Should we borrow money to invest

    Many doctors have to borrow money to invest. And again taking the reason that, the rich borrow money to invest, many businesses borrow money to invest. That is true, but it is a different problem, a different position, a different chess board and at different times. Not being part of the company, it is difficult to know why the loan decision was made. Or do you just hear from some people who speak well, listen to the ears, and reason without any practical experience. There are people who themselves have money, but they still borrow money to use other people's idle money. It is not that there is nothing that people themselves have to borrow to get rich. If you have nothing, your finances are zero.

    Investment funds account for 10% of monthly income. And you need to create and accumulate this fund.
    Note 1: There are investment fund people who do not have loans to invest and start a business.
    That is not good at all. Especially at the start-up stage, when it is not going to where it will go, the product or service of distribution will be accepted by the market, or by the customer. Not being careful you will carry a huge debt.

    Notice this, if you have no money in hand, then your personal money, you have unreasonable allocation, you spend on expenses, things that take your money away.

    With such financial intelligence, will you make the right decisions to spend on your business. I find it difficult. Even if you can't keep any money for your personal expenses, how much will you spend on the business you can bring back.

    The 20s, with youthful enthusiasm and cheerfulness. I also and my group of friends contribute capital to a soft skills and English center. Back then I contributed 18 million and got 6%. 3 million received 1%. The scale is 300 million. Quite big compared to the second and third year students. That was the first time I entered a business, which meant spending money, cutting losses on blood. Many people want business, want to invest
    I take the position of Marketing Director, we call it Hai Dang Office. Come to think of it, I laugh again because I think back to see the innocence in it. But at least, it is wise to renew.
    At the age of 21, I contributed money, opened an office, and was appointed Marketing Director by my brothers. I just found that being a director is easy. It's very easy, my self-proclaimed self. So at least I realize that people who go everywhere attach the label of directors, like they are empty so they have to use the label of director as the cover to disguise their reputation, but a few of the directors of private companies It is not difficult.
    So if you are being influenced by those artificial aura of sparkle, look back. Now, to judge a person I don't look at those directors, but at the core of how good their business is. Don't look at those shells, look behind them, but what the company they built up does and has nothing. Again, he is the director and then obeys him, investing money is dead.

    Back to my beloved Hai Dang office that day. It is a form of putting money into investment and directly doing. It is true that when your friends are poor, even if you want to make it big, it will break. At that time all the money invested, most of us poured into the real estate. Which is to buy a beautiful set of meeting tables and chairs, what are the tables of the directors, the chairs of the directors must be good, what are the students' desks, which are computers, which are ... I still feel sorry for the money. Most of us splash money on external codes, all spending money. Until now, since that time after 7 years of life hit me in the face, I have gradually awakened, realizing what is an asset to spend, to invest in.

    You don't have to put money into those tables and chairs, but you have to spend money on building customers, creating quality products, sales systems, ...

    Maybe when you work for hire, you can accumulate a new amount forever, but when you start a business, that money will be consumed in a split second.

    Finally, after a year of operation, the office closed and we had to dispose of the other belongings. In the end, nothing in hand. Reselling such items is greatly devalued. Surely those who had to liquidate will understand. During a net year and a total of 300 million, with enthusiasm and poor financial literacy, we have nothing left. The last time we met, sat at a restaurant, nobody was sad to talk. Then disintegrated. Not even a very hard time.
    So if you do not know how to manage your personal finances, you are also spending on property, then if you touch your corporate finance, you are like throwing money around to get rich for heaven. Personal finance, you do not even know what to spend, what not, you spend the hammer and can not accumulate, do you think you have invested successfully. Then throw all of them into the real estate. So must go step by step through the 5 financial ladder above. You leapfrog and you lose your foot.

    That is my blood and blood lesson. You don't need to lose 18 million and a whole year do like me. You can still avoid it if you read through this book with great respect.

    Whether it's personal finance or corporate finance, if you invest in real estate, then you end up with nothing on hand, like all the little money after liquidating we pay all the rent.

    If now, the money you make, or the business you are running, and you don't seriously look back, what is spending on assets, what is spending on property, then at the end of your life you will have nothing left. Your business will go bankrupt.
    Of course you will find many properties in this book. But that is not necessarily your property. Because each of us is different, our assets will be different.
    For example: this book is my property, the website, the youtube channel I built is my property, but it is not certain that the book writing direction is your property. Well I have a friend I love so much, she takes great photos and that's her property, can build a branding website, open courses, or shoot for big jobs.

    Remember number 2: Assets are something you must be looking for
    And you have to use this investment money to invest in the assets you find out there. And really, in-depth research, willing to spend 5, 10 years on it. Instead of hearing someone talking about bitcoin today, you pour money into it, the day after tomorrow someone talks about skyway you put money in, ...
    That you are investing in that other person's property. They need your money to make, and you keep their product, or keep a false promise, and they keep your money. Because no, there is no door for you to invest. And stock is just a channel for companies to raise capital, with profits, dividing you a little, while losses push risks towards you. Whichever company is profitable, does it actually make the financial publicity to pay you dividends. Who is the one who will confirm that the figures are realistic. Too hard. Even the reports of subsidiaries have to be revised before submitting them to the parent company, let alone outsiders. They just need your money to do business, profits can be suppressed, and losses are on your side so you only have the door. Rather than ask, you meet a director, his company is doing business, so you want to contribute capital to work with, try asking him to agree? Unless the future is uncertain, unknown, year or year, let you work together to bear the same risks.

    And have you seen, a group of friends make investments and then a while later do not look at each other's faces. There are a few people still like that, but you think you will invest in something then 5, 10 years later, 20 years after the trend flips. There is no spring. Only your property, if you build it, will have a chance, but there are still many forms that determine to trade, now buy, sell, but soak shrimp there is considered losing immediately, not to mention profit then your money is also devalued. Investing must be careful every day, so sorry, but I heard some people say that it will buy 1, 2 years, 5, 10 years, I sound like a funny story.

    Most doctors brighten their eyes because they say that investing in it, 2 3 months later, will make a profit of 50-60%. Hearing high returns is greed emerging. Be honest, be careful not to be fooled. If the investment is that high return, it is not their turn to introduce you. Only investing and introducing each other is already embarrassing. Investments are tigers with quiet, quiet, and disappearing steps, you must try and try to get there. Rather than a monarch handed over like that.

    Many people ask me, I want to play, Phuc talk about stocks, talk about forex, talk about this, that, ... I always answer that I don't know. I told you to find a player who is good at the field to ask. Like my brother played since first year student, until now also nearly ten years. Investing is to be intensive, not looking at this and tomorrow. As for myself, the asset I specialize in is business, it is suitable for my people who love to fly, and communicate, but I cannot sit in a research place like my brother. Like Bruce who has the fastest punch in the world. Specialize in one area and be strong in it.

    Go from yourself and find your own property. Software industry like Microsoft is the property of Bill Gates, but Facebook in the application sector is the property of Mark Zuckerberg. As I myself am specialized in business in the field of training: From training preschool children to Montessori early education method, to 1st grade child training, to student training, and business people training and business owners. And now I'm going into a niche that is financial education. I will write books for children financially. Please look forward to it.

    So in this Investment Fund, remember:
    Investing is to generate cash flow on a daily basis
    Create an investment fund by deducting 10% of your income each month. And only invest in them. Want to invest more push your income higher.

    Note 3: Every investment is only spread 30%
    You have to do well in personal finance management to turn to corporate finance. It's not very easy to just throw money into real estate.
    Find out your assets to invest. Not following a certain group of people calling for investment every three days.
    You have to see what is an asset, what is an asset. With this ability, you can completely see what is an investment in an investment, what an investment in an asset.
    Spend time and money cultivating your wealth first. Then, leisurely buy the next furniture. Let that furniture serve you, not you to be their slave.
    Spend money to invest first. How much is left to spend: We will be poor forever if we spend it first.

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