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  • Smart HR management technique to make more money

    Smart HR management technique to make more money

    Until today, I am bored of recruiting people! Even a person does not want to recruit. And I want to replace my entire business machine with automated technology! Instead of human resource management, switch to technology management.

    Great trick # 1: Sales decline just because of passive, stagnant personnel
    When you go to work, you will hear a variety of reasons from your employees for not completing their assigned tasks. And yes, when you go to work, you have also given many reasons to justify your ineffective work or slow your own progress.

    One is the reason, the other is the outcome. But you cannot choose both.

    When you choose the reason, the money will turn your back on you.

    The market will never sympathize with you.

    Customers are also never waiting for you.

    Falling sales never care about your reason.

    Well, you yourself are overwhelmed by reasons of yourself and others ???

    From my point of view, one is to do, the other is not to do it, without reason. And I have already accepted the job but I do not do it, it is not acceptable until I check the job and bring a lot of excuses. That is that I never accept for myself and my employees pay money to pay them. If you keep your reasons, the money will leave you. More importantly, the beliefs other people have placed in you will turn their backs. Then do not blame others accidentally.

    Currently, the epidemic of Covid-19 flu, countless businesses suffer with the rent of the premises, daily eroding the strength of business owners and business people. Not to mention, the huge amount of money raising the human resources system cannot produce results. Many places have had to choose for employees to take unpaid leave without pay. However, there are employees who are at work, still do not appreciate them but continue to be flooded with reasons and excuses.

    The collective never feeds lazy people. And in this difficult time, all must define the spirit of hard work to make money. If you're not creating value, why ask others to pay you. You also agree, right? So define for yourself and your employees: if it's acceptable to compromise with reason, accept no money. And if you both want reasons and want money, there will never be that spring.

    Big business, one individual can have little effect on the collective. But with a small business and start-up, each employee is a link. Just one slow person will drag the entire system down. An employee can be 1 day behind in work, not working today, tomorrow, but its implications can slow sales by 3.4 days. And if the sales are not generated, there is no money to feed employees. Employees are the ones who directly operate the apparatus, if the employees do not do it, they will not make money from the business.

    Enterprises so far have had many problems with human resources. Raised forever, trained forever to be an employee In the end, when it does the job, understand the company, master the job, it is gone.

    Great trick # 2: So what is the solution for business owners, business people, startups to not be dependent on human resources?
    The solution that is extremely good in this 4.0 era is technology. Countless software such as golden levers, powerful tools for business owners. Eg:

    Youtube Video System can replace dozens of your counselors
    Website system can replace dozens of media staff
    And Email Marketing system can replace hundreds of employees Telesales and customer care
    In particular, the cost of raising the human resources of this technology software is extremely cheap. You set up a youtube channel without losing money, the cost of creating a website is probably about 2-3 million a year, the cost of running Email marketing with a small business only needs 300-600 thousand a month. While hiring an employee at least 4-6 million / month.

    Most importantly, these software, they work hard day and night 24/24 to serve customers and promote products automatically for you.

    I tell you this private business story of mine. You may also know that you have recently built a system of books and you are the author of those books. This system, I focus on deploying from October 2019 and until now, March 2020 has been about 6 months. Right from the establishment, I have determined to build and operate this system in a completely automatic direction with the network: Exclusive book products, Youtube, Web, Facebook and Email Marketing. After 6 months, enough of these networks have been built up and the whole network is running automatically.

    That is why, when I work a lot, I hire one of them to work 150,000 / day. I also reminded me that if I am busy every day, please remember to let me know and do it. Because of customer care, sales need to go hand in hand with speed. As I said above: you can be one day late, but sales will be 3.4 days behind. Money is speed! Money is speed. Speed ​​is what determines money directly. However, on the 2nd time, after trusting the assignment, the next day after checking the work, they did not do anything. I finished working with her right away. And think of ways to transform all the work she does into automated software. And make the entire book system operate with 100% technology.

    Great trick number 3: Benefits when building business systems with automated software
    The automatic softwares will work hard day and night.

    Never resign from work

    Never delay your work

    Never ask for a raise

    Never let emotions into work

    Never miss work

    Never take an excuse

    Always work hard no matter where you are playing

    The cost is extremely cheap!

    And can replace dozens, hundreds of common people!

    Feasibility when switching to a working software system
    Many people do not believe that technology can replace all people in matters such as customer consulting and customer care. But it is completely possible!

    Many people always default to their jobs, if they want to start a business, if they want to start a business, they have to hire people. Even the old me too. So they rushed into recruiting, training personnel. But try to ask to look back. How many people you meet, how many staff members you interview, how many kids you hold hands with, little by little, are you still with you? Was it all the effort poured into the river, into the pool? Never treat employees as property. Because human hearts are easy to change.

    Switch your thinking and thinking to work: want to start a business, want a business, or want to build a business, the first thing to think about is exploring software to build working systems. And the most important parts of the job must be given to the technology. Just hire people to do simple jobs. Never mind! Business strategy completely different, right?

    Countless business owners are flooded with employees. Many people come to the company cursing, give up their rent, but how much do they get? Instead of having to suffer from those things, open your mind and learn, approach the software to build your business system.

    The special thing is, these software systems will never betray you or leave you. Those are the assets you build today and the value created tomorrow. Like the video system you build today, five or ten years from now, it's still going to be completely day and night impacting your customers.

    The most important thing is your thinking, strategy and how to choose your business model. And choice over effort. Don't be hard, be smart!

    Great number 4: The start immediately!
    Three great software tools that also account for 60-80% importance in the business are: Video System, Website, Email Marketing. Let's tinker to find out these three keywords. Good luck!

    Please visit the website regularly: moneycoach.vn to update new knowledge!

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