money and get smarter with your money. And also plan each job properly in life. Do not let yourself fall into the situation of a money crisis because of the plans that do not have a well-planned budget.

    Youth is the age to move forward, not the age of 40, 50 to endure, do not want to change. There is failure, there is success, tasting the tastes of life to touch our deepest, most talented corners. To sharpen, to find out who I am? Where can I go? A loss of money, a few words of discouragement, some jokes are nothing. Please boldly step forward to the cherished plans. Live burning, passionate full of passion.

    Accepting a salary every year inched by a few hundred thousand, or just because of making money, but busy losing your own things, is really not worth it. Then one day you will see, how small the money you are exchanging with your time, your interests, your passions, how small. But time never comes back. The 25-35 year olds are when you discover who you are most powerful. Whether married or having children, choose the right time to always have time for this important thing. Stage 25 - 35, the dullness and innocence have reduced, stumbling is enough, experienced many times of empty-handedness, many falls in life, making you more cautious at 18 or 20. You have also accumulated enough lessons, prepared, and know how to manage your finances at this stage. So this is the best time to pop out, not just lie still.

    If the age of 18 to 25 is the time to run in all directions, try different types of jobs to know what you really need, what you like, what to do. Then the time 25 - 35 is the right time to prepare your finances, choose opportunities, turn out to do your own, start a business, implement for your plans, go on a further path. If you choose to work as a next employee, it is also the purpose to experience more learning to help the process of implementing your own career.

    The truth is, if the public employment doesn't cater to your cherished intentions, you'll feel like you're on the wrong track. In the stage of earning money, the job is up, you find it interesting, but everything is according to the sinusoidal law, there must be up and down. When the wages are low, and the repetitive jobs are boring, you'll see a waste of life.

    So don't work anywhere for too long with no direction, just embrace its upward cycle and serve your way. Know how to jump at the right time, know how to change direction quickly. That is a new concept of the present time. Instead of being loyal to a company for 30 to 40 years. Then learning, developing and following your path is the most important. When you work in one place long enough, you don't learn anything, and it's not a place you like it. Be bold to change.

    Phuc Finance has seen many people who are firm with their own careers. Not because of money but just a mess. I have also seen a lot of people quit their old jobs (albeit growing up) to implement incubation plans. The time comes when we no longer cling to money but care about ourselves and ask ourselves: Are we really moving toward our goal? Are we really happy, happy or not? Treat yourself nicely before giving someone a chance to be kind to you.

    When people do an 8-hour job they don't like, the rest of the day people tend to spend more money to relieve the pressure. That's why we see so many evening bars. They spend money to compensate for the daytime emotions they have to suffer. Especially in this much popularized city. Going to work is hard, but the money spent cannot keep much.

    Be sure to prepare for each step you take, always have sufficient financial planning for each plan. Use money in exchange for something you feel precious to yourself. For Phuc Finance, it is my passion to create a business system.

    Article 2: Design the life you want

    Freedom is the most valuable thing about youth. Don't be too chasing after money at this age. Give yourself the chance to do what you love, where you want, and do your best. That is a privilege that only youth has. Even if you have a family at this age, instead of spending uncontrollably, always have a plan to accumulate, to one day live exactly what you want.

    There is a 27-year-old young man working in Hanoi and Phuc Tai has the opportunity to talk. At the age of 21 I had my own business, she shared. The construction system is for interest flows up to 300-500 thousand per day. Then I stopped to study to get my diploma. After graduating from school, because I have no money, I start working as a hired laborer with a salary of 6 million a month. After 3 years working as a hired laborer, the salary is 10 million a month, the bonus is about 15 million / month on average.

    But you share, when you quit my business to work as a worker, I lost a lot of things. Instead of the daily routine of trying to generate income, look forward to the 5th of each month. Instead of positive thinking, they are infected with the habit of gossiping, gossiping, and falling into endless useless stories. Instead of taking the initiative, going forward, then resign and rely on.

    People are always affected by the environment. And the working environment has changed me too much, like turning me into a different person. Until I did not believe I had become like that myself. Sometimes I miss the old person, the old spirit, the time when I built my own career, the time when I wasn't under anyone, immersed myself in learning passionately.

    But fortunately there is still a saying following me. That is: "It doesn't matter what job you do but who you do with it." That statement was what helped me to turn up and continue my way of building my business. I don't want to continue living those days. Coming to a new place, with energetic people and continuing to build their own wealth, not only making money but losing your own ego.

    If you have passed 25 years old and have enough experience stumbling your life, then it's time to ask yourself questions like:

    - Why do you get rich for others but not yourself?

    - Why accept being a place with people, I don't decide.

    - Why spend all of your time, energy, and brainpower on something that doesn't belong to you?

    - Why not make a decision to each person in your life? Is the person I directly hire, is the partner I directly seek? What classes of customers do they decide for themselves? The people on the floor I want to meet.

    - Why play according to other people's playstyle, salary is decided by others? Living in an environment created by others? Work in a way that is controlled by others.

    Strive to create assets for others to receive money back increasingly devalued. So the time 25 - 35 is the best time for you to stop meditating, choose a direction for yourself.

    Hopefully, the very truthful sharing of Phuc Finance above can somewhat better shape your upcoming path. If you are 25 - 35 then this is the best time to make your turning point. Because it is a bit late to reach 35-40, then youth also has worn out.

    So what do you think? Please comment below this article now so Phuc Finance knows. Certainly Phuc Finance will read and share with you. See you in the next sharing post.

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